Build Grocery Delivery App Clone Like Instacart and Shipt

Grocery Delivery App Clone

The online grocery industry has potential growth, so this is the right time to invest in this sector. If you running a grocery delivery business, then creating a clone app is the best way to stand out in the competitive industry. The grocery delivery app clone helps you enter this booming market and succeed. 

In 2024, online grocery shopping sales in the US will reach $187.7 billion. 

Grocery delivery service is becoming the biggest long-term beneficial business in COVID-19. Using the grocery delivery clone app, grocers can provide the convenience to customers of ordering groceries online and getting them to their doorstep. 

Therefore, if you are planning for grocery delivery app development with all the new-age features and functionalities, this blog will help you know everything about the grocery delivery clone app and digitize your grocery delivery services. 

Statistics of Grocery Delivery Business 

Below are some stats to show the grocery app market started to boom and gained immense popularity.  

  • According to Statista, the grocery delivery market achieve a revenue of US$257.50 bn by 2024.
  • Online grocery or delivery services are used by 22% of consumers. Compared to 2022, grocery delivery services increased by 56% in 2024.
  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture predicts food prices to grow by 2.5% overall and 1.6% for food consumed at home in 2024. It is not shocking that almost 40% of people exceed their designated grocery budgets each month.
  • When grocery shopping online, most American consumers buy packaged non-perishable foods (78%) and personal care products (77%), according to Statista. 
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What is an On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Clone and How Does it Work?

An on-demand grocery delivery app clone is a mobile application that replicates the functionality of popular on-demand grocery delivery services like Instacart, Amazon Fresh, or Shipt. These types of apps allow users to order grocery items from local stores and have them delivered to their doorstep within a few hours. 

Below are some steps that show how an on-demand grocery delivery app clone works:

  1. User Registration: Users download the app and create an account, providing their personal and payment information.
  2. Store Listing: The app integrates with local grocery stores and supermarkets, displaying their available product catalogs within the app.  
  3. Shopping Cart: Users can browse the product listings, add items to their virtual shopping cart, and customize the order as needed.
  4. Delivery Request: Once the user is ready to checkout, they select a delivery time slot and submit the order.
  5. Order Processing: The app’s backend system processes the order, and assigns it to the grocery store.
  6. Delivery: The shopper or delivery driver delivers the groceries to the user’s specified address, often providing real-time tracking and updates.
  7. Payment and Feedback: The user pays for the order through the app, which may include delivery fees and service charges. They can also provide feedback on the shopping and delivery experience.

Revenue Streams of White-Label Grocery Delivery App Clone 

The white label grocery delivery app clone generates money through these revenue streams. 

Commission Fee: Business owners can put a percentage as a commission fee on every transaction taken through the grocery delivery solution. The main benefit of this model is the revenue is easily predictable because of the sheer fee.

Delivery Fee: The grocers charge the delivery fee from customers on every order placed through the platform. 

Subscription Fee: It is the most profitable revenue model. Sellers are required to pay a subscription fee to get access to the site and display their products. It may be approved annually, quarterly, or monthly.

Promotional Fee: In this revenue model, business owners make money by selling ad spaces. It is the most commonly used revenue model and best for both online/offline businesses.  

Features of Grocery Delivery Clone App Solution 

The grocery delivery clone app is an advanced solution to start your online grocery store and globalize your user base with ease. Providing top features is a great way to expand your customer base and make your app attractive to the users. 

Below are some features that should be incorporated into your grocery clone app.

