How to Build a Multi Vendor Food Ordering System? 

Multi Vendor Food Ordering System

Online food ordering systems are now the primary necessity for restaurant owners to boost their business. To run your food business successfully, every business owner must invest in developing a food delivery app. Running a restaurant might require a multi vendor food ordering system to manage orders efficiently.

More than 50% of US customers prefer to order food online. 

Online food ordering apps are a great option to order food from your favorite restaurant when you don’t have time or energy to cook or leave the comfort of your home.  

With the help of an online restaurant ordering system, restaurants can easily manage the bulk of food orders without any mistakes. 

On the multi restaurant online food ordering systems, the customers can browse several restaurants, check the menu, select the food, and make payments without contacting the restaurant staff.

Multi restaurant food ordering and management system is ideal for startups and large chains of restaurants to expand their business.  

Do you want to know more about the multi vendor food ordering system?

So, in this blog, we will explore the multi restaurant online ordering system in detail and cover all these main things that remove all your confusion related to online restaurant ordering systems. 

What Is a Multi Vendor Food Ordering System?

A multi vendor food ordering system allows business owners to combine various restaurants on a single platform. 

With multi restaurant online food ordering systems, business owners expand their business and provide wider food options to customers.    

The primary purpose of the multi vendor food ordering system is to

  • Provide customers with a convenient way to place orders from various restaurants.
  • Easily manage operations at an affordable cost.
  • Provide customers with a wide range of choices.
  • Quickly integrate the multi vendor app into any meal delivery service.

Moreover, the multi restaurant delivery software is built using the latest technologies. Plus, it has all the features every restaurant or food business owner needs to streamline operations.  

Workflow of a Multi Vendor Food Ordering System

Understanding the workflow of the multi vendor food ordering system is necessary before implementing it. 

Here is a step-by-step multi vendor food ordering system workflow to guide you through the whole process:

Workflow of a Multi Vendor Food Ordering System
  • Customers visit the website or app to order food online. 
  • The customer chooses from the several restaurants listed on the portal and browses their menus. The customer also re-orders their favorite meal from their order history. 
  • The customer adds items to their cart with just a click. They also apply coupon codes provided by the restaurant.
  • After placing the order, the customer made payment using multiple payment methods.
  • The customer makes the payment to the admin, and then the admin transfers the amount to the restaurant.   
  • After placing the order, the restaurant receives a notification for the order. 
  • When the food is prepared, the rider delivers the food to the customer’s given address. 

Multi Vendor Features for Online Restaurant Ordering System  

The multi vendor food ordering system provides several features to make your life easier. With the help of its great features, the multi restaurant delivery software gained popularity among food businesses. 

Numerous features are provided by the multi vendor food ordering system to restaurants, customers, and business owners. 

Let’s explore them in detail.  

Customer Mobile/Web Application

A customer app can offer various features and functionalities to enhance the dining experience. Here are some unparalleled features and functionalities in Enatega’s customer app.

Features of Customer App

Features Description
Verification of Phone Number and Email When new users sign up on the restaurant app, they must provide their phone number and email address.

The app generates the random OTP and sends it to the user-given mobile number and email. 

When the user enters the OTP, the app compares the OTP with the generated one. If they both match, the user is considered verified.  
Authentication Use Google, Apple, and Facebook for authentication purposes. It can simplify the registration and login process for users. Also, it improves the overall user experience.    
Restaurants ShowThe restaurants are displayed on the map according to the user’s location. Customers can use GPS to find nearby restaurants.  
Reviews and Ratings This is one of the main features of the best on demand delivery apps. It allows customers to provide ratings and feedback according to their overall experience. With the feedback, future customers can make informed decisions.      
Browse Menus The customers can easily browse menus and check the descriptions, prices, and images. 
Restaurant Information Customers can check the restaurant’s working hours, phone number, and other information. 
Schedule Delivery Customers can schedule their deliveries according to their preferred date and time.   
Push Notifications and EmailsCustomers can receive real-time updates for their order delivery, deals, and promotions.  
Rider Tracking It allows customers to track the rider’s location and the status of the takeout or delivery orders.  
In-app Chat with RiderMulti-LanguageThis feature lets customers communicate with riders for any queries or issues. The app is available in different languages.  
Different ThemesThe app has provided the option to change the theme of the app in light or dark mode. Users can adjust it according to their choice.  
Online Payments Customers can pay through various payment methods, including credit/debit card payments and digital wallets. 
Order History Enabling customers to access and view their past orders’ history easily. 
Add Favorite Restaurants Allow customers to add their favorite restaurants. This feature improves user engagement and experience. 
Add Special Instructions Customers can add special instructions or notes for the restaurants. 
Delivery Options Customers can choose between pick-up and delivery at different times.
Vouchers and Tipping OptionCustomers get discounts on their orders with vouchers. Plus, they have the tipping option.   
Search Restaurants The customers can search restaurants using a filtering and search option. This feature provides users with a seamless experience. 

Restaurant App

The restaurant app provides several key components and features to make the dining experience for the customers amazing. 

