Start Building Your App #

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How to add new Screen #

  • Create a new folder, say NewScreen and place in under `/src/screens/.
  • Create a new file NewScreen.js,whitin this folder.
  • Name the class same as that of folder name. class NewScreen extends React.Component { . . . . . . }

How to add new Stylesheet #

Create a new file styles.js, place it under /src/screens/NewScreen. import newly created StyleSheet into the Component. import styles from './styles'; class NewScreen extends React.Component { . . . . . . }

Customize #

Theming Your App #

Making changes in the app that you want is much simpler. It’s designed in a way to handle changes and to make the whole process easier.

  • The theme has separate file inclusive of colour schemes for the whole app.
  • The theme allows you to change name, logo and splash screen of the app
  • The theme has separate screens so making changes in one screen would not effect other screen

Change App Colors #

To customise the colour scheme for the app you need to make changes in one file only src/utils/colors.js set the colours that you require in this file it should reflect throughout the app.

Change Icon and Splash image #

Rename App #

  • Expo Renaming app name is pretty straight forward just replace the name attribute inside package.json

Changing the URL name for publishing with Expo #

  • To change the App name for the Expo url, you just need to rename the slug attribute in app.json file.

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