Best Restaurant Ordering Apps for Online Food Delivery

Best Restaurant Ordering Apps

Key Takeaways 

  • Popularity of Food Delivery Apps: Food delivery apps have gained significant popularity, especially post-COVID-19, making them a valuable investment for restaurant owners.
  • Top Restaurant Ordering Apps: The best restaurant ordering apps include Enatega, UberEats, Grubhub, DoorDash, Delivery.com, ChowNow, Postmates, Zomato, Swiggy, and Caviar. Each app is highlighted with its key features.
  • Benefits for Restaurants: Online ordering systems offer numerous benefits such as quicker order processing, better order management, menu flexibility, order tracking, increased revenue, real-time analytics, and improved customer loyalty.
  • Selection Tips: The blog provides tips for selecting the best restaurant ordering apps.

It is not a lie that food delivery apps are popular and are the most successful business these days. The popularity of the food apps has raised the bar for many businesses. Restaurant chains and on-demand food delivery services are both expanding these days quickly. So, business owners should invest in restaurant ordering apps when they want to start their restaurants or any other food business. 

Restaurant ordering apps are the latest trend after COVID-19, and many prefer online ordering. With the help of these apps, customers and restaurants can save time and effort. 

Moreover, the mobile app for restaurant ordering offers restaurant owners online ordering and delivery tools to control their growth and success. 

Numerous restaurant ordering apps are available online, but some people are confused about picking the right one. Therefore, for your help, we have compiled a great list that help you make the right decision to fulfill your taste desires.   

What Is The Best Online Ordering System For Restaurants?

The best restaurant ordering apps mentioned below are high-quality, and many users prefer them for online food ordering; you can pick any of them according to your needs. 

So, take a look at them.

1. Enatega


Enatega is the best restaurant ordering app many people use for food ordering. Enatega’s food ordering process is simple, and the order is placed within a few minutes. Order food and beverages from your favorite stores, breweries, and restaurants.

Whether running a ghost kitchen, restaurant, pizzeria, burger shop, bar, or starting a new food delivery business, this online food delivery management software fits all your needs. 

The main reason for using Enatega is to create your food delivery app easily and customize it according to your needs.  

There are 1000+ downloads of the Enatega app on Playstore. You can also download it for free and use it without any hassle.  

Below are some features that make the Enatega app stand out and the most liked app for users. 

  • Order tracking
  • Order history
  • Provide reviews and ratings to restaurants and riders
  • Chat with riders 
  • Alerts and notifications for deals, discounts, and promotions
  • A large variety of restaurants are available on the app 
  • Multiple payment options
  • Easy signup process

2. UberEats


UberEats is the most well-known food delivery app in the USA. Thousands of people worldwide use it to order food from various restaurants. UberEats is a subsidiary of Uber that provides several rewards and discounts to customers to maintain their user base, similar to Uber.  

The UberEats provide top-notch services to its customers, which include:

  • Group ordering makes it easy for friends and colleagues to split the bill.
  • Schedule deliveries
  • Re-ordering option
  • Real-time order monitoring
  • Accept cashless transactions 
  • The app is available on iOS and Android

Do you want to create an UberEats clone app? Book a free demo with us and discuss it with them in detail.  

3. Grubhub


Grubhub is a popular online food ordering platform established in Chicago. It is the oldest food delivery app. As per the last statistics mentioned on Wikipedia, Grubhub has over 19.9 million active users. Also, the app coordinates with 100000 restaurants to offer its users a wide variety.

Moreover, Grubhub is a free-to-download app compatible with Android and iOS devices. With a Grubhub app, the users can order food up to 4 days in advance.  

The main highlights of the Grubhub are:

  • Several payment options are available
  • Delivery tracking
  • Gift Cards
  • alerts/notifications
  • Wide range of restaurant selections

4. DoorDash


DoorDash is another promising food and beverage delivery service that collaborates with USA, Australian, and Canadian restaurants. Customers also choose the option of pickup orders directly from DoorDash.  

It is the best app for ordering food online and delivering it to your doorstep when you have no time or mood for cooking. This online food ordering app for restaurants covers 50 US cities.

The main features of DoorDash are:

  • Track delivery
  • Allows multiple delivery options
  • Searching restaurant
  • Timely deliveries
  • Serve high-quality food

5. Delivery.com


Delivery.com is an affordable food delivery app that provides a seamless experience to customers. This platform can help you search for retailers and shops based on location.    

In addition, it has more than 3 million active users who use the app for food ordering. The app is free to use and download without any subscription cost. 

Delivery.com helps restaurants manage their menus, online orders and generate quotes or invoices. 

The main features that make Delivery.com unique include:

  • Loyalty program
  • Online ordering
  • Order management
  • Order tracking
  • Supports in Android and iOS devices

6. ChowNow


ChowNow is the best food ordering platform that does not charge any commission on ordering food with extra fees. It is an easy-to-use application, and customers can easily place orders by browsing several restaurants. 

Moreover, on ChowNow, several local eateries are available and provide a unique mobile ordering experience.     

The main features of the ChowNow that attract customers are:

  • Delivery tracking
  • Order management
  • Focuses on regional restaurants
  • Available around the US
  • Customized food menus

7. Postmates


Postmates is a food delivery app that is similar to UberEats and Grubhub. Customers can order food and groceries through Postmates. It is a San Francisco-based company that provides discounts and rewards on online food delivery.   

The top features of Postmates that set them apart from their competitors are:

  • Offer discounts
  • Delivery is available 24/7
  • Provides several items
  • Tracking of orders
  • Food and groceries are delivered on time 

8. Zomato 


No matter what you want to eat, Zomato is the app you need to find places nearby or get the fastest delivery right to your door. It gives potential customers access to a list of restaurants to find nearby places to eat. Customers can read reviews, look at pictures, and browse the menu to place an online food order. 

