Enatega – Food Delivery Full App #

Enatega is a complete meal delivery solution for iOS, Android, and the web that uses Amplitude for dashboard and analytics. In order for you to quickly apply this app for any restaurant application, we have ensured that you have a good design for the mobile and dashboard application as well as a complete solution.

This mobile application is created using React Native and Expo. React has been used for the dashboard panel. Graphql is utilized by web and mobile. Apollo Client is used for state management and querying end points. Node and Mongodb are used to create the API.

To make your life as a developer easier, we made sure the code was neatly organized and got rid of any extra screens. For an even better development experience, it is combined with the following functionalities.

  • Enatega Mobile App
  • Enatega Rider App
  • Admin Web Dashboard
  • Application program interface server
  • Analytics Dashboard with Expo Amplitude

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