Multi Vendor App: Features, Cost, and Benefits

Multi Vendor App

Online food delivery is one of the most famous businesses today. It transformed the food industry, and with each passing year, restaurants can use online ordering platforms like multi vendor app to streamline their operations and benefit customers. 

More than 50% of customers in the USA prefer to order food at home every week. Due to the convenience of the food ordering platform, they become an integral part of our daily lives. 

In addition, food ordering systems have different types: single-vendor food ordering systems, multi-vendor food ordering systems, and other food solutions. However, most restaurant owners prefer the multi-vendor ordering platform.

With the multi vendor food delivery app, restaurant owners can promote their business like UberEats, Grubhub, Postmates, and DoorDash and attract more customers. Also, multi restaurant online ordering system eases the food ordering process for customers and creates more sales opportunities.

Need to know more about the multi vendor food ordering system? This blog will discuss all the information about a multi vendor app, its benefits, features, and costs.  

What is a Multi Vendor App?

The multi vendor marketplace app is a food delivery app that allows business owners to bring their restaurants under a single platform where multiple restaurants are in place. 

The primary objective of the multi vendor app is to:

  • Provide customers with a wide variety of food options.
  • Help businesses to manage their activities.
  • Help businesses expand their reach and sales.
  • Connect multiple restaurants with customers.

Moreover, the multi restaurant delivery software lets vendors manage their products and provide an enriched user experience. It is an excellent concept for startups and enterprises looking for investments in digital platforms.

Multi Vendor App Architecture

The Enatega multi vendor app architecture is not complex or challenging. For a better understanding, here is an architecture that helps you understand the app. 

  • The user’s mobile app can reach the API Server and the Amplitudes analytics dashboard. 
  • The web dashboard only interacts with the API Server.
  • Rider app and restaurant app communicate with the API Server.
  • Sentry receives error submissions from the customer, restaurant, rider, and web customer apps and API servers. 

Multi Vendor App Installation

How to make a multi vendor marketplace mobile app? 

The installation of the multi restaurant delivery software requires some prerequisites that are mentioned below.

Installed Software: First, download the latest or stable version of Node and NPM.  

Set up Locally: For the customer, restaurant, and rider app, download or clone the source code from GitHub. Similarly, download the code from GitHub for the admin dashboard and web app.  

Backend API: For the backend and API access, you require a license that must be purchased. 

Deployment: For deployment, you can check the entire procedure on the multi vendor installation section, or our team will help you set up the entire app.  

Features of Multi Vendor App

Below are the main features of Enatega’s multi vendor app.

For Customer App

Features Description
Reviews and RatingsThe customers can give ratings and reviews to restaurants and riders according to their experience. 
Push NotificationCustomers get notifications for new deals, discounts, and promotions. 
Order Tracking The customers can track their orders and know their status. 
Multi-language The multi vendor marketplace app is available in different languages, and the customer changes it according to their needs.
Previous Order History:Check the previous order history that helped them order from their favorite restaurant again.  
Add Favorite RestaurantCustomers add their favorite restaurants to their list. 
Different Delivery OptionsOffer different delivery options to customers, such as takeaway, curbside pickup, etc. 
Add Variations to Food Items Provide options to add different variations of food items and add notes to the restaurant. 

For Restaurant App

Change Restaurant StatusIt is one of the best features of the multi restaurant ordering system. Restaurants can change their status online and offline.  
NotificationsRestaurants can get alerts and notifications for new orders and when the order is delivered to the customer. 
Print InvoiceFrom the best multi vendor marketplace platform, restaurants can print invoices and efficiently manage their financial transactions. 
Order Tracking The order tracking feature helps you to keep track of all orders. 
Check Order Details Check order details with customer information. 