Customer App

Features Description 
Easy RegistrationDownload the app and register on it via your Google, Facebook, and Apple account for a seamless onboarding experience. 
Advanced Search OptionImplement a robust search functionality that enables users to search for specific products, browse by category, filter based on various criteria (e.g., price, brand, etc), and sort results.
Push Notifications Set up a push notification system to alert users about relevant offers, deals, product restocks, and order updates.
Real-Time Tracking Integrate real-time order tracking so that customers can monitor the status of their orders, from the time of placement to delivery.
Review and Ratings Allow customers to leave reviews and ratings for products and services, which can help other users make informed purchasing decisions. 
Favorites and Shopping ListsEnable users to save their favorite products and create customizable shopping lists for faster and more efficient shopping. 
Multiple Payment OptionsIntegrate various payment gateways to offer customers a wide range of payment methods, including credit/debit cards, digital wallets, and mobile payments.
Order History Provide a comprehensive order history feature that allows users to view their past orders, reorder items, and track delivery status.
Scheduled DeliveriesAllow customers to schedule future deliveries at their preferred time and date, catering to their convenience.
In-App SupportIntegrate a customer support system, such as live chat or a helpline, to assist users with any queries or issues they may encounter.
Location-based ServicesUse the user’s location to provide personalized offers, display nearby stores, and optimize delivery routes.

Grocers/Supermarket App

Features Description 
Accept/Reject Orders According to availability, the grocers can accept/reject orders. This feature helps them to manage the business operations seamlessly.    
Instant Notifications Using this feature, the grocers can send instant notifications to customers for their orders, new deals, discounts, and more. 
Sales Report Analysis The store owners get access to sales report data that helps them track and maintain their sales in an organized way. 
Assign Order to Rider The vendor can assign the order to the rider that is nearest to the customer’s location.    

Rider App

Features Description 
Login Riders can log in to the app using their email, password, and phone number. They can create a full profile and edit it as needed.
Availability Status On the rider delivery app, riders can manage their availability for the next order. If the rider is not free, then they change their status to “non-available” on the app.   
Live Tracking Riders can track the exact location of the customer they are delivering to in real time.
View Payment Riders can view the payment details for the orders they have completed. This feature helps to build trust and transparency between riders and store owners. 
Orders History The app maintains a comprehensive order history, enabling riders to review their past deliveries and track their performance.
Customer Support The rider app provides a customer support feature, ensuring that riders can get assistance or resolve any issues they face during the delivery process.

Admin Dashboard

Features Description 
Sign in Administrators can securely log in to the dashboard using their email and password credentials. This allows them to access and review the various activities and data across the applications.
Manage StoresThe dashboard enables administrators to manage all stores from a single interface. Admins can easily add, delete, and edit store details as needed.
Manage Payments Administrators can manage the complete payment processes for the applications directly from the dashboard. This streamlines payment-related tasks and provides visibility into financial transactions.
Inventory Management The dashboard allows to handle the inventory, including accessing billing information, all within the centralized admin interface. This facilitates efficient inventory tracking and management.
Customer Management The admin allows to access customer records. However, to protect customer privacy, the dashboard does not permit administrators to share this customer data with any third parties.
Send Notifications The dashboard is integrated with a notification system that sends alerts to administrators for various activities related to stores, customers, riders, and other application functions. This keeps them informed of important events and updates.

Benefits of Grocery Delivery App Clone

A grocery delivery app clone can make your grocery business more successful and profitable. It the the best decision that not only meets the customer demands but also helps you to maintain your position in the dynamic market. 

Below are several benefits that the grocery clone app provides to businesses and customers.

Benefits Business Customers 
Time and Cost EfficiencyThe main benefit of investing in grocery delivery app development is the time and cost efficiency. Business owners don’t need to create the app from scratch, they only customize it according to their needs.    It also saves the customer time and eliminates the need to visit physical stores. Also, customers get everything under one platform. 
Real-Time UpdatesBusiness owners can get real-time updates related to stock levels, incoming orders, and more. It contributes to enhancing operational efficiency.  Customers can also track their orders in real-time. It reduces miscommunication and builds trust.  
More Revenue and Discounts  Businesses can get more revenue and sales by investing in a grocery app clone. Customers get more discounts and offers when purchasing groceries online because many stores/grocers offer online discounts. 
Expanded Market Reach Grocery delivery software allows businesses to easily expand their geographical market reach. Customers in previously underserved areas can now access online grocery delivery and access to a wider range of products.
Multiple Payment Options The clone app can integrate various payment gateways, allowing customers to pay conveniently through their preferred method, whether that’s credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or even cash on delivery. This enhances the overall customer experience.Customers can choose their preferred payment method, whether it’s online payment or cash on delivery, providing a seamless and flexible checkout experience. 

