Getting Started

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Theming Your App

You’ll find customizing the App to be a piece of cake. This is because we give you well-prepared code in the right shape. This makes it very easy to navigate the code and hence easily configurable.

  • The theme has divided its screens into various categories.
  • The color schemes for the various sections are included in a separate file for the theme.
  • The theme tightly adheres to programming ethics, making it very easy to change the logo in many places for your app.
  • The theme also allows you to customize the name for your app.

Change Components Color

  • Customizing the color of the app is an easy task. Just go to src/assets/scss/custom/_variables.scss .In the file there is field called brand primary , changing the parameters of this field will change the color of your components
  • SCSS is used for styling components it’s a CSS-style pre-processor that is more powerful than CSS.

Change App Icon

  • To change the app icon you just need to go to src/assets/img/brand/logo.png and put the icon you want in the folder .Your app icon will be changed.
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