For Rider App

Features Description
Map Integration The food delivery rider app helps riders show the deliverer’s address and the possible short routes. 
Real-Time ChatIt allows the rider to communicate directly with customers in real-time. 
Change the StatusThe riders can change the status online/offline. 
History of all OrdersOn the delivery rider app, the riders can check the history of all orders and see which orders they successfully delivered. 
Online Delivery FeesThe riders can withdraw money from their wallet on the multi restaurant food ordering and management system. Also, they check the wallet history.  
Get Alerts The riders get alerts for new orders or any restaurant message.  

For Admin Panel

Restaurant Management The multi restaurant food ordering and management system helps restaurants manage the complete processes from the admin dashboard, such as menu management, online orders, reviews, and more.
Manage Riders The admin dashboard allows to define zones for riders and manage withdrawal requests from riders and commission rates. 
Reporting and AnalyticsThe admin dashboard manages all payments, including discount coupons, deals, and promotions. 
Manage Payments All payments, including discount coupons, deals, and promotions, are managed by the admin dashboard. 

Benefits of Multi Vendor App

The multi restaurant delivery software provides various benefits to customers and restaurants. With a multi restaurant delivery software, food ordering businesses can profit greatly. 

Below are the main benefits of choosing a ready-made multi vendor food ordering system.

Benefits of Multi Vendor App

Less Expensive 

The multi vendor marketplace apps are less expensive than the custom built-in solution. Using Enatega’s multi-vendor food ordering system, online marketplaces can grow revenue and expand faster while reducing manual processes.

Delivery Management

Restaurant owners can use the best multi vendor marketplace platform to manage all the deliveries automatically—no need to hire additional staff to manage all the operations. Plus, this food delivery app open source is customizable to suit your restaurant’s unique needs.  

Seamlessly Manage Payments

With a multi restaurant food ordering and management system, seamlessly manage payments without errors. You can keep track of all the payments easily and save a lot of time. 

Order Management

Provide various order management methods that save time and resources with automated notifications. With a multi restaurant delivery software, restaurants can deliver all the orders on time and without delay.

Real-Time Order Tracking

With real-time order tracking, customers and restaurants get live updates from order preparation to delivery. It keeps the entire process simplified and organized. 

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Multi Vendor Marketplace?

Determine the cost of multi vendor marketplace app builder is essential, and it depends on these factors:

  • Complexity
  • App features
  • Technologies
  • Estimated time 
  • Platforms, and more 

However, a readymade multi restaurant delivery software costs relatively less than customized multi-vendor marketplace app development USA. 

We provide readymade and customized food delivery app solutions to our clients worldwide according to their business needs. Our pricing model is flexible, and you can schedule an online business call with our sales team or book a free demo to learn more about our products. 

What Will You Get in The Enatega Multi Vendor App?

The items included in the Enatega multi vendor app are listed below. 

  • Multi Vendor Mobile App (iOS and Android)
  • Multi Vendor Web App
  • Multivendor Restaurant App (iOS and Android)
  • Multivendor Rider App (iOS and Android)
  • Admin Web Dashboard
  • Analytics Dashboard with Expo Amplitude
  • Application program interface server
  • Error reporting that is Sentry

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best multi vendor marketplace?

Enatega is the best multi vendor marketplace platform for your food delivery business. The user-friendly platform offers excellent features to manage your online business easily.

  1. How much is a multi vendor app?

The multi-vendor app costs between $10,000 to $80,000. However, it is not a fixed cost. It varies and depends on features, functionality, and app complexity. 

  1. What is an example of a multi vendor website?

Below are examples of multi-vendor websites.

  • Amazon
  • Ebay
  • UberEats
  • AliExpress
  1. What is the difference between a single vendor and multi-vendor?

The main difference between a single and multi vendor app is that:

  • Single vendor is a platform for one specific business.  
  • A multi-vendor is a platform where multiple businesses sell their services.    


You know everything about a multi vendor app, from its features to cost. So, if you want an app for your food delivery business, consult the best food delivery app development company, Enatega.   

  Simply tell us your requirements and get the best app that suits your needs.

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