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StylizeNOW is a platform that

provides on-demand mobile hair

Customers can simply use the platform and select what service(s) they desire, andthe platform immediately sets them up with a stylist

What is StylizeNOW

The platform is currently focused on the central Texas markets but is looking to expand in the future.Similar to other on-demand service providers, StylizeNOW does not employ theseprofessionals but instead negotiates contracts with individual professionals thatprovide these services and sends them to customers that use the platform. StylizeNOW has been successful in providing customers with a hassle-freeexperience by providing professional hair styling services at their doorstep.

Challenges faced by StylizeNOW

Before StylizeNOW, people had to go to a salon to get their hair styled or cut. Thisinvolved waiting for their turn, traveling to the salon, and waiting again for the stylist to finish the job.Additionally, many people found it challenging to find a stylist who could providethem with the desired hairstyle.

There was also the risk of being exposed todiseases in crowded salons, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.The pandemic made people more cautious about visiting crowded places, includingsalons, which led to a decrease in the frequency of hair salon appointments.

This created a need for a safe and convenient alternative to traditional salons, which iswhere StylizeNOW came in.

stylized now

The solution

StylizeNOW had to solve all these problems by providing professional hair styling services at home through their online and mobile apps. Customers could easily book an appointment with a professional stylist from the comfort of their homes, and the stylist would come to their doorstep at the designated time. StylizeNOW needed a team of experienced and trained stylists who could provide customers with their desired hairstyle. That is when they sought the expertise of Ninjas Code and their customizable solution Enatega.

How Enatega Helped

Enatega’s ready-made solution proved to be an invaluable resource for Easy Eats when launching their platform. By using the Enatega white label solution, Easy Eats was able to leverage a pre-built platform that provided all the necessary functionality for managing food orders, payments, and deliveries. This saved the company significant time and resources that would have otherwise been spent developing a platform from scratch.

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Collaboration with Enatega

Enatega the ready-made white-label delivery solution, has played a significant role in solving all of StylizeNOW’s problems. With Enatega’s advanced delivery solution, StylizeNOW has been able to provide its customers with reliable and efficient on-demand styling services.

Enatega’s easy-to-use delivery platform has been customized to cater to the clientele that StylizeNOW provides their services to, thanks to the impressive verticality of the solution. It has also helped StylizeNOW manage its delivery operations smoothly, enabling it to focus on providing quality services to itscustomers.

By partnering with Enatega, StylizeNOW has been able to eliminate the need for customers to travel to a salon, thus saving them time and effort. This was even more crucial during the pandemic, as salons could not operate under normal circumstances.

Enatega’s delivery solution has helped StylizeNOW grow its business by providing customers with a hassle-free and convenient experience, ultimately helping them differentiate themselves from traditional salons.


StylizeNOW has successfully addressed the pain points of traditional salons by providing customers with a hassle-free experience. The company has been able to differentiate itself from traditional salons by providing professional hair styling services at the customer’s doorstep. StylizeNOW has been successful in capturing a significant market share in the online hair salon industry and is poised for further growth in the future.
stylized now

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