Getting Started

API Server Outline

  • npm start

We utilized the NoSql database Mongodb. The project has been set up to work with mLab, which serves as the default cloud database for both the local and production environments. By entering a connectionstring in food-delivery-api/app.js, you can establish your own mLab account and connect it to your database.

All the node server configuration information is contained in Express JS. It carries out the following duties:

  1. Create and start the server
  2. Add different middleware namely:
    • bodyParser: Parse body params and attache them to req.body
    • Compress: Helps in decreasing the size of the response body and improve the speed of the API calls.
    • Json web token: Helps in generating authentication token

It manages the application’s several GraphQL routes, including:

  • auth: This route contains different routes related to the user such as registration of the new user, updating the user details, manages login and logout.
  • food: Manages food schema such as adding, deleting, editing and liking food.

It handles the different REST routes of the application, namely:

  • GraphQL: It handles all routes related to GraphQL.
  • Paypal: It handles when payment is made using Paypal.
  • Stripe: It handles when payment is made using Stripe.
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