What are the limitations of Online Ordering System?

limitations of online ordering system

It is no doubt that online ordering systems have transformed the food industry. With a restaurant’s online ordering software, businesses can manage their tasks without hassle. Therefore, choosing the right food delivery management software for your business needs is essential. It comes with some disadvantages that should be considered before deciding. Therefore, it is important to know the limitations of online ordering system.

However, it also provides several benefits to restaurants and customers. Online food ordering systems have become necessary for restaurants that want to succeed in the food delivery market. 

It is a great tool that helps you manage your inventory, and online orders and automate the entire process. Also, it saves time and increases efficiency.  

According to the Statista report, the revenue from online ordering systems is expected to grow 9.3% annually and reach 96,864M USD by 2024. A recent NRA report shows that 74-55% of millennials prefer ordering online. 

So, in this blog, we’ll discuss both the advantages and limitations of online ordering system that help you make an informed decision. 

Advantages of Online Food Ordering System

The online food ordering system is very beneficial for both the customer and as well as the restaurant. Before we discuss its disadvantages, we will highlight some of the advantages of the restaurant order system

Advantages of Online Food Ordering System

Promote Your Brand

An online ordering system allows restaurants to create customer loyalty programs that help them to retain customers. Your customers can share and talk about your food ordering platform on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It can increase your brand awareness.

Fewer Chances of Errors

Customers benefit greatly from an online food ordering system because of its accurate prices and reduced chances of error when paying the bill. Customers are required to choose an item from the menu at the correct pricing and make sure that they always pay the correct amount.

Increased Efficiency

Online food ordering systems can help increase the efficiency of restaurant operations. Customers can easily place orders online, and you can reduce your staff’s workload and free them to focus on other tasks.    

Increase Sales

Online ordering systems for restaurants can help increase your restaurant sales. The more customers place orders online, the more revenue you get. Plus, customers who order online tend to spend more on their orders than those who call in person.

Improve Customer Experience

Online ordering systems for restaurants improve customer experience at your restaurant. By allowing customers to order food online, you can reduce wait times and make ordering more convenient. Plus, customers can customize their orders according to their needs, which can help reduce confusion and errors.

Better Data Insights

Online ordering systems for businesses can provide valuable data insights to help you make an informed business decision. You can track sales and customer behavior to identify where you lack and make your marketing strategy according to it.  

Explore New Places

It is one of the main advantages of the restaurant management system for customers. Customers get a chance to explore different places from online food delivery systems. Therefore, you will get the option to order food from multiple restaurants.

Gain More Customers

The online food delivery business helps restaurants to reach a larger market and gain more customers. Joining online food delivery platforms exposes restaurants to a vast marketplace that extends well beyond their immediate vicinity. Customers actively using these platforms for their dining needs encounter diverse restaurant options, providing exposure to a broader demographic.

100% Customizable 

Food ordering platforms are highly customizable, so restaurant owners can easily modify their brand colors, logos, or other features that make their business unique. Also, if you want to delete or add an item to the menu, you must sign in and make your changes, and it’s done. 


Online ordering platforms provide flexibility to restaurants and customers. With the help of online ordering systems, restaurants can easily receive orders even if the customers cannot go to the restaurant to place an order. 

By implementing an online delivery system, restaurants can maintain a regular revenue stream during the disturbing times when most businesses are down. Most restaurants have consistently seen a decline in overall sales, even when it has been stormy and hot outside. 

Customers can now enjoy eating in the comfort of their own homes and enjoying food from their favorite restaurants due to online ordering and delivery services. This will help maintain your restaurant’s sales even when it appears to be closed, particularly in these harsh weather circumstances or during such gloomy periods as the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the online delivery system, orders will continue to come in for the restaurant.

Limitations of Online Ordering System

Whether looking for an online food ordering system or transitioning from one to another, you should pay attention to its disadvantages that can significantly impact your business.  

Look at the below and know the disadvantages of the online ordering system.

Limitations of Online Ordering System

High Set Up Costs

Cost is the main factor when choosing an online food ordering system. Its initial set-up cost is high, depending on the implementation and complexity. If businesses can opt for custom-built solutions, it often involves higher development costs. 


If you use the restaurant operating system for the first time, your team needs training before they use it to perform their tasks efficiently. Without training, staff members may make mistakes because they are ill-informed about the system’s functionality or fail to complete tasks in the fastest possible way.