Steps for Building the Grocery Clone App

Building the grocery delivery app clone is a simple and easy process, if you follow the below-mentioned steps. 

Steps for Building the Grocery Clone App

1. Planning and Strategy

Before you start developing the app, you should create a proper plan. Studying your competitors in detail. Try to understand the challenges that customers face when doing their grocery shopping online. If you incorporate each of the ideas into your app development plan, your app will be more engaging to use. 

2. Select the Platform

Selecting the right platform is essential if you want your app to reach the right users. There are advantages and disadvantages to both native and hybrid systems. Native apps are available for iOS and Android and are expensive. Applications with a cross-platform user interface and cross-platform compatibility are produced using hybrid interfaces. These apps can be made at less cost than native models.

3. Identify the App Features

Determine the app features of your grocery clone script app that make your app engaging for your customers. Always add the features by keeping the interest of your target audience. Never add irrelevant features that make your app dull and users not use it.   

4. Start Grocery Delivery App Development 

First, you have to create an intuitive and visually appealing user interface. Then, develop the necessary APIs and services to power the app’s functionalities.

5. Testing and Quality Assurance

Perform comprehensive testing, including unit tests, integration tests, and end-to-end tests. Identify and address any bugs or performance issues. Make the app error-free before publishing it on the app stores.

6. App Deployment and Launch

Submit the app for review and approval to the respective app stores (e.g., Google Play, App Store). Promote the app through various marketing channels, so more people know about your app. 

Cost of Developing the Grocery Delivery Clone App

The cost of developing the grocery clone app can range between $10,000 to $25,000. However, the cost can also increase on several factors, such as:

  • App complexity 
  • App features
  • Number of platforms (iOS, Android, or both)
  • Development approach 
  • Development team location
  • App customization 

To achieve a successful and timely app development process, businesses must carefully plan and allocate resources.

Successful Examples of Grocery Delivery Apps

Look at below the successful examples of grocery delivery apps.



Instacart is a popular grocery delivery service that has more than 500 retailers and trusted local grocers across North America. The company covers around 100 cities. It will connect customers with personal shoppers in their area. Also, Instacart not only delivers groceries but other essentials right to customer’s doorstep.


  • Delivery tracking 
  • Online ordering 
  • Order management 
  • Smart search 
  • Safe payment options 
Pros Cons 
Save time as compared to in-person grocery shopping Unavailable in rural areas 
Wide selection of products High delivery fees 
Same-day delivery 

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is an online grocery delivery service offered by Amazon that allows customers to order a wide variety of fresh and packaged grocery items for delivery. They also deliver household essentials to customer’s doorstep. 


  • Customer reviews
  • Personalized recommendations
  • Simple and intuitive app interface 
  • One-click checkout 
Pros Cons 
Timely delivery High delivery fees 
24/7 customer support Limited availability in some areas 
Prime members can access Amazon Fresh at no additional cost



Shipt is an on-demand grocery and retail delivery service that partners with various local stores to provide same-day delivery to customers. It offers top-notch features that make it the best among other apps.


  • Delivery tracking 
  • Wide partner network 
  • Schedule delivery 
Pros Cons 
On-time delivery Available in a few areas 
Large product selection Charges a fee on every delivery 
Flexible delivery options 
Free shipping and discounts on orders above a certain price 
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Convenience is essential for people. Grocery delivery app development has made shopping for everyday things much easier. Now, people use their mobile phones to quickly pick out the groceries they want. Therefore, creating an app for your grocery business is the best way to attract and retain more customers.  

If you have a grocery, food, and beverage delivery business, and you want to build an all-in-one delivery app for this, consult Enatega. We can help you to turn your grocery delivery business into an app that will help in boosting your business. We have experience in helping clients build clone apps like UberEats alternative, Foodpanda clone, and more that boost their business revenue.

So, why wait? Book a free demo with us, discuss your requirements, and get success in the grocery delivery business.

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