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StylizeNOW is a platform that provides on-demand mobile hair

Customers can simply use the platform and select what hair and nailcare service(s) they desire, and the platform immediately sets them up with a stylist

What is StylizeNOW

StylizeNow operates as a platform that connects customers with licensed professionals for on-demand salon services right at their doorstep. 

The platform focuses on haircuts, hair coloring, nail services, and eyelash care. 

Instead of employing these skilled professionals, StylizeNow contracts with individual providers who deliver services to customers using the mobile application. 

StylizeNow promptly arranges for a licensed professional to visit the customers’ homes as soon as the customers choose whatever service they need. 

In these unprecedented times, StylizeNow seizes the opportunity to provide a safer alternative that enables customers to avoid crowded indoor spaces while supporting professionals who may have faced work disruptions.  

Let’s see how Enatega empowered StylizeNow to enhance its services through strategic improvements.

Challenges faced by StylizeNOW

1. Salon Delays And Travel Inconveniences
Before StylizeNOW, the potential customers faced inconveniences such as waiting for salon appointments, traveling, and bearing additional wait times for stylists to complete their services.
2. Stylist Matching Difficulty
Many people struggled to find a stylist who was capable of delivering their desired hairstyle, posing a common challenge in the pre-StylizeNOW era.
3. Health Concerns and Pandemic Impact
The risk of exposure to diseases, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, increased concerns about crowded salons.  It led to a reduction in the frequency of salon visits, as people became more cautious about crowded public spaces, including salons. StylizeNOW emerged as a solution to address these challenges by revolutionizing the way people access salon services.

This created a need for a safe and convenient alternative to traditional salons, which is where StylizeNOW came in.

stylized now

The Solution

Innovative Resolution
To tackle the several challenges faced by individuals seeking salon services, StylizeNOW implemented a transformative solution.  By leveraging their online and mobile applications, customers gained the convenience of booking professional hair styling services directly to their homes.  As a result, it simplified appointment scheduling and enabled customers to effortlessly arrange for a skilled stylist to visit at their chosen time.
Seamless Booking Experience
StylizeNOW’s platform facilitated easy booking through user-friendly interfaces, enabling customers to secure appointments with professional stylists without leaving their homes.
Expert Stylist Network
Recognizing the pivotal role of skilled professionals, StylizeNOW built a team of experienced and trained stylists.  The team-building ensured that customers received personalized and high-quality hairstyling services tailored to their preferences.

How Enatega Helped

Enatega’s ready-made solution has proved to be an excellent resource for StylizeNow. With an Enatega, StylizeNow can provide top-notch services to its customers. The company saves time and improves team productivity by using our white label solution.

Additionally, the pre-built platform was fully customizable, allowing Easy Eats to brand it as their own and tailor the user experience to their specific target audience. This helped to establish Easy Eats as a distinct and recognizable brand in the competitive food delivery industry, as well as college campuses across the United States.

Collaboration With Enatega

Problem Resolution With Enatega
Enatega, a versatile white-label delivery solution, emerged as the key player in addressing StylizeNOW’s challenges.  Through its advanced delivery capabilities, Enatega effectively tackled the issues hindering the seamless provision of on-demand styling services.
Tailored Delivery Platform
The adaptability of Enatega’s user-friendly delivery platform proved invaluable, specifically customized to meet the unique needs of StylizeNOW’s clientele.  The solution’s impressive verticality ensured a seamless integration with StylizeNOW’s operations.
Efficient Delivery Management
Enatega not only provided a solution for customer-facing challenges but also streamlined StylizeNOW’s delivery operations.  It enabled the platform to focus on delivering top-notch services while ensuring reliable and efficient logistics management.
Time and Effort Savings
By harnessing Enatega’s capabilities, StylizeNOW successfully eliminated the necessity for customers to visit a physical salon.  It not only saved customers time and effort but became particularly crucial during the pandemic when traditional salons faced operational limitations.
Business Growth and Differentiation
The collaboration with Enatega significantly contributed to StylizeNOW’s business expansion.  Offering customers a hassle-free and convenient experience sets them apart from traditional salons, establishing a distinctive position in the market.


stylized now

StylizeNOW has successfully addressed the pain points of traditional salons by providing customers with a hassle-free experience. 

The company has been able to differentiate itself from traditional salons by providing professional hair styling services at the customer’s doorstep. 

StylizeNOW has been successful in capturing a significant market share in the online hair salon industry and is poised for further growth in the future.

stylized now

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