Getting Started

API server endpoints


Routing is the process of choosing how an application will react to a client request for a certain endpoint, which is a URI (or path) and a particular HTTP request type (GET, POST, etc.).
When a route is matched, one or more handler functions for that route are called.
Route definition takes the following structure:



  • app is an instance of express.
  • METHOD is an HTTP request method, in lowercase.
  • PATH is a path on the server.
  • HANDLER is the function executed when the route is matched.

Our server has only five routes

  • /graphql for graphql related routes
  • /paypal for paypal payment related routes
  • /stripe for stripe related routes
  • / for send a static page enatega
  • /dashboard for sending the build of dashboard


Majority of our functionality is handled through GraphQL only for some cases REST is used. You can find more about it by checking Resolvers.

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