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Yalla: Food and Grocery, in One Place


Yalla is a food and grocery delivery app developed by Ninjas Code and powered by Enatega. This food and grocery delivery app is one of a kind and stands out thanks to its unique blend of features and accessible yet stylish UI/UX.

The Vision Behind Yalla

The people behind Yalla first reached out to Ninjas Code to discuss how the White Label solution Enatega could be used to implement what they needed.

First, Yalla needed to have another component of grocery delivery. It was important that the Yalla app to not just be a food delivery app, but to include groceries and shops as well.

Second, there needed to be accessibility for users, so it needed to incorporate multiple languages as well. The main priority was on Arabic and English.

Third, it needed to rival other similar apps on the market. These apps included competitors like Wolt and Haat, both of which already had a strong foothold within the region. 

Lastly, it needed a new payment gateway integration that would work within the specific region. 

Keeping all of these things in mind, the first challenge that the development team faced was to get everything ready for Version 1.0 on time, as the Yalla team needed to launch within just a few months. They’d contacted all of the restaurants in the area, who were eagerly awaiting a new type of food and grocery delivery experience for their customers.


Development Journey

Ninjas Code took on the challenge with enthusiasm, recognizing the potential impact Yalla could have on the market. The development team started by outlining a detailed roadmap to ensure that all key features would be implemented efficiently and effectively.

Designing for Inclusivity and Style

The UI/UX design phase was crucial. Yalla aimed to provide a seamless and intuitive user experience that would cater to a diverse audience while still maintaining the ease of use one would expect from a modern delivery app. 

The design team at Ninjas Code worked closely with Yalla to create a visually appealing interface that was not only stylish but also highly functional. Special attention was given to ensure that the app was user-friendly for both English, Arabic and Hebrew speakers. This involved meticulous work on right-to-left language support and ensuring that translations were accurate and contextually appropriate.

Integrating Grocery Delivery

Expanding from just food delivery to include groceries and other shops required robust backend support. The Ninjas Code team leveraged Enatega’s White Label solution to build a flexible system capable of handling a wide range of products and services. This included setting up a comprehensive catalog management system, which allowed vendors to easily upload and manage their inventory.

Competing with Established Players

To position Yalla as a strong contender against established apps like Wolt and Haat, the development team incorporated several advanced features. These included an interactive map for all restaurants in the area, a powerful search and filter system, and personalized recommendations based on user preferences. By focusing on these elements, Yalla aimed to not only match but exceed the offerings of its competitors.

Regional Payment Gateway Integration

One of the critical technical challenges was integrating a new payment gateway that complied with local regulations and was widely used in the region. The development team selected a gateway that provided secure and efficient transactions, ensuring that users could pay with ease and confidence. This integration was seamlessly embedded into the app, allowing for multiple payment options including credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, and cash on delivery.


Launching Version 1.0

The development of Yalla’s first version was a race against time. With a tight deadline, the Ninjas Code team adopted an agile development approach, which allowed them to prioritize features and make adjustments on the fly. Regular feedback sessions with the Yalla team ensured that the project stayed on track and aligned with the initial vision.
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The Results

The collaboration between Yalla and Ninjas Code resulted in a sophisticated, user-friendly app that not only met, but exceeded expectations. By combining a stylish interface with a huge suite of functionalities, Yalla was well-positioned to carve out its own space in the competitive food and grocery delivery market. The successful launch of Version 1.0 was a testament to the hard work and dedication of both teams, setting the stage for future growth and innovation.

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