Vinifynd Boosted by Enatega's Swift Delivery Solution

Vinifynd is a wine retail and delivery business that aims to provide high quality wines to its customers.

What is Vinifynd

It operates in the highly competitive wine retail and delivery industry, with a focus on providing a convenient and efficient delivery service. Vinifynd identified a market gap where quality and affordability intersected, as none of the existing wine delivery services provided efficient delivery at affordable prices.

Vinifynd’s Business Strategy

Vinifynd’s strategy was to differentiate itself from other wine retailers by focusing on the quality of its products and the efficiency of its delivery service. To achieve this, Vinifynd took the following steps:
Focus On Quality
Vinifynd focused on sourcing high-quality wines from small and medium-sized vineyards and wineries. It allowed the business to offer unique wines that were not available at other retailers. The company also offered a personalized wine selection service, where customers could describe their preferences, and Vinifynd would recommend wines that matched their taste
Convenient And Efficient Delivery
By offering same-day delivery in selected cities and next-day delivery across the country, Vinifynd facilitated retailers with quick delivery services. The company also provided a tracking system, so customers could see where their wine was in real-time. Real-time tracking feature acted as a differentiator that gave Vinifynd an edge over other wine retailers that often have longer delivery times.
Strong Online Presence
Vinifynd invested in building a strong online presence, with a user-friendly website and mobile apps that allowed customers to browse and purchase wines easily. The company also had a strong social media presence that provided regular updates on new products and promotions.
Excellent Customer Service
Vinifynd placed a strong emphasis on customer service, with a dedicated customer service team that was available to answer customer queries and resolve any issues.

Challenges faced by Vinifynd

As a wine retail and delivery business, Vinifynd faced several challenges in its early stages of operation.
Highly Competitive Industry
One of the most significant challenges was competition from established wine retailers who had already built a strong brand and customer base. Vinifynd had to differentiate itself by offering unique and high-quality wines and providing a fast and affordable delivery service.
Lack Of Brand Awareness
As a new entrant in the wine delivery industry, Vinifynd struggled to create a strong brand image. To create brand awareness, Vinfynd had to invest in marketing and customer service to build its reputation and establish itself as a trustworthy and reliable wine retailer.

Finally, the business was also looking to implement its online delivery services as quickly as possible to stay ahead of the curve. It included delivery platforms for the web, android and iOS.


Enatega's Collaboration To Overcome The Challenges

Enatega’s delivery solution allowed Vinifynd to to offer fast and efficient delivery to its customers, which proved to be a differentiator from other wine delivery services.

Consequently, Enatega helped Vinifynd build customer trust and loyalty, which was critical for a new business in the market.

How Enatega Helped

Swift Implementation
Enatega’s ready-made solution facilitated the swift implementation and deployment of multiple modules necessary for wine delivery. It provided Vinifynd with the web, android and iOS app. Thanks to Enatega, Vinifynd was able to deploy its own customized and branded apps two months before their expected launch date.
Strategic Scaling Of Operations
Vinifynd was also able to scale its operations rapidly, as the company focused on its core business of sourcing and selling high-quality wines, while leaving the logistics and delivery to Enatega. It freed up resources and time for Vinifynd to invest in marketing and building brand awareness, which helped the company establish itself as a reliable and trustworthy wine retailer.

The Results

Vinifynd’s collaboration with Enatega’s white label delivery solution proved to be a huge success.

Vinifynd found the team behind Enatega easy to work with and highly responsive, which helped make the whole process smooth and streamlined.

Thanks to Enatega’s ready-made solution, Vinifynd was launched two months earlier than expected.

Vinifynd also praised the selection of great, fully-functioning app templates that provide startups with the opportunity to enter the market at a much faster pace.

Overall, Vinifynd had a seamless experience with Enatega and when asked, had no areas for improvement to suggest.



Enatega’s delivery solution helped Vinifynd overcome challenges such as competition and building brand awareness, allowing the company to focus on its core business of providing high-quality wines and excellent customer service.

As a result, Vinifynd was able to scale its operations rapidly, build customer trust and loyalty, and establish itself as a reliable and trustworthy wine retailer in the highly competitive wine delivery industry.


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