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Snap Delivered: Disrupting the Food Delivery Industry

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What is Snap Delivered?

Snap Delivered is a food delivery platform powered by Enatega, similar to other big name companies like Foodpanda and UberEats. Snap Delivered began its operations in 2019 with one big goal in mind: to disrupt the food delivery industry and challenge the standards and precedents already set by the industry leaders.

These standards include things like how much riders get paid, along with how much business owners are charged per delivery. Snap Delivered provided an easy and transparent way to handle deliveries by charging business owners a set rate of only $2 per delivery. This flat rate not only allowed new business owners to use a service like snap delivered to automate deliveries, it also helped level the playing field for restaurants of all sizes.

Challenges faced by Snap Delivered

Despite its ambitious goals and innovative approach, Snap Delivered faced several challenges in its journey to disrupt the food delivery industry.
Highly Competitive Landscape
The food delivery industry is highly competitive, with established players like UberEats, Grubhub, and DoorDash dominating the market. Snap Delivered had to contend with these giants, making it challenging to gain significant market share.
The Marketplace Dilemma
Attracting both customers and restaurants to the platform proved to be a daunting task. Convincing users to switch from their existing preferences and habits with other platforms required substantial marketing efforts. Moreover, retaining both sides of the marketplace posed an ongoing challenge.
Rider Management
Managing a vast network of delivery riders and ensuring timely and accurate deliveries is a complex operational challenge. Snap Delivered had to invest in the latest and most reliable logistics and coordination systems to maintain efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Offering a flat rate of $2 per delivery to business owners was a bold move, but it also put pressure on Snap Delivered’s profitability. Balancing the need to attract businesses with affordable rates while maintaining a sustainable business model proved to be a delicate balancing act.

This created a need for a safe and convenient alternative to traditional delivery options, which is where Snap Delivered came in.


Overcoming The Challenges

To overcome these challenges, Snap Delivered employed various strategies
Built Strategic Partnerships
Snap Delivered forged strategic partnerships with local restaurants, offering them a unique value proposition. By collaborating closely with small and medium-sized businesses, Snap Delivered differentiated itself from larger competitors and created a more inclusive platform.
Introduced Customer Incentives
To address user acquisition and retention challenges, Snap Delivered implemented customer incentives and loyalty programs. Discounts, exclusive deals, and a user-friendly rewards system helped attract and retain both individual customers and restaurants.
Invested In Platform Upgrades
Recognizing the importance of technology in the industry, Snap Delivered continually invested in upgrading its platform. It included improving the user experience, optimizing delivery routes, and implementing advanced data analytics to enhance operational efficiency.
Initiated Referral Programs
While maintaining an affordable flat rate, Snap Delivered introduced referral programs allowing anyone to increase their income. The various options provided to individuals as well as businesses meant that anyone who was involved with Snap Delivered to earn money via recruitment, word of mouth advertisement or referrals.

The Future for Snap Delivered

Snap Delivered’s strategic efforts to overcome challenges has since shown positive results.

The platform has gained traction among local businesses and consumers, carving out a niche in the competitive food delivery landscape.

The flexible pricing models and emphasis on community engagement have contributed to a growing user base.

Looking forward, Snap Delivered continues to focus on innovation, sustainability, and user satisfaction.

By staying on top of technological trends within the industry and creating a collaborative environment with their partners, Snap Delivered aims to further disrupt the industry and position itself as a viable alternative to the established players.

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