Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In USA You Should Know About

The anticipation of the food delivery industry skyrocketing to a staggering $165 billion by 2029 begs the question: How can you ensure your restaurant rides this wave successfully? In the look out for the answer, exploring the top 5 food delivery apps in USA becomes pivotal. 

As the industry transforms and adapts to evolving consumer preferences, these top 5 food delivery apps in USA serve as the much-needed allies for restaurant owners that offer a gateway to an expanding market. 

Navigating this competitive realm requires a keen understanding of the standout features and benefits that each of these top-tier platforms brings to the table. 

Are you a restaurant owner seeking to thrive in the dynamic food delivery landscape? 

Join us as we talk about the top 5 food delivery apps in USA and empower you to make informed decisions that will take your business ahead of this cut-throat competition.

The Impact Of Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In USA On The Restaurant Industry

The surge in popularity of food delivery apps has initiated a transformative phase in the restaurant industry that exerts influence over multiple dimensions.

Expansion Of Delivery Services

Numerous traditional dine-in establishments have diversified their offerings by incorporating delivery services facilitated by these apps. 

Thus, it is a strategic expansion that has proven crucial for business sustainability, particularly amid the challenges posed by the pandemic.

Customer Data And Insights

Food delivery apps serve as repositories of extensive customer data that provide restaurants with invaluable insights into consumer preferences. 

Consequently, the data empowers restaurants to fine-tune their menus, marketing approaches, and pricing strategies, aligning them more closely with customer expectations and enhancing overall business performance.

Virtual Kitchens

The advent of cloud kitchens, also termed virtual or ghost kitchens, is a direct outcome of the prevalence of food delivery apps. 

These kitchens are designed exclusively to fulfill delivery orders, emphasizing operational efficiency to meet the growing demand for off-premise dining.

Top 5 Food Delivery Apps In USA To Scale Your Business Growth

Discover the recipe for business success with our curated list of the top 5 food delivery apps in USA. 

In a world where convenience and speed are essential for a great customer experience, leveraging these cutting-edge platforms can be the game-changer your business needs. 

Discover the strategic advantages and unique features offered by each of these top-tier apps, designed to elevate your restaurant’s reach and amplify growth. 

Stay ahead of the culinary curve by exploring the unparalleled opportunities presented by the top 5 food delivery apps in USA—your gateway to scaling new heights in the competitive food industry.

1. Enatega

Enatega Website

Subscription fee: Multi-vendor delivery management solution, available at a one-time fee of $5000 for a lifetime license.

Single-vendor delivery management solution is available at a one-time fee of $2500  for a lifetime license.

Enhance your customers’ food delivery experience with Enatega – one of the leading top 10 food delivery apps in USA

Our innovative food delivery app is carefully designed to streamline operations, ensuring prompt deliveries to your customers’ doors. 

Enatega’s Products

  • Multi-Vendor Delivery Management Solution

Our multi-vendor delivery management solution efficiently centralizes operations for multiple restaurants by creating a comprehensive marketplace for businesses of all sizes. 

As a result, it enables you to seamlessly handle orders from various sources and locations with ease.

  • Single-Vendor Delivery Management Solution

If you are looking for a dedicated delivery management system, Enatega offers a single-vendor solution.

Elevate your restaurant business with our single-vendor delivery management solution which is ideal for both small and large eateries. 

Moreover, it will help you stand out with the best online ordering system by putting your restaurant on the map and attracting the attention it deserves from customers.


  • Seamless Order Management

As a top player among food delivery apps in California, Enatega stands out with features such as seamless order management. 

We enable restaurants to easily handle orders from placement to fulfillment by minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.

  • Real-Time Order Tracking

Enatega keeps customers informed with real-time order tracking, providing live updates from order placement to delivery, allowing them to track their meals on a map.

  • Analytics

You can elevate your restaurant’s delivery operations with our performance analytics tools that offer valuable insights into key metrics and trends. 

By doing so you can make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize processes, from popular menu items to delivery times.

  • Open-Source Platform

Enatega’s open-source platform is customizable to suit your restaurant’s unique needs. 

Take control of your delivery service with tailored features, whether adjusting menus, creating promotional offers, or incorporating branding elements. 

So, if you are looking for the best food delivery apps in California, choose Enatega – the key to seamless, customer-centric service.

Schedule a demo today to walk through our offerings. Reach out to our sales team for flexible pricing alternatives.

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2. GrubHub


Subscription fee: For those seeking unlimited free delivery services, GrubHub offers GrubHub+, a subscription at $9.99 per month.

GrubHub stands out amongst the best food delivery apps in Chicago as a user-friendly food delivery service and app headquartered in Chicago. 

Through strategic partnerships with local restaurants and bars, GrubHub ensures reliable delivery options for popular destinations within the city. 

