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Customer app entities


  • Location: The UI can be found under src/App.js
  • Working: Configures Native base, Fonts, Push Notification, Apollo, Authentication and Navigation.
  • Result: Everything is set up to load the subsequent view based on whether or not the user has authenticated. The tutorial screen will appear initially if the user has not authenticated; else, the menu screen will appear.


  • Location: The UI can be found under src/screens/Register/Register.js Its mutation can be found under src/apollo/server.js with constant createUser
  • Working: Registers User using Google, Facebook or Manual Registration
  • Result: Users that join using Facebook or Google will immediately receive their profile pictures as well. Any option that is chosen causes a backend auth token to be created and sent to the frontend.


  • Location: The UI can be found under src/screens/Login/Login.js Its mutation can be found under src/apollo/server.js with constant login
  • Working: Logins User using Google, Facebook or Manual Registration. A separate component for ForgotPassword is also present its component can be found src/components/ForgotPassword Its mutation can be found under src/apollo/server.js with constant forgotPassword
  • Result: Logins User with validation. If a user uses forgotPassword an email will be sent to him with reset link for changing his/her password.
  • Location: The UI can be found under src/screens/Menu/Menu.js Its query can be found under src/apollo/server.js with constant categories
  • Result: Fetches categories of the items
  • Location: The UI can be found under src/screens/MenuItems/MenuItems.js Its mutations and queries can be found under src/apollo/server.js with constant foods and src/apollo/client.js with constants foodItem and getCartItems
  • Working: Apollo has two primary file servers.and client in js.js While the second file is used for internal application level state management, the first file is utilized to communicate with the api server. While foodItem is a fragment, the queries constants foods and getCartItems are queries.
  • Result: foods is queried with the selected category in the previous screen. If a user clicks add button inside the MenuItems screen foodItem fragment is executed which also updated query getCartItems which updated the quantity inside cart item as well as the adds the food item if it exists previously will only update its quantity.


  • Location: The UI can be found under src/screens/ItemDetail/ItemDetail.js Its mutations and queries can be found under src/apollo/server.js with constant like and src/apollo/server.js with constant foodItems and getCartItems
  • Working: Constants foodItems and getCartItems have been described above like is a mutation which adds it to like food with parameter food id.


  • Location: The UI can be found under src/screens/Cart/Cart.js It has Apollo constants of getCartItems and getProfile . getProfile is located at src/apollo/client.js
  • Working: Constant getProfile is a type of query that gets user details name, email, phone, location and picture.
  • Result: The getProfile is used to get the user delivery location.


  • Location: The UI can be found under src/screens/Payment/Payment.js It has Apollo constants placeOrder and getCartItems . placeOrder is located at src/apollo/server.js Its a mutation.
  • Working: Constant placeOrder send the details to the server with item delivery address payment status and user profile.
  • Result: The user chooses between using Stripe or Paypal to pay. If the Cash on Delivery option is chosen, no payment is made and the payment status is still pending. From the admin panel, its status can be modified. The user is also given access to the order details through email.


  • Location: The UI can be found under src/screens/MyOrders/MyOrders.js It has Apollo constant of myOrders located at src/apollo/server.js its of type query
  • Result: All the users orders are queried with an option to reorder it for the user.


  • Location: The UI can be found under src/screens/Settings/Settings.js It has Apollo constants of updateUser , uploadPicture , profile and getProfile . Constants updateUser , uploadPicture and profile are located in src/apollo/server.js while constant getProfile is located at src/apollo/client.js
  • Working: updateUser is of type mutation where the user information is updated. uploadPicture is of type mutation where the users profile pic is updated on server. profile is of type query where the user profile is queried.
  • Result: User profile is updated with image uploaded. All the fields in settings are required to place order.


  • Location: The UI can be found under src/screens/Notifications/Notifications.js It has Apollo constants of getNotifications its of type query located in src/apollo/client.js
  • Results: getNotifications gets all the notification that the user has notification are generated when the order status is changed from admin panel.


  • Location: The UI can be found under src/screens/OrderDetail/OrderDetail.js It has Apollo constants of orderItem its of type fragment located in src/apollo/client.js
  • Working: orderItem has all the details for item as well as the status of the order based on the status the timeline is rendered dynamically
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