Zomato is the best restaurant ordering system app that is famous for these features:

  • Filter search
  • Vast choices of restaurants
  • Payment options
  • Table reservation
  • Restaurant profile 

9. Swiggy


Swiggy is an online food ordering app for restaurants that provides customers with the fastest food delivery service. By using the Swiggy app, restaurants may get more customer orders with smooth operations.

The Swiggy is the best app among users with these features:

  • Easy payment
  • Search
  • Ratings
  • Push notifications
  • Easy navigation
  • Explore restaurants
  • GPS tracking 

10. Caviar


Caviar is a super fast mobile app for restaurant ordering. It gained popularity due to its timely order delivery in less than 30 minutes at affordable prices. 

The Caviar app’s primary goal is to provide food from the best restaurants in the area. When someone signs up for the service, they can see a massive difference in the overall cost of food orders. 

Further, restaurants that want to partner with Caviar must also partner with DoorDash, and the prices are the same for both. 

The Caviar app contains the following features:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Order adjustment
  • Restaurant selection
  • Discounts and special offers
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Multiple payment options

Comparison of Different Online Ordering Systems

App/PlatformOrder TrackingPayment OptionsDelivery TimeLoyalty ProgramMenu CustomizationUser Reviews

Benefits of an Online Ordering System for Restaurants 

Below are some benefits that show why restaurants need an online ordering system.  

Benefits of an Online Ordering System for Restaurants 

Orders Processed Quickly 

With the help of an online ordering platform, restaurants can speed up the ordering process. It will improve the entire flow of the restaurant and keep customers happy. Customers do not need to wait in line or on the phone to place an order.

Easily Manage More Orders

With an online system, restaurants can more easily handle a higher volume of orders with less staff, especially during peak times. The automated system can keep track of all incoming orders.

Moreover, using the online ordering platform can free up staff members to do other tasks such as cleaning and preparing the food. It improves the overall efficiency of the restaurant.  

Menu Flexibility

It is a huge benefit for restaurants because it can help to save time and money. Online ordering makes it easy for restaurants to update their menus online without reprinting new menus. Restaurants can easily offer deals and discounts online and attract and retain customers. 

Moreover, online ordering allows restaurants to change their menu without having to print the whole thing again, which makes it simple to find out what customers like.

Order Tracking

It is a massive benefit for both restaurants and customers.  Order tracking can be used by the restaurant business to make sure everything is operating as it should. It also avoids delays and helps to keep everything organized. 

Also, customers can easily track the status of their orders through the online system, from the time it’s placed to when it’s ready for pickup or delivery. 

Drive More Revenue 

70% of customers prefer ordering food online and want it delivered. Online ordering can drive incremental revenue by making it more convenient for customers to order, leading to higher order volumes and order sizes. 

Gain Real-Time Analytics 

The online ordering app provides restaurants with valuable real-time data and analytics on customer ordering behavior, popular menu items, peak ordering times, and more. Using this information, restaurants can make informed decisions for their business. 

Improve Customer Loyalty 

A seamless online ordering experience can boost customer satisfaction and encourage repeat business, helping to build long-term customer loyalty. When customers have a positive experience, they are more likely to return and place more orders. 

Tips for Selecting the Best Restaurant Ordering Apps

Below are some tips to help you select the best restaurant ordering apps.

User-Friendly Interface: Always opt for systems with intuitive and user-friendly interfaces. The app is well-designed, easy to browse menus, customize orders, and navigate various options without hassle. Also, the app should be compatible and responsive with different devices. 

Customization: It is crucial to ensure that the best restaurant ordering apps provide the option of customization. For example, you can customize your menu according to your dietary preferences.  

Payment Methods: It is an essential element that can always be remembered. Always use the restaurant ordering system app that provides various payment methods for secure transactions. 

Selection of Restaurants: Choose an app that provides a broad and diverse range of restaurants. It ensures you can explore different cuisines and cater to your preferences.

Ratings and Feedback: The reviews and ratings help you understand the service, quality, food, and overall customer satisfaction. These things will help you make an informed decision. 

Discounts and Promotions: Always look for apps that offer promotions, discounts, and loyalty programs. It helps you save money and make your dining experience more cost-effective.

Additional Services: Some open-source food delivery apps have not only delivered food but also offered additional services like beverages, groceries, home essentials, and more. Consider those apps that provide a broader range of options.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is the best app to order food?

Enatega is the best app for ordering food online from restaurants, cafes, bars, and coffee shops. Download the app now and order food from your favorite restaurant.

  1. Why is ordering food online better? 

Ordering food online helps you to order from anywhere when you want. It also helps when you don’t have time or mood for cooking, so order online and get what you want.  

3. What are the top 3 food delivery apps?

The top 3 food delivery apps are:

  • Grubhub
  • UberEats
  • DoorDash

4. What’s better, DoorDash or Grubhub?

DoorDash and Grubhub both have their strengths and weaknesses. DoorDash may offer a wider selection of restaurants in some areas, while Grubhub can provide more reliable and transparent pricing. Also, DoorDash is cheaper than Grubhub. 

5. What is the number one POS system for restaurants?

Toast is the number one POS system for restaurants. It is easy to set up and provide 24/7 customer support to its customers.


Now, you get a list of the best restaurant ordering apps that you can use to place orders online from anywhere. These apps benefit customers and restaurants. Therefore, it’s an excellent time for food business owners to enter the booming market for food delivery apps.

If you want to create an app like the ones mentioned above, book a free demo with us, discuss your requirements, and get the top-notch app.

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