Getting Started

How to setup Rider App


Note: Ensure you have Node.js installed on your computer to launch the module.

  • After installing Node.js:
    • Open the Enatega MultiVendor code in a code editor.
    • To run the enatega-multivendor-rider, open it in the integrated terminal by:
      • Right-clicking on the enatega-multivendor-rider folder and selecting “Open in Integrated Terminal”
      • Or by using the following command in the terminal:
     cd <Project directory>

For example:

     cd enatega-multivendor-rider
  • To test the Rider App(you don’t have own server url) and check the look and feel, no changes are needed.
  • To run the Rider App against your own server URL:
    • Go to the environment.js file
    • Replace the following in environment.js:
  • After completing all the configurations, it’s time to run the Rider App.
  • To run the Enatega Rider App, open the terminal and run the following commands:
     npm install (or yarn install)
     npm start

When you run the commands, you have two options to run your app:

  1. Development build
  2. Using Expo Go

To run the app using Expo Go:

  1. If you are in development build,Press S to switch to Expo Go from the development build.
  2. You can either:
    • Use the Expo Go app to scan the QR code to run the app.
    • Use an iOS or Android simulator to run the app.
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