• Added rider tracking feature
  • Added a chat feature for support
  • Updated to the latest expo version
  • Complete revamp of rider app
  • Addition of global notification creation in the admin dashboard
  • Administration dashboard’s Rating and Reviews tab
  • In the admin dashboard, pagination and sorting
  • The signup process has changed
  • The process for placing orders has changed.
  • Live updates for placing orders have been made.
  • removed pointless elements from the app, including notifications, reviews in the sidebar, and the thank-you screen.
  • The app’s theme selecting feature
  • updated to the newest version of Expo
  • React hooks have been added to the code base.
  • Updated React Navigation to 5.0
  • Updated Expo to 36
  • Updated whole UI
  • Added coupons
  • Added filters and sorting
  • Map of order location added to rider app
  • An independent Rider app
  • Added variation feature
  • Added analytics in dashboard
  • Small design changes in Customer app

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