Key Functions of a Food Delivery Service You Must Include

Key Functions of a Food Delivery Service

What are the key functions of a food delivery service? Suppose you are a restaurant owner and want to provide the best services to your customers then you should know about it. 

Creating a food delivery app is crucial in the fast-paced world, and providing top-notch features to customers will help you differentiate from your competitors. To compete with big food delivery apps like Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Zomato can take much work. That is why knowing what makes a great food delivery app is essential.

In this blog, we will list the top essential key functions of a food delivery service that you must include to make your app successful. Whether you’re a newbie or looking to enhance your existing app, these features will help you create an app that is not only user-friendly but also helps to attract new customers. 

Key Functions of a Food Delivery Service for Customers 

When start creating the food delivery app, you must be aware of some important features. The user-specific and unique features help to make your food service app more useful. Users can quickly search for their favorite food, get deals, and get food delivered from a local restaurant. 

Below are some key features you should incorporate into your food ordering and delivery platform.

Key Functions of a Food Delivery Service for customers

Profile Creation and Registration 

Registration is the first step that customers interact with the app. Make the registration process simple, because users do not have time to fill out the lengthy forms for account creation. You can also allow users to register on the food app via social media accounts. Users can also customize their profile according to their preferences.  

Ratings and Reviews

Customers love to read and give reviews. The food delivery service allows customers to rate the food and delivery service based on their experience. This feature helps other customers make better decisions who want to place an order from the same place.  

Moreover, this feature helps restaurants to know the customers better and improve their services according to the customer’s feedback. 

Variety of Food Options

Provide a wide range of food options to customers they didn’t find in the traditional setup. This is the best feature that makes customers happy and satisfied. Customers get many restaurant options to choose from. If they’re craving Japanese, Italian, American, or any type of food they can simply use the food ordering app to order the food they want.

For food business owners, it is also advantageous because it provides them visibility and exposure. 

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Food Searching 

This feature is the unique highlight of the online food delivery software. Organizing the food options into specific categories allows your customers to find quickly what they are looking for. 

The users can easily get what they want using the search filters. With this feature, users can search for food according to their preferences, location, distance, and ratings. This makes it easy for the user to find the desired dishes.

Review Restaurant Profile 

The right food delivery solution allows users to see the restaurant address, opening hours, menu, and pricing. This feature helps to make the ordering process seamless, so remember to add this feature to your food applications.

Multiple Payment Methods

Want to attract more customers, then you should add multiple payment options such as cash on delivery, credit/debit cards, digital wallets, etc. Make sure the online payment methods are secure and encrypted with the latest technology. Moreover, the payment processing options are faster and all the transactions can be completed more efficiently.  

Online Order Tracking

The online ordering tracking feature of food ordering apps is a great feature for users to track orders in real-time. From order placement to until it is delivered, customers know the progress of their order. Users can get a correct estimated delivery time of their order which reduces the stress of waiting for the delivery.

Order History

On the food delivery application, users can see their previous orders. This option also reminds people what they ordered last, which is a way to save time, something most customers want from a delivery app.

It is convenient for them to place a similar order again and eliminate the process of searching the dishes and restaurants.

In-App Chat

Customers will contact the delivery person and restaurant for any queries and to keep a check on their order. Through this feature, customers can easily give instructions to the delivery person and reduce miscommunication. 

Further, this feature enables app users to address any issues and inquiries directly with the app support, leading to more efficient order delivery. 

Key Functions of a Food Delivery Service for Restaurants 

If you are a restaurant owner, you know that numerous food delivery services are staying ahead of the competition because of using online ordering platforms with great features.  

Here are some great features that should be added to your online food delivery management software.  

Key Functions of a Food Delivery Service for restaurants

Push Notifications

Make sure to add a notification system to your food delivery system. This feature of online food ordering platforms plays an important role in customer retention and winning brand loyalty. 

Food businesses can create visibility and easily connect with their customers. With this feature, restaurants can give special deals, discounts, promo codes, loyalty programs, offers, etc to their users. Sending push notifications will entice users and you can improve your sales.