Here’s a breakdown of what a restaurant app includes:

Features of Restaurant App

Features Description
Login The restaurant owner can log in and monitor their restaurant operations in one place. 
Push Notifications The restaurants get alerts and notifications on order status and incoming orders.
Time Limiter The restaurants have a time limiter to accept orders and set time options for meal preparation.
Print InvoiceFrom the app, the restaurants can print invoices. 
Check Delivered Order HistoryWith this feature, restaurants view their order delivery history. 
Change Restaurant Status The restaurant can change its status online and offline.
Order Details From the app, restaurant owners can check the order details and customer information. 
Order Updates The restaurants receive real-time updates on order delivery, order received, and more. 

Rider App

The rider app is designed for delivery drivers to pick up and deliver orders. With the help of the rider delivery app, the riders can easily manage their delivery tasks. 

Below are the rider app’s main features in the multi vendor food ordering system.   

Features of Rider App

Features Description
Push NotificationsThe rider receives the notifications for the new order.  
Map With the help of the map feature, the riders can easily get directions to the deliverer’s address. 
ChatIn-app chat feature allows riders to communicate with customers easily. 
Order History:The rider can check their order history, such as which orders have been delivered and which are pending.   
Online Delivery FeesWith this feature, riders can instantly withdraw money from their wallet. Also, they check the wallet history. 
Change the Status The riders can change their status online/offline. 


The admin dashboard is the central point that allows you to manage different tasks. The main features of the admin dashboard of multi restaurant delivery software are: 

Features of Admin Dashboard

Features Description
Manage restaurantsFrom the admin dashboard, the admin manages restaurant operations such as managing timings, menus, adding discounts, and more. 
Manage riders With a multi vendor food ordering system, the admin defines, assigns, and creates zones for riders. 
Manage paymentsThe multi vendor food ordering system lets the admin manage payments through different channels. 
Send Notifications The admin may automatically notify consumers, restaurant vendors, and food delivery partners about order placement, payments, etc., via an effective online food ordering system for restaurants.
Tipping management The tipping management is available on the admin dashboard. 

Technology Stack for Multi Vendor Food Ordering System

The table below shows which technologies are used to create the multi vendor food ordering system.

Application program interface (API) serverWeb DashboardMobile AppRestaurant AppRider AppCustomer Web App
NodeJSReactReact NativeReact NativeReact NativeReact 
MongoDBGraphQLExpoExpoExpoMaterial UI
Stripe FirebaseSentrySentrySentrySentry
Express GraphQL

Benefits of Multi Vendor Food Ordering System

A multi restaurant ordering system benefits restaurants and customers. Investing in the multi vendor food delivery app gives you more profits and revenue. 

Some of the benefits of the multi vendor are listed below.

Benefits of Multi Vendor Food Ordering System

Cost-Effective Solution

It is one of the main reasons to opt for the multi restaurant online ordering system. They are budget-friendly, and you can easily customize them according to your needs. 

Community and Support

The multi vendor food ordering system providers offer support. It is invaluable when you face any issues or need assistance implementing the multi restaurant online ordering system. 

Quick Launch

Launching your food ordering platform from scratch takes time and effort. However, using the multi vendor food ordering system, restaurants can easily launch their business in no time with a minimal setup.    

Expand Reach

The multi vendor food ordering and management system opens new markets for restaurants. With this, restaurants can reach more customers who prefer ordering food online from their homes.   

Easy Payment Methods

Online food ordering apps provide multiple payment methods, which include credit/debit cards, digital wallets, cash on delivery, etc. Plus, all transactions made on the online restaurant ordering system are safe and secure. 

Diverse Menu Options

Customers can explore various menu options from multiple restaurants on a single platform. It allows customers to explore cuisines, read reviews, check prices, and more without switching to multiple food ordering platforms.   

Cost of Multi Vendor Food Delivery App

The cost of multi vendor food delivery app depends on these factors, which include:

  • Platform
  • Timeline
  • Number of features
  • UI/UX design
  • Maintenance and support

However, the cost of building the multi vendor food delivery app is somewhere between  $10,000 to $20,000. 

The general cost range includes professional mobile app development, app design, Android and iOS versions, app testing, and market launch. 

Enatega provides a readymade multi vendor food delivery app 100% customizable to clients worldwide. We also offer flexible pricing options, and you can check our pricing on our website. 

Schedule a call with our sales team to learn more about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best food delivery partner?

Below is the list of the best food delivery partners.

  • Enatega
  • Uber Eats
  • DoorDash
  • Caviar
  • Seamless
  1. What is the fastest food delivery app?

The fastest food delivery app is Enatega. It is the best option to get the food on time anywhere.

Also, Enatega is well-known for its timely deliveries and provides a wide range of food options.

  1. What software can I use to manage orders for food delivery?

Enatega is the best food delivery software that you can use to manage orders for food delivery. 

It helps to manage online payments, generate monthly invoices, track deliveries, and more. 


Now, you get the complete information about the multi vendor food ordering system. Therefore, contact the best online food delivery app development company, Enatega. The team of experts helps you build a multi vendor food ordering platform without much hassle.   So, book a demo now and get the best restaurant food ordering system according to your requirements.

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