Create the Foodpanda Clone App and Grow Your Business

The food delivery apps have made lives easier and essential to everyone’s life. This ease of ordering food has caught the attention of several customers. With the help of food delivery apps, restaurants connect with thousands of customers and broaden their reach. Several restaurants are boosting their business and generating revenue with the help of these apps.   

You have surely heard of and used the well-known food delivery platform Foodpanda. It is one of the pioneers of food delivery apps. It is a food app that operates in 40 countries and 500 cities with 3500+ employees and 3800+ partners. 

Therefore, if you have a food delivery business and want to create an app like Foodpanda, you are at the right place.   

Foodpanda like clone apps have gained huge popularity in recent years. These apps replicate the success of the popular Foodpanda app and offer similar features and user experiences.

Whether you are a restaurant owner, have a food and grocery business, or are a food lover and want to know how to create the Foodpanda app clone, look at this blog. This blog will discuss these things:

  • What is a Foodpanda clone app?
  • What are the main features of the Foodpanda clone app?
  • What are the benefits of the Foodpanda clone app?
  • How does this Foodpanda clone app work?
  • Steps to create the Foodpanda clone app
  • Cost of developing the Foodpanda clone app

What is the Foodpanda Clone App?

The Foodpanda app clone is a replica of the Foodpanda app. It offers the same features and functionalities as the original app. The clone app helps restaurants to manage all their tasks without hassle. Restaurants can establish their platforms for food delivery with the assistance of clone apps.   

Further, the clone apps are ideal for restaurants and hotels to serve customers by fulfilling their food wishes. They provide the foundation for the food delivery platform, and restaurants can customize it according to their needs.    

The Foodpanda app clone includes features such as

  • Browse restaurants
  • User-friendly interface
  • Track deliveries
  • Make payments through various payment methods
  • View menus
  • Reviews and ratings 
  • Customer support
  • Restaurant listings 
  • Discounts and promotions 
  • Place orders and more 

From the popularity and proven business strategy of Foodpanda, a clone app gives entrepreneurs a ready-to-use option for food delivery. They allow them to launch their food delivery platform and meet the needs of the food delivery services.  

Services Offer With Foodpanda Clone Script App

Below are the services you can offer with the Foodpanda clone script app.

  • Grocery delivery
  • Food delivery
  • Alcohol delivery
  • Medicine delivery

What Are the Main Features of the Foodpanda Clone Script?

The Foodpanda clone script offers many features and functionalities replicating the original. Below are some key features of the FoodPanda alternative app.  

Admin Dashboard

The admin dashboard can help manage the app’s overall operations. These include: 

Customer Management The admin dashboard allows for reviewing customer information and other useful details. 
Restaurant ManagementThe admin can manage all the operations of the restaurant flexibly. Also, they can add or remove the restaurants according to their requirements.  
Database Management Ensures the confidentiality of all information relating to clients, restaurants, riders, etc.  
AnalyticsThe admin can analyze the sales, expenses, profits, and projections from the dashboard. 
Multiple Payment Accepting Panel The payments clients make through methods such as a credit card, debit card, internet banking, etc., can be conveniently received by the administrator in their account.
Add CitiesThe business administrator can add more places to the central dashboard to reach more people. But the admin can also set specific criteria for specific cities. 


Below are the main features of the users.  

User RegistrationUsers can register by creating an account with an email address. They have to provide some information, such as their name, contact number, address, etc. 
Searching For Restaurants This feature allows customers to search for restaurants nearby.   
Browse the MenuUsers can browse the menu, view details, check prices, and customize their orders according to their needs. 
Ordering And CheckoutUsers can add items to their cart and proceed to checkout. Plus, they can apply promo codes and discounts at the time of payment. 
Rating And Reviews Users can provide feedback and ratings to restaurants based on their experience. The feedback helps future customers make informed decisions.
Notifications Users receive alerts and push notifications for new deals, promotional offers, order confirmations, and updates. 
Ingredient ChoiceUsers can add or delete ingredients to suit their tastes before checking out. Customers can offer special instructions at checkout if they don’t find their preferred ingredient.
Multiple Order PlacementUsers can place multiple products from multiple stores.  
History AnalysisCustomers can directly access order history choices for faster ordering.
Order Tracking Users can track their orders in real time. They know the status of their order, such as preparation, dispatch, and estimated food delivery time.
Secure Payments The secure payment gateway helps users pay through various methods, including credit/debit cards, cash on delivery, and digital wallets. 
Tip ProviderWhen customers pay for their orders, they can enter the tip amount if they want to give it to the people who serve the food. 

Restaurants and Grocery Stores 

Here are the key features of the restaurant.  

DashboardThe dashboard allows restaurants and stores to manage customer orders, item availability, and communication. 
Menu CustomizationThis feature allows restaurants and stores to customize their menu according to their customers’ needs. 
Order Tracking The Foodpanda track order allows restaurants and stores to easily track orders and know which orders are delivered and pending.
Order ManagementThe restaurants and stores can manage their orders, which are completed and need to be completed. 
Respond to FeedbackTo build a Foodpanda grocery clone app that allows stores to respond to customer feedback and review ratings.  
Manage Promotions and Deals The restaurants and stores can provide deals and discounts to the customers on the app. 
Notifications With the help of notifications and alerts, the restaurant and stores know when the customer places an order. 


The following are the main features of the delivery app. 

Easy Onboarding The signup process allows digital document uploads. Delivery executives can easily register as app stakeholders.
Confirmation of Pickups Delivery drivers might display their immediate or delayed pickup status based on location.
Order History When the deliverer delivers the order, it can save it in their order history. 
Notifications The deliverer gets notifications for the orders they have to deliver. 
Full Details About Food Order Food item details, contact number, and customer location are sent to the deliverer for easy delivery. 
Route Optimization The app selects the nearest free driver and assigns the shortest and fastest route to deliver the order on time. 
Accept or Reject OrdersWhen a customer places an order, it is automatically sent to the rider who is closest to them. The rider has every right to accept or reject the order request.
GPS TrackingWith GPS tracking, the rider can find the exact address where the order needs to be delivered. 

Advanced Features of the Foodpanda Clone App

The Foodpanda app clone offers top-notch advanced functionality. So, look at the table below and know about them.

Advanced Search BarsCustomers can search their food items and restaurants with a filtering and sorting element.  
Contactless DeliveryAvoid the risk of getting a fatal virus during food delivery. Customers can get their food at the sanitized location close to their doorstep.  
Multilingual supportThe restaurants can offer their business in different languages. Therefore, everyone can use their app without difficulty. 
SEO-Friendly The SEO-rich Foodpanda app clone may rank high in all major search engines. 
Better Product ManagementThe store managers can easily manage their products. They group them into different categories and subcategories. 
Voice Assistant Integration Provides the functionality to allow users to connect voice assistants, such as Alexa, Siri, etc., to the app. With this feature, users can easily order food, view menus, and more with voice commands. 
Offline Mode
The Food Panda clone app provides an offline feature for users to access the basic app features. Plus, the Foodpanda dark mode is also available for the users. 
Different Themes The app has light and dark theme choices to meet the customer’s needs. Admin has the right to pick a theme.
Print Invoices Allow storefronts to create invoices for all completed sales within the app. Also, a printer can be linked to the app via Bluetooth.

What Are the Benefits of the Foodpanda Clone App?

The Foodpanda alternative app offers several benefits to users, restaurants, grocery stores, etc., who enter the food delivery market. Below are some key benefits for your help.

One-Time Investment: The food delivery apps are a one-time investment. Therefore, you must have a clear business plan to