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Are you looking for a ready-to-use platform to launch your delivery app? Get the Foodpanda clone with similar unparalleled features and cutting-edge technology.

Our Foodpanda clone, Enatega is a feature-rich app that can be easily customized to deliver everything from food and beverages, healthcare supplies, and couriers to liquor, floral arrangements, and much more.


Transparent Pricing, Great Value

Why make it more complicated than it needs to be? We’ve made it simple with our single, unbeatable price option.

Lifetime License

Once the purchase has been completed, the full working code for the solution will be sent to the email used to make the purchase.

Minimum Features


Kickstart Your Delivery Business With Foodpanda Clone ASAP

With the Foodpanda clone app, you can deliver your customer’s desired products to their doorstep in seconds.

We empower entrepreneurs to launch their food delivery channels at affordable lifetime subscription charges.

Once you pay the charges for the single-vendor food delivery app solution or multi-vendor food delivery app, you will get access to the best features that you believed were only present in the Foodpanda delivery app.

The Enatega single-vendor food delivery solution will equip you with a single vendor management solution for your business based on a single branch or location just like the Foodpanda food delivery platform.

On the other hand, the multi-vendor food delivery solution enables you to list all your establishment’s branches on a centralized platform for streamlined management.

You can either opt for the ready-to-use app with all the Foodpanda delivery app features and launch your business in 5 days or customize the app according to your brand image and enter the market in 21-28 business days.

Get the Foodpanda clone app and streamline your delivery operations to provide exceptional customer services.


How Does Enatega- The JustEat Clone Work?

1. Quick Deployment

Looking to launch your online delivery app swiftly? 

Enatega offers an ideal solution for entrepreneurs seeking a ready-to-use delivery app solution for efficient delivery.

At Enatega, we help you set up your online ready-to-use app like Zomato in just five business days.
For some added personalization, we will provide you with a customized solution in 21-28 business days as we are an open-source platform, just like the Zomato clone app open source code platform.

2. Versatile Restaurant Integration

Whether your restaurant is based on a single location or spread across diverse platforms, we help you list all of them on our single-vendor and multi-vendor delivery app solutions.

3. Comprehensive Admin Panel

We provide our clients with an admin panel to help them keep track of all the delivery operations, similar to Zomato.

4. Customer-Centric App

The customer-centric app is ideal for seamless ordering by customers.

With its user-friendly interface, we help businesses gain a loyal customer base.

5. Efficient Rider Application

We equip riders with a specialized app to help them optimize their delivery operations.

Enhance logistics and delivery efficiency to provide swift and reliable service, elevating your business reputation.

6.  Instantaneous Customization

You can leverage Enatega to create a customized Zomato clone app source code for your customers.

Personalize the delivery app solution to align it with your brand image and meet the unique needs of your target audience.

What You Get In The Foodpanda Clone App Package

1. Customer App

We enable your customers to place their orders through the user-friendly customer app.

Similar to Foodpanda, the customer app has attractive features including real-time order tracking, tipping and discounts, customer feedback, and much more.

2. Rider App

On the rider’s end, we equip your riders to make timely deliveries by equipping them with a dedicated app.

We offer an instant dual-alert system, a time limiter, access to order history, addressing mapping, and many other features in the rider app.

3. Admin Dashboard

Managing the administrative operations of your establishment has never been easier.

With the admin dashboard, you can manage timings, zones, order status, and a lot more in the Foodpanda clone.

4. Restaurant App

From restaurant status updates to centralizing order details, the restaurant app is an all-in-one solution for restaurants to manage their delivery operations.

Increase your sales and take your business to the next level by making quick prompt deliveries through the Food panda clone app.

An Insight Into Enatega’s Unrivaled Features

  • Tipping Management

Let your customers appreciate the riders with the tipping option.

As the riders make swift deliveries using the Foodpanda clone, you empower customers to pay a certain amount as a tip to acknowledge the delivery service.

  • Delivery Zones Management

Manage and dedicate specific regions to deliveries with the delivery zones management feature.

Optimize your logistics and manage deliveries swiftly within the specified geographical zones.

  • Real-Time Order Status Change

Your customers get instant updates on the order status to track the progress of an order in real-time.

We let you know when it’s confirmed, being prepared, out for delivery, or delivered. It enhances transparency and keeps all parties informed.

  • Financial Management

Take care of all the transactions with the financial management feature.

From invoicing to payment processing and withdrawing money, this clone app will help you streamline every single step.

  • Order History

Access a detailed history of all your past orders.

Facilitate reordering of their favorite items by providing a list of order histories to the customers.

It also helps in tracking expenses, providing insights into past preferences, and improving the overall user experience.

What Makes Enatega The Perfect Foodpanda Clone?

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