White Label Food Delivery App For Food Ordering Business 

White Label Food Delivery App

The demand for online food ordering apps is flying up. People use online technology to order food from platforms like Enatega, UberEats, Postmates, Grubhub, and more. These white label food delivery app make people’s lives more accessible, and the order is placed with just a few taps.  

Nowadays, every restaurant owner dreams of elevating their business and enhancing their sales from the last year. Therefore, it is necessary to have a white label food delivery app that helps you brand your business and saves you money.

To increase sales, 68% of food business owners have registered their businesses on third-party food delivery applications.

The white label online food delivery apps like Enatega are game-changers designed to streamline your online food orders. The app provides seamless customization and is ideal for those who want to establish an online presence without hassle.

Moreover, several white label food delivery platforms are available in the market, but choosing the right one that matches your requirements needs some attention. However, worry not.

We have gathered complete information to help you scale and establish your brand without any difficulty. 

What is a White Label Food Delivery App?

The white label food delivery app is designed for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and other food businesses to help them better serve their customers. With a white label food delivery platform, the food business owners can use their brand name, logo, company policies, etc., according to their requirements.   

The main purpose of using the white label online food delivery app is to:

  • Get a readymade solution for your business.
  • Designed the app from scratch according to your demands.
  • Have better control over customer data.
  • Help you boost your brand visibility.
  • Help you save your time and money. 

In addition, white label delivery solutions have boomed in the past several years. These apps help you increase your customers and provide great online delivery support at an unmatchable pace. 

Benefits of a White Label Food Delivery App

The food delivery apps make the food ordering process easy, and due to this ease, many people and food business owners prefer to use a white label food delivery app. 

The white label apps are the ideal choice for food business owners due to their cost-effectiveness and customization.  

Look at the below and see why you chose Enatega’s white-label food delivery platform for your business. 

Benefits of a White Label Food Delivery App


It is a time-saving solution for those who don’t want to build their food delivery app from scratch and not spend time on design, architecture, and more. Developing a food delivery app can take several months.

Therefore, choosing the white label food delivery app is the best solution to launch your business fast and save on development costs.  

100% Customization

The food delivery app presents your business and connects it with customers. Therefore, a solid relationship with new and old customers with an excellent white label food delivery app is necessary.  

The Enatega white label food delivery software is fully customizable and helps you quickly launch your business easily according to your business specifications.  

Improve Brand Visibility

With food delivery management software, creating a brand visibility that attracts more customers is easy. The food delivery app allows you to communicate with your customers directly and increase your customer base. You can also promote your business by offering promotions and loyalty programs. 

Less White Label Food Delivery App Development Cost

Creating the app from scratch takes time, effort, and development costs. It will involve several members, from programmers to testers, which makes it expensive. 

Therefore, without investing much time and money, opt for the Enatega white label food delivery app that helps you save money on development costs.

24/7 Support

The Enatega support team is available round the clock to help you if you face any problems launching your food delivery app. The technical and development team easily handles all your problems and provides a better solution for your business.  

Get Analytics

The food businesses need analytics to improve and provide better services to their customers. This data lets business owners understand several aspects of food ordering and delivery.  

Top White Label Food Delivery Apps for Your Business

Below is a list of top white label food delivery apps you consider for your business. 



Enatega is the best white label food delivery app that can be quick to set up and fastest to market. It comes with great features that make your food-ordering business seamless. 

In-app chat, real-time order tracking, managing menus, managing riders, adding food photos, and more are some features of Enatega’s single-vendor and multi-vendor food ordering system.  

Click Here for a Free Demo of Enatega



UberEats is a well-known online ordering platform for restaurants. This white label food delivery app provides safe payment gateways, order tracking, an admin panel for managing business operations, and more to its customers. It is suitable for small to large-sized food chains.    

You can also create the UberEats clone app with the help of Enatega’s team of experts.



Grubhub is a white label food delivery service that provides a customizable solution to food businesses to create a unique brand identity. The Grubhub features include:

  • Schedule deliveries
  • Order tracking
  • Customization 
  • Wide variety of restaurants and more

With a Grubhub clone app, you can easily enhance the overall user experience.



DoorDash is the best restaurant delivery service management software for restaurant owners that helps them provide better customer service. This food delivery software offers these features:  

  • Logistics handling
  • POS integration
  • Order process simple
  • Cost-effective 



Postmates is another best white label delivery solution that provides food and grocery delivery businesses with a wide range of services. This white-label food delivery app is known for its user-friendly interface, fast order placement, and other features.    



Caviar is an excellent choice to scale your business and provide a better food delivery experience. The app is famous for offering customers various restaurants, promotions, deals, and menus.  



Zomato is a well-known name in the food delivery industry. This best food ordering app for restaurants provides information to customers about restaurants, ratings, reviews, photos, and menus.  

With a Zomato app, customers can get food from various restaurants to their doorstep. The app is available on iOS and Android. 

How to Choose the Best White Label Food Delivery App for Your Business?

Selecting the right white label food delivery solution becomes daunting if you don’t know how to choose it. It needs some planning and preparation. 

Here, we have gathered some tips to help you choose the best one according to your needs.  

Understand Your Business Needs

Understand your business needs and goals before selecting the white label food delivery app. You must identify the best solution for your food delivery business that caters to your needs and target audience.

You must clearly understand your food delivery app features, such as GPS tracking, multiple payment options, search filters, push notifications, and more. Based on your app features, choose the app.

Check Ratings and Reviews

It is another main tip to remember when selecting the restaurant food delivery & ordering system. Ratings and reviews play an essential role in making an informed decision. 

An excellent white label app solution provider never keeps anything from you and shares everything through their official channels.          

24/7 Support

The food delivery management software provider offers 24/7 support on different communication channels, such as chat, email, call, etc, to resolve your issues as soon as possible.

Timely Delivery

The food delivery app white label provider with a good reputation delivers the product on time. It is another main factor to consider before selecting the white label food delivery platform.    

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which app is used to order food?

Enatega is the best app for ordering food online from various restaurants. The app delivers the food on time and provides top-notch services to its customers.

  1. What are the top 3 food delivery apps?

The top 3 food delivery apps are:

  • Enatega
  • DoorDash
  • UberEats
  1. How do food delivery apps work?

Below is a workflow of the food delivery apps.

  • Customers download the app
  • Customers browse restaurant and menus
  • Place the order
  • Make the payment 
  • Order is confirmed
  • Order is sent to the restaurant
  • The restaurant started working on the order 
  • Rider picks up the order from the restaurant 
  • The rider delivered the order 


Opting for your business white label food delivery app is an ideal choice to start your own food delivery business. It offers several benefits to restaurants, from customization to managing menus.    

If you want to build your own white label food delivery app, then Enatega is the best choice. It is cost-effective and delivers the app according to your requirements. 

So, contact the best food delivery app development company and choose what is best for your business today.

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