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Enatega Mobile App

We provide you with the Enatega Food Delivery Full App, which is built on NativeBaseReact Native, and Expo. It is a well-organized iOS and Android app with fully customizable pages and a wide range of UI elements designed specifically for a taxi app, so you can get started on your next project right away.
With the help of the free and open source Native Base framework, developers may create React Native iOS and Android apps that include ES6. NativeBase creates a layer on top of React Native that gives you access to a foundational set of components for creating mobile applications.
Native applications for react are created using Expo. In addition to giving you access to the user interface and services that are often found in third-party native React Native components, it offers a suite of tools that make the building and testing of React Native apps simpler. All of them are available with Expo through the Expo SDK.
The bold and adaptable Enatega Food Delivery Full App React Native theme is ideal for creating top-notch mobile apps that leverage pre-made resources. The theme includes a number of widget sections where you can add plugins to increase its usefulness. Enatega is a performance-optimized, Apollo GraphQL-built platform that enables you to create cutting-edge application experiences on native platforms. By maintaining a high standard for quality, this offers your app a consistent appearance and feel with the rest of the platform ecosystem.
Expo is used to build Enatega. Without you touching Xcode or Android Studio, it is powered by Expo SDK to provide you access to your device’s capabilities and the Expo services to handle the labor-intensive task of generating your app binary and submitting it to the store. The “bare” methodology gives you complete control over your iOS and Android projects while simultaneously accelerating development with the Expo SDK and React Native.

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