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High-Level Architecture

How everything comes together

The high-level architecture of the Enatega platform is designed for seamless interaction between various components.

Our High-Level Architecture at a glance

The user’s mobile application provides access to both the API Server and the Amplitudes analytics dashboard. Meanwhile, the web dashboard exclusively communicates with the API Server. The platform features dedicated apps for different stakeholders: the Rider App and the Restaurant App, both of which interface directly with the API Server.

Additionally, a comprehensive error reporting mechanism is in place, with the Customer App, Restaurant App, Rider App, Web Customer App, and the API Server itself all configured to report issues to Sentry, ensuring robust monitoring and quick resolution of any problems.

✅ Vendors create accounts and register restaurants on the system using the Admin Dashboard. They can manage orders, menus, and profiles.

✅ Customers use the mobile/web app to browse restaurant menus, place food orders, and track delivery status.

✅ Restaurants receive and prepare orders made through the platform. They can view orders and update statuses.

✅ Riders are notified of new delivery requests. They can pickup food from restaurants and drop off to customers, updating statuses through the rider app.

✅ The API acts as the backend, facilitating communication between all parties and storing/retrieving data in the MongoDB database.

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