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Configuration Google Maps API Keys

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Enatega Multivendor | Configuring Google Maps API Key


  • Log in with your Google Account or establish an account at https://console.cloud.google.com.
  • On the Google Cloud Console, create a project.
  • Activate the aforementioned APIs in your project:
  1. Geoencoding API
  2. Maps Javascript API
  3. Places API
  4. Maps Elevation API
  5. Maps Static API
  6. GeoLocation API
  7. Distance Matrix API
  8. Maps SDK for Android
  9. Maps SDK for iOS
  • The Google Billing account also has to be set up.
  • Go to API & Services > Credentials from the left menu and select “Create Credentials.”
  • Create a key called HTTP Key, and then add your website URL as follows under the website restrictions tab.

If your website is my-domain.com add these: https://my-domain.com/*and https://www.my-domain.com/*
Make sure you addasterisk (*) at the end of the URL.

  • Create another key named IP Key and under the IP Addresses section paste your website/server IP address.

Very Important

The IP address of your website might not always be sufficient to configure the IP limited key in a shared hosting environment. A pop-up notification will appear as a result, looking somewhat like this:
Geocoding failed because `This IP, site or mobile application is not authorized to use this API Key. Request received from IP address *.*.*.* with empty referer.
The *.*.*.* is your server’s IP address which needs to be set on the IP Restricted key. Go back to the Google Cloud Console and set this IP Address provided on the popup.

  • Modifications should be made to all modules that require GOOGLE_MAPS_KEY or googleMapsAPIkey, and all modifications should be saved.
  • It takes Google APIs 5 to 10 minutes to update your website.

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