Order Notification 

The best food ordering app for restaurants notifies the restaurant when a new order is placed by the customer. It helps the restaurants to quickly prepare the meal and deliver the order on time. 

Update Restaurant Information

Restaurants can update their information like menu, address, introduction, and pricing on the app. By doing so, they can easily inform their customers about any changes in their menu items, introduce new dishes, and adjust pricing as needed.

With this feature, customers can view the latest menu items and prices directly on their smartphones. It makes it convenient for users to explore the restaurant’s offerings. 

Order History

Restaurants can check how many orders they deliver to customers and pending deliveries. It is a great way to track all the orders and not miss any order delivery on the restaurant food ordering system.   

Moreover, restaurants can reduce errors in order processing. They can monitor the status of each order, check the items included, and ensure that all customer requests are fulfilled accurately.

Change Restaurant Status

It is another key function of a food delivery platform. Restaurants can change the status to online or offline according to their availability.  

By providing the option to switch their status, restaurants can effectively manage their availability and ensure that they are only receiving orders when they are prepared to fulfill them. This is particularly useful during busy periods or when the restaurant has reached its capacity to handle orders.

Complete Order Details

Restaurants can view the customer’s complete order details like name, address, phone number order information, and more. With this feature of the app for online food orders, they can complete the order without any mistakes that normally occur when they take orders manually. 

Key Functions of a Food Delivery Service for Riders

The rider delivery app is another important part of the on-demand food delivery app development solution. Make sure you add features that are suitable for your food delivery service. 

Here are some key functions of a food delivery service for riders.

Key features of a food delivery app for riders


The registration process for the riders should be straightforward. Only get the required information from them. No need to get unnecessary documents from riders, it makes the process complex. 

Google Map Integration

For the rider, it is crucial to find an accurate delivery location. Google Map integration plays an important role in the food rider app. The rider can deliver the order to the correct location at the right time with the help of this feature.

Payment Handling

Keeping records of all payments is important. This feature allows the riders to receive and manage their payments on the rider delivery app. Riders can easily check how much money they have in their wallet and withdraw money.

Delivery History

Riders can check out their delivery history and payments online from the app. They can also check all the payment information and previous deliveries. This feature enhances transparency and the rider knows how many orders they deliver.

In-App Chat

Riders can communicate with customers if they face any difficulty in finding the location. Sometimes, customers may provide incomplete or unclear address information. In such cases, the rider can contact the customer to request additional details or seek clarification on the directions. 

This feature reduces miscommunication and unnecessary delays, and the riders easily deliver the order to the customer’s doorstep.  

Online/Offline Status

The riders can change their status online and offline according to their availability. This feature provides flexibility for riders to indicate their availability for accepting order requests or deliveries.

When a rider sets their status as “online,” it means they are available and ready to accept order requests. On the other hand when a rider sets their status as “offline,” it means they are currently unavailable or not actively looking to accept new requests. 

Key Functions of a Food Delivery Service for Admin Dashboard

The admin plays a vital role in keeping the entire food delivery service working efficiently. The following are the features of the admin dashboard.


The admin creates an account and their process will be the same as all three kinds of apps. Only they need to provide the basic information. After they register, the admin can start managing the entire process.

Complete Management  

The admin manages all the restaurant operations like menu management, order management, payments, replies to reviews, rider management, sending notifications to users, and more from the single dashboard. 

Content Management

From the admin dashboard, the admin can manage their information like address, business name, working hours, menu, etc. This feature allows customers to know everything is up to date-and accurate.

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The food delivery business has a strong growth curve. The key functions of a food delivery service help you to provide a better experience to customers, restaurants, and riders. They offer various privileges and help you to boost your business sales and revenue. So, use a food delivery app, make your business smarter, and grow your business for the future.   

We recommend trying out the Enatega food ordering and management platform for your restaurant business. It’s cheap, it’s reliable, and works like a charm to help you manage your business operations. 

So, book a free demo today and see how Enatega will be helpful for your business.

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