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Our delivery management system is designed for the future, built on community-driven principles that ensure innovation, flexibility, and affordability. Whether you’re looking to optimize your logistics, enhance customer experience, or increase cost-efficiency, our open-source platform provides the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Open Source

is Our Priority

With our reliable and customizable open source platform, you can easily manage your delivery operations and streamline your business, no matter the size. Our paid versions also grant you access to our proprietary API and back-end support


A community built around open source improves reliability. With open access to developers across the globe, open source code empowers all users.


Data Protection

Open source projects benefit from numerous independent developers, making it quicker and easier to detect and resolve security issues.



Empower your development teams with our customizable enterprise options and full source code access for unrestricted feature development.



Open source means full visibility into code and development discussions. That means you’ll get a behind the scenes look at how our code functions as well as how we implement new features and address bugs.

What we offer in the food
delivery app?
  • Enatega Multivendor Customer App
  • Enatega Multivendor Rider App
  • Enatega Multivendor Restaurant App
  • Customer Website
  • Admin Web Dashboard
  • Application Program interface Server
  • Analytics Dashboard with Expo Amplitude
  • Error crash reporting with Sentry



Our Payment Plans


Subscription Based

* Setup fee is 1000$

One Time

Billed Once

On Boarding & Registration

On Boarding

Browse or Search Restaurant

Browse or Sear

& Registration

rch Restaurant


Checkout Flow



ut Flow


Rider & Restaurant Features

Rider &

  • Finding address using GPS integration
  • Multiple food variation items
  • Multiple Restaurant adding feature
  • Zones functionality for Restaurants and Riders
  • Live map tracking of riders coming soon
    in upcoming versions
  • Real-time order receiving updates
  • Order Details with customer information
    and Order Details

Dashboard Features

  • Roles based access
  • Zone Management
  • Coupons Management
  • Riders Management
  • Restaurant Management
  • Multi Language Dashboard
  • Dispatcher module for managing orders, assign
  • User, Ratings, Coupon, and tipping option
  • Defining Zones for Riders and assigning creating
    zones to Riders

Application Tech




Our Blogs

Our Blogs

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with us

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Frequently asked questions
The front-end of our solution is completely open-source and available to everyone. However, our back-end and more specifically our APIs, are proprietary and can be acquired via paid license.
Enatega is perfect for customers looking to deploy a readymade and easy to use platform for their food delivery and logistics business. Just like foodpanda and ubereats, our solution can incorporate multiple restaurants as well as restaurants that operate in multiple locations. With access to the admin panel and separate applications for customers and riders, you can use this solution to create your own foodpanda/ clone instantaneously.
Our payment model is one time upfront payment. However, we will make a payment plan. It is designed according to your request.
It usually takes 5 business days to get our ready made solution up and running. However if you want a customized solution, it may take anywhere from 21-28 business days.
Once the project is completed, our team is available during business hours to provide feedback and to perform any additional maintenance on demand.
Yes, it is fully customizable. However, additional changes that are outside our scope of work will be subject to further charges.
Our demos are easily available on our website as well as our Youtube channel. You can find it here.
Our Enatega single vendor solution is geared towards a single storefront. However our multi-vendor solution allows the capability of managing multiple storefronts.
Your data is completely your own. The company doesn’t have access to your private data.
We provide our services to clients across the globe. Through our integrations with Stripe and PayPal, online transactions are convenient, regardless of your geographical location.
Of course! We understand the importance of branding and keeping true to your brand’s image. So, we will not compromise on that front. You do you!
Yes we have full documentation available for the project here

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