Getting Started

Customer app user guide

How to add new Screen

  • Create a new folder, say NewScreen and place in under `/src/screens/.
  • Create a new file NewScreen.js,whitin this folder.
  • Name the class same as that of folder name. class NewScreen extends React.Component { . . . . . . }

How to add new Stylesheet

Create a new file styles.js, place it under /src/screens/NewScreenimport newly created StyleSheet into the Component. import styles from './styles'; class NewScreen extends React.Component { . . . . . . }


Theming Your App

Making changes in the app that you want is much simpler. It’s designed in a way to handle changes and to make the whole process easier.

  • The theme has a separate file inclusive of colour schemes for the whole app.
  • The theme allows you to change name, logo and splash screen of the app
  • The theme has separate screens so making changes in one screen would not effect other screen

Change App Colors

To customize the color scheme for the app you need to make changes in one file only src/utils/colors.js set the colours that you require in this file it should reflect throughout the app.

Change Icon and Splash image

  • Expo With Expo changing the app icon is much easier. You need to replace the icon inside assets/icons.png similarly if you want to change the splash screen you need to replace the image in assets/splash.png with your own image.

Rename App

  • Expo Renaming app name is pretty straight forward just replace the name attribute inside package.json

Changing the URL name for publishing with Expo

To change the App name for the Expo url, you just need to rename the slug attribute in app.json file.

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