Multi Vendor Features and Benefits for Restaurants   

Multi vendor features

A few decades ago, many people preferred ordering food online from their mobile phones anywhere and anytime. The multi-vendor ordering platform is where customers get everything under one roof, from food to groceries.

The multi-vendor ordering platform allows food businesses to manage their orders placed by customers without hassle. With an online food ordering platform, customers can browse the restaurant menu, select the food, and make payments without contacting the restaurant staff. 

“59% of restaurant orders from customers are takeout or delivery.” 

Moreover, online food ordering systems improve food delivery and satisfy customers. Enatega’s multi vendor food ordering system eases the food ordering process for customers and creates more sales opportunities.

Therefore, if you are a restaurant owner and want to improve your business, use Enatega’s multi vendor ordering platform. Our online food delivery management software provides benefits to both restaurants and customers. 

Read on if you need to know more about how Enatega multi vendor food delivery management system benefits customers and restaurants. 

What is Multi Vendor Food Ordering System?

The multi vendor food ordering system is an ordering platform that brings numerous restaurants to a single place. With a multi vendor platform, the restaurants expand their reach and provide more food options to customers. 

The main purpose of the multi vendor food ordering system is to:

  • Help business owners manage their restaurant operations efficiently.
  • Do not buy a separate domain for managing your operations. 
  • Have a system that handles all the tasks.
  • Easily gain more customers. 

Moreover, a multi vendor food ordering system suits restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, cloud kitchens, and those running a food business. Customer retention increases by 67% if the restaurant provides an online food ordering service.  

Check the Enatega multi vendor food delivery solution demo for a better understanding.

Multi Vendor Features 

The multi vendor service marketplace platform is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Enatega’s multi vendor platform provides several features, which include:

Customer App

Account CreationBefore using the app to place an order, customers create an account using their Google, Facebook, or Apple account. 
Browse Restaurants Customers can easily browse restaurants on the app by adding their area.  
Check MenuesCustomers can check the menus of different restaurants  
Track OrdersWith the tracking feature, customers can track orders from the food preparation to the delivery. 
Ratings and ReviewsThe ratings and reviews allow customers to give feedback about their overall experience. 
Check Restaurant InformationThe restaurant information, such as address, phone number, visiting times, etc., is also viewed by customers.
Chat with RiderCustomers can chat with riders and add special instructions if they want. 
Add Favorite Restaurant This multi vendor food delivery app feature allows customers to add their favorite restaurant so they can easily place orders in the future. 
Check Previous Order HistoryCustomers can check their previous order history with just a few clicks. 
Add Notes for Restaurants On a multi restaurant ordering system, customers can add notes for restaurants. For example, they can add special instructions related to their order, like which things are added and which are not.  
Tipping OptionThe multi restaurant delivery software provides the tipping feature. Users can add tips at the time of checkout. This feature improves customer satisfaction and builds a positive image. 

 Restaurant App

Features Description
Alert for Incoming OrdersThe online meal ordering and delivery platform helps restaurants to get alerts for incoming orders. With this feature, restaurants can prepare and deliver the food on time.
Print InvoiceThe multi restaurant online ordering system provides the option to print invoices. It helps them to manage their financial operations without any hassle.
Order HistoryThe food delivery software helps restaurants check their order history, such as which orders are delivered and pending.
Complete Order Details Restaurants have complete customer order information, including their address, phone number, and more.  
Order Receiving UpdatesThe multi vendor open-source platform helps restaurants receive updates on orders.  
Change Restaurant StatusThe restaurant can change its status online or offline. 

Rider App

Features Description
Push NotificationThe rider delivery app’s main feature is the push notifications. They receive updates from the restaurants and customers if required. 
Google Map IntegrationThe rider is responsible for delivering the orders on time. With a Google Map integration, the rider can easily view the customer’s address on the map and navigate to the destination. 
Chat with CustomerThe delivery rider app can include an in-app chat feature that helps riders communicate with customers. 
Order History The food delivery rider app provides the riders with complete order history, such as which orders they successfully delivered.
Change StatusThe rider has the option of changing its status online/offline.
Time LimiterTime limiter for accepting an order and updated time shown for meal preparation time. 

Admin Dashboard

Role-based administrationThe admin dashboard has role-based administration in which the admin can access all features. However, the restaurant only has access to its establishments. 
Restaurant Management The restaurant owners can manage their timings, menus, information, orders, and more from the dashboard. 
Rider ManagementThe admin can define zones for riders so they can quickly deliver their order. 
Tipping Management The multi vendor food delivery app also includes the tipping management feature. It is crucial in shaping a more rewarding and mutually beneficial experience for customers and delivery drivers.

What Are The Benefits of a Multi-Vendor Ordering Platform?

Multi vendor marketplace food ordering apps like Enatega, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates, and Zomato make life as hassle-free as possible. The multi vendor ordering platform provides several benefits to customers and restaurants, which include:

What Are The Benefits of a Multi-Vendor Ordering Platform?
  • Less Management

With a multi vendor food ordering system, you can easily manage all the tasks from one platform—no need to hire multiple people to manage different tasks. 

  • Easily Track Orders

Tracking of orders is easy with a multi vendor marketplace platform. Restaurants and customers get to know where the order is reached, and it eliminates all the confusion.   

  • Wide Variety of Restaurants

On Enatega’s multi vendor food ordering platform, you can get several restaurants under one roof. Customers can easily order food from various restaurants by browsing menus from Chinese to Italian.

  • More Profit and Revenue

Investing in the multi vendor food delivery solution increases profit and revenue. Your expenses are cut down from hiring staff to manage your operations.    

  • Affordable Solution

The multi restaurant food ordering and management system is affordable for expanding your customer base and boosting sales. You will save costs on a lot of things, such as:  

  • Hosting costs
  • Technologies 
  • Staff and more

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the features of a multi-vendor marketplace platform?

The main features of multi vendor marketplace platform are:

  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Customer support
  • Affordable cost
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Advanced search  
  1. What is the difference between a single vendor and a multi-vendor?

The single vendor is the platform designed for a single food business owner. On the other hand, the multi-vendor is where several restaurants are available.   


You know the multi vendor features and their benefits. Therefore, if you need to build your multi vendor food delivery solution, book a demo with us and provide a great impact on your customers.  

Our multi vendor open source ordering platform includes the restaurant, rider, and user app with top features. Also, the team of experts uses the latest food ordering technology, and they know the market trends of multi vendor marketplace.  So, get in touch with us now.

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