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Rider app introduction

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The companion app for the Enatega Food Delivery Full App is called Enatega Rider. To give customers complete end-to-end service, we created the rider app. React NativeNativeBase, and Expo are the same technologies used in the Enatega Rider App as in the Customer App.
The main functionalities of the Rider App is a rider can be created from the admin panel. The rider is assigned an order from the admin panel. Order details for each allocated order are displayed to the rider. It displays all of the order’s information, including any variations and the total cost. The rider may modify the order status to “PICKED” and “DELIVERED.”
Enatega Rider is the name of the companion application for the Enatega Food Delivery Full App. We developed the rider app to provide customers with comprehensive end-to-end service. The Enatega Rider App and the Customer App both utilize the same technologies, React Native, NativeBase, and Expo.

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