How to make your own food delivery app like ubereats


Currently, we are using multiple food delivery apps for delivering food some of the popular food delivery apps are GrubHub, Doordash, UberEats, Postmates, etc. Now you can just order food online from your bedroom or anywhere and instantly food is delivered to your place. Understanding how these food delivery apps work will give us an idea on how to build your own food delivery app like theirs.

Food delivery apps implementation requires working with multiple stakeholders you will be dealing with restaurant owners, riders for logistics and delivery also the customers so they can place their order. To make the food delivery app model work for you existing systems that are currently implemented needs to be studied.

Most of the food delivery apps work on a commission model which means that they charge a commission from every restaurant on their system for that they provide orders to the restaurants as well as handle the delivery themselves.

Features included in the existing system

1- Login will allow users to log in to your app using email or social network profile, we will also need their phone number so we can make a verification of the order placed.

2- Search Should we be available so users can easily find their favorite restaurants also filtering options should be available for example if the user wants to find vegetarian or Chinese restaurants in their area. It also includes a map option so users can check restaurants near themselves as well in the platform.

3- Order Placing Order placement is a must feature when an order is placed the users want a quick update on their order, so when an order is placed the user gets a notification when the order status changes the user is notified as well in this area the order should not take more than 45 minutes.

4- Order checkout and Payment Users should have an option to make payment using multiple channels it can be PayPal, Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Cash on delivery.

5- Notifications users need to be informed that you can use push notification or SMS

6- Order Tracking Showing live tracking of the rider greatly increases the user experience of the users they need to be informed about where their order is they can be informed by it by seeing a live update on google map.

7- User Reviews To see reviews of restaurants is very important based on those reviews customers can make intelligent decisions also that makes restaurants accountable to give the best services

Making the whole technology stack

To make the whole delivery system work you need to have multiple apps talking to one another so the whole app can work correctly. Besides a Customer App, You need a dashboard to put data of restaurants manage users and riders. The dashboard should also give you an overview of your whole project. A restaurant needs a separate app as well to change the status of the order details of the order, proper notifications are necessary so the restaurant knows about the order some features such as printing invoices and taxation are included as well. The driver app is an important app as well it makes it easier to change the status of the order when the food has been delivered to customers.

Overview of our solution

We made this food delivery solution so that you don’t have to worry about technology it comes with all the necessary features to jump-start you with all the things that you might need from the technology side. It is completely customizable all the demos are available on the App Store and Play Store with all the documentation included. We provide support and customization service as well so that you don’t have to. The focus at your end is going to be on the market side only. To get some restaurant on board with some customer base it can have the potential to get pre-seed round as well.

We have been developing this solution for more than two years now, we understand that the current solution available in the market are not up to standard. Either they are using outdated technology and a bad codebase while our solution is kept up to date.

Our solution is being used by multiple startups its cross-platform technology helps it easy to maintain since we don’t have to write separate code for Mobile Platforms. This makes the development costs low and you still get a good quality product.

I would encourage you to go through the product page and let me know if you have any kind of queries.

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