However, some providers provide ongoing support, guides, and training, so pick the one that provides this feature.   

Compromise with the Food Quality 

It is another one of the main limitations of online ordering system that customers face. Unlike dining at a restaurant, the food is delivered in plastic bags. Sometimes, the food is delivered cold if the restaurant location is far from your delivery location. 

In addition, the vitamins in the food are also lost when it arrives at your address. Even minor heat drop can negatively impact their enjoyment of the meal. 

More Work to Implement

Integrating an online ordering system requires dedication and effort to align the digital platform with existing business operations. This includes integrating the system with POS systems, inventory management, and other relevant components. A thorough understanding of the business’s current processes is essential to ensure a seamless transition.

Not Always Cheaper than Eating Out

Ordering food online from ordering platforms is not always cheaper. Some restaurants will charge delivery and convenience fees to the customer’s order. Therefore, if you want to save money, eating out is better than online ordering.      

Delayed Delivery

The main limitations of online ordering system is delayed delivery. Online food deliveries are sometimes delayed due to several factors, such as traffic, a busy day in the kitchen, and vehicular issues. With late deliveries, restaurants can lose reputation and customers.  

As you can see, using a food delivery system has advantages and disadvantages. Before deciding whether or not to use one, be sure to consider their pros and cons carefully.  

How Does Online Ordering Work?

Before developing the online food ordering solution, you must understand how it works. The working of the online ordering process is simple. 

Here is a step-by-step process for you to understand it in detail.

  • Customers download the mobile app to place food orders from restaurants.  
  • Customers browse the menu and select the items.
  • After selecting the items, add items to the cart and pay with the available methods.
  • The order details are sent to the restaurant, and they start working on it.
  • When the order is ready, the rider receives the notification.
  • The rider delivers the order to the deliverer. 

How Do You Build an Online Food Ordering System?

Online food ordering systems can significantly increase revenue and customer satisfaction. However, how do you create an online ordering system? It is the question in the minds of food business owners, but worry not. 

Below, we will explore the simple steps to build your food ordering system to allow customers to place orders online and help you streamline your operations efficiently.

1. Know Your Objective

Developing your food business platform is crucial to execute successfully your online food delivery business. It is essential to know your objective behind developing the restaurant management system. 

You have to keep these questions in mind that will help define the objectives clearly.

  • Why did you build an online ordering system?
  • What are your goals and objectives to achieve?
  • How do you plan to reach more customers?
  • what are the limitations of online ordering system?
  • Which area of your business needs improvement?
  • What is the result you expect from an online ordering system?

2. Do Market Research

After identifying your objective, start the research phase. In this phase, gather all the information that help you build the best online ordering platform. You should know your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses.  

3. Define Features 

When deciding your objective, define the functionality of the online ordering system. Start brainstorming and think about the functionalities that will give you an edge over your competitors.   

Moreover, the app’s features should align with your objective and attract customer attention. Make sure you add these basic features, such as:

  • Order placement 
  • Order tracking
  • Order customization
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Push notifications
  • Restaurant management 
  • Search filters
  • Loyalty programs
  • Customer support

4. Make a Budget

Make a proper budget for your restaurant’s online ordering software. When you create a budget, keep these few things in mind:

  • Be flexible with your online restaurant budget.
  • Only allocate a little money to the food ordering system.
  • Try to get the essential functionality on a budget.  

5. Select the Food Delivery App Development Company

If you don’t have experience creating an online ordering system, you should hire a company with experience in food delivery and development. Their experience will help in the development of your food delivery project and easily handle any issues that arise during the process.

6. Start Developing an Online Ordering Platform

After you hire the developers, you can get an agreement, and the developers can start working on it. Discuss your idea and requirements with them so they deliver the best product. 


Technology has revolutionized many aspects of life, including how we as humans place online food orders. With online food delivery apps, more customers order food from restaurants far from their location. Most online food ordering also offers grocery delivery. 

Online food ordering systems have many advantages, but you should not ignore the disadvantages if you want to build an online food ordering system for your restaurant.   

Moreover, if you want to develop an online food delivery system like Uber Eats, contact Enatega. We are a leading food delivery app development company with experience creating food ordering apps. We do have the professional expertise to meet your food delivery business requirements.

So, why wait? Book a free demo with us and get your business’s best food delivery solution.

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