Acceptance of Terms of Use 

Before using the Enatega website and mobile applications, reading and understanding these Terms & Conditions is essential. Your acceptance and compliance with these terms will dictate your access to and utilization of the Platforms. All users intending to access or use the Platforms must adhere to these Terms.

You agree to be legally bound by these Terms by accessing or using the Platforms. However, if you do not agree with any part of these Terms, please refrain from using the Platforms.

Changes to Terms of Use

Enatega can change these Terms of Use with or without notice. The most recent Terms of Use can be found by clicking “Terms & Conditions” on our website. The latest Terms of Use replace all earlier versions. Your continued use of the Platforms after the modifications will be considered as acceptance of the updated Terms of Service.

How Does Enatega Work?

Enatega is an open-source delivery platform that helps small to medium-sized restaurants. With Enatega, you can integrate and implement your restaurant menus and services to be managed and viewed online. It works like the traditional telephone order-taking.  

For customer support, you may contact us via email or through our in-app customer support chat feature.

Deployment of the Platform

The team will attempt to deploy the MultiVendor platform in 10 business days. However, this deadline may be delayed depending on when the credentials are provided or how long it takes for Apple or Google to review it. 

The following accounts will be required to help Enatega’s team implement the solution:

You will be given access to our Slack channel to communicate with our team, and our team will help you.

Payment Terms

The client pays an upfront payment to the service provider. After that, the source code is delivered to the client within 24 hours, and the deployment process is started. The team actively communicates throughout the process. Also, the Service Provider will provide a payment method via email.

The client must meet two conditions for the Service Provider to start service under the agreement:


Any more necessary modification will result in an additional based on the number of hours it takes to build that feature. The team will provide an estimated hours to complete that feature, and the Client will be charged for the number of hours.

Publicity and Communication

The Service Provider shall only accept the instructions and communicate with the Client as per the agreement’s details. The Client shall communicate with the Service Provider through telephone, electronic mail, and other communications. 

Disclosure of Personal Information

For full disclosure of your personal and identifiable information, see our Privacy Policy. 


The Service Provider and any other contracted staff working with or hired by the Service Provider shall keep all information confidential at all times during the term of this Agreement and after the Agreement has ended. 

Non-Solicitation Covenant to Enatega Contractors and Employees

By buying our services and signing the User Service Agreement, you agree and understand that you are legally bound not to work with Enatega agents, employees, or service providers who provide Enatega services for the client for a year.

You agree that you won’t approach, contact, or try to hire any of Enatega’s team members. Or service companies outside their working relationship during or after working with Enatega for up to a year. By accepting this clause, you agree that this is a legally binding deal that must be followed. If you don’t, you will face legal action and penalties. 


Enatega encrypts some of your messages using an industry-standard procedure to protect the personal information you send us during sign-up and registration. You must keep your Enatega account details secure and restrict computer or mobile device access. Using shared computers or mobile devices without security should always log out when done using the Enatega account.

If you want to delete your Enatega account, please email us. We may terminate, suspend, or restrict your account. If you are suspected or found to have done something that breaks these Terms, our rules, or guidelines, or if you have done something that we, in our sole discretion, think is an abuse of the Platforms, we reserve the right to suspend your user account or temporarily restrict access.

Electronic Communications

Using the Enatega Platforms allows permission to receive electronic communications from Enatega. This will include emails, newsletters, and information related to new features or updates. You agree that any agreements, disclosures, notices, or other information we provide you electronically will meet any legal communication requirements, including the requirement that they be in writing.

Limitations on Use

Users under 18 must get their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) permission. By agreeing to these Terms, your parent(s) or legal guardian(s) agree to be responsible for your acts and any fees related to your use of the Platforms. If your parents or legal guardians (s) don’t give you permission to use or access the Platforms, you must stop doing so immediately.

Intellectual Property

Without our permission, you can’t use framing to enclose any Enatega brand, logo, or other private information, like text, images, page layout, or forms. You can’t use the Enatega name or logos or other “hidden text” without our written permission. If you use the Enatega website or its material without permission, we will take legal action against you.

Links and Pages

The hyperlinks on the Enatega website may take you to other websites or apps not affiliated with or controlled by Enatega. Enatega has not reviewed these websites and is not responsible or liable for the actions of these third parties, the goods, or the content on the websites.

Enatega accepts no liability or responsibility for any loss or damage you may suffer concerning your access and use of these third-party links and websites.

Right to Terminate

Enatega has reserved the right to terminate, restrict, or suspend your account or use the Platforms if you breach the Terms of Use.  Enatega may not be obligated to warn you before terminating your use of the Platforms.

Governing Law

Both these Terms of Service and any individual agreements we make to supply you Services are governed by and constructed under the laws of the State of California and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts in Alpine, California.

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