Moreover, the app simplifies the search for specific cuisines in the user’s area and allows them to explore restaurants either by cuisine type or name.


  • Food dispatching alerts
  • Delivery tracking
  • Activity dashboard

Setting up the GrubHub app begins with entering an address, generating a list of local restaurants available for delivery or pickup. GrubHub’s popularity stems from its seamless and fee-free food ordering system.

GrubHub+ members enjoy various benefits, including free deliveries, food discounts, and complimentary menu items. 

The GrubHub App is compatible with iPhones and Android devices, accessible through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Experience the convenience of GrubHub, a standout among food delivery apps in Chicago.

3. Postmates


Subscription fee: Postmates introduces a subscription service, Postmates Unlimited, priced at $10 per month.  It is a service that grants subscribers free delivery from select stores and restaurants on orders exceeding $12.

Postmates is a well-known food delivery app in NYC that is highly favored by consumers that goes beyond mere food delivery services.

Following its recent acquisition by UberEats, the platforms will share data, enhancing the relevance of customer offers until Postmates fully integrates into UberEats. 

However currently, both of them operate independently which enables them to preserve their distinct functionalities.


  • Order entry
  • Discount management
  • Order processing

For restaurant owners, Postmates offers user-friendly operations, akin to Uber Eats. The platform provides dedicated delivery staff available round-the-clock, simplifying the process for delivering food to customers anytime, anywhere. 

Simply sign up, set up your menu, and prepare the food – Postmates takes care of the rest.

Consumers find Postmates comparable to Delivery.com as both of them provide a comprehensive delivery system for immediate satisfaction, ranging from food to birthday presents and even cleaning supplies.

As one of the notable food delivery apps in NYC, Postmates offers a versatile solution for both restaurants and customers seeking diverse, on-demand deliveries.

4. DoorDash


Subscription fee: $9.99/month

DoorDash stands out as a leading American food delivery service provider that prioritizes the seamless connection between restaurants and food delivery in Seattle. 

Established in 2013, DoorDash quickly evolved into a local community-driven food delivery app in Seattle. 

In the first quarter of 2019, DoorDash surpassed Uber Eats in both market share and valuation, becoming a standout in the industry with a valuation of USD 16 billion.

Currently, this esteemed food delivery app operates in over 800 cities across the USA, offering its lucrative services. 

DoorDash became even more indispensable during the Covid-19 pandemic by introducing ‘contactless’ delivery, prioritizing safety for both drivers and customers.


  • Customer database
  • Activity tracking
  • Activity dashboard

For those seeking unparalleled delivery, DoorDash emerges as the top choice, defining the landscape of food delivery apps in Seattle with its extensive reach and user-friendly features.

5. ChowNow


Subscription fee: ChowNow’s membership program, Loyal Local, offers annual subscriptions ranging from $25 to $100. This program provides users with attractive discounts: 10% off for Bronze, 15% off for Silver, and 25% off for Gold.

ChowNow is one of the leading food delivery apps in Boston and operates in various US cities, including New York, LA, Dallas, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Atlanta, and Seattle. 

Moreover, the platform facilitates online food ordering directly through restaurant websites, allowing establishments to deliver under their brand name. 

The Chownow fee structure varies based on restaurant size and location, with the advantage of transparent pricing and no hidden fees.


  • Dispatch Management
  • Menu Management
  • Delivery Tracking

So what are you waiting for? Experience the convenience of food delivery apps in Boston and other cities, bringing your favorite meals to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the top food delivery apps in Houston?

Here’s a list of the leading food delivery apps in Houston:

  • Enatega
  • Favor
  • UberEats
  • Seamless
  • Eatstreet

2. Is DoorDash in USA only?

DoorDash serves numerous cities not only in the United States but also extends its operations to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Its expansive reach encompasses Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, making DoorDash a global player in the food delivery industry.

3. Who owns Deliveroo?

Deliveroo, founded in 2013 by William Shu and Greg Orlowski, operates as a platform connecting customers with over 140,000 restaurants and takeaways through its app. 

The company utilizes a network of 110,000 couriers to retrieve and deliver food orders. 

Deliveroo generates revenue by taking a percentage from the orders and charging a delivery fee to customers, facilitating a dynamic and widespread service in various regions.

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Navigating the diverse culinary landscape of the United States has never been more convenient, thanks to the top 5 food delivery apps in USA.  These platforms, each with its unique features and strengths, collectively redefine the way we experience dining. As we embrace the future of dining, it’s evident that these top 5 food delivery apps in USA play an important role in shaping the industry.  Their impact goes beyond the convenience of doorstep dining as they contribute to the evolution of how we perceive and experience food. Among these, Enatega quietly stands out as the leading choice for most restaurants because of its commitment to user-friendly interfaces, seamless operations, and quality service. Book a demo today to walk through our offerings.

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