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Struggling to meet your sales target? Take your liquor business to new heights and boost profits with Enatega’s app that delivers liquor.

Accept orders, manage deliveries, and process payments with Enatega’s liquor delivery app and streamline your liquor business in no time.

Get our ready-to-use app that delivers liquor with unparalleled features and take your liquor business online in just five business days.


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Why make it more complicated than it needs to be? We’ve made it simple with our single, unbeatable price option.

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Once the purchase has been completed, the full working code for the solution will be sent to the email used to make the purchase.

Minimum Features


Kickstart Your Delivery Business With Enatega’s App That Delivers Liquor

You don’t need to wait for months to get your customized app for liquor as Enatega has an on-demand delivery solution to launch your app in only five business days.

With a set of features present in the app, we take out the guesswork when it comes to the feature selection stage.

In case you want to personalize the app, Enatega provides you with a customized app with your desired features in 21-28 days.

So, which of our products should you opt for to get an app for liquor delivery?

If you are looking for single-source vendor management, you can opt for our single-vendor delivery management solution.

Choose our multi-vendor delivery management solution if your liquor business is multi-source or based in multiple locations.

Let your customers be actively engaged in the entire delivery process with our dedicated customer app.

Simultaneously, empower your riders to deliver liquor swiftly with the rider app and watch your business succeed in no time with our app that delivers liquor.

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Discover Enatega’s White Label Liquor Delivery App Solution Features

1. Complete Store Information

Equip your customers with your store’s ratings, reviews, and location on Enatega’s white label liquor delivery app solution and help them make an informed choice.

2. Analytics And Reporting

Improve your liquor business operations consistently with our analytics and reporting feature powered by Amplitude and Sentry.

Witness a surge in your sales and ROI once you start making data-driven decisions through Enatega’s app that delivers liquor.

3. Dual Payment Integrations

On our app for liquor, we facilitate your customers to make payments via Stripe and PayPal and ensure secure payment processing.

4. Ringer Alerts

Get instant ringer notifications and alerts as soon as your customers place a liquor order to speed up the delivery process.

Reduce customer waiting time with ringer alerts and see an increase in customer satisfaction.

5. Real-Time Order Tracking

Make your customers a part of every step of your liquor delivery journey and make them feel empowered throughout the process.

With the real-time tracking option present in Enatega’s liquor app, you can ensure your customers stay updated with the order status and get instant chat support in case there is any order issue.

How Does Enatega- The Liquor App Solution Work?

1. Quick Deployment

Looking to launch the leading liquor app swiftly?

Enatega offers an ideal solution for entrepreneurs seeking a ready-to-use delivery app solution for efficient delivery.

At Enatega, we help you set up your own liquor store app in just five business days.

For some added personalization, we will provide you with a customized solution in 21-28 business days.

2. Versatile Branch Integration

Whether your bar is based on a single location or spread across diverse platforms, we help you list all of them on our single-vendor and multi-vendor delivery app solutions.

3. Comprehensive Admin Panel

We provide our clients with an admin panel to help them keep track of all the delivery operations, making it the best app for liquor delivery.

4. Customer-Centric App

The customer-centric liquor store app is ideal for seamless ordering by customers.

With its user-friendly interface, we help businesses gain a loyal customer base.

5. Efficient Rider Application

We equip riders with a specialized app to help them optimize their delivery operations.

Enhance logistics and delivery efficiency to provide swift and reliable service, elevating your business reputation.

6. Instantaneous Customization

You can leverage Enatega’s customizable liquor delivery app for your customers.

Personalize the delivery app solution to align it with your brand image and meet the unique needs of your target audience.

Enatega's On-Demand Liquor Delivery App Package Revealed

  • Customer App

We enable your customers to place their orders through our user-friendly on-demand liquor delivery app development.

The customer app has attractive features including real-time order tracking, tipping and discounts, customer feedback, and much more

  • Rider App

On the rider’s end, we equip your riders to make timely deliveries by equipping them with a dedicated app.

We offer an instant dual-alert system, a time limiter, access to order history, addressing mapping, and many other features in the rider app.

  • Admin Dashboard

Managing the administrative operations of your establishment has never been easier.

With the admin dashboard, you can manage timings, zones, order status, and a lot more in the Enatega app.

  • Restaurant App

From restaurant status updates to centralizing order details, the restaurant app is an all-in-one solution for restaurants to manage their delivery operations.

Increase your sales and take your business to the next level by making quick prompt deliveries through Enatega.

Why Choose Enatega Liquor Delivery App

Opt for Enatega’s on-demand liquor delivery app development and get a customizable branded app for your liquor business. Here’s why you should choose Enatega as your liquor delivery app development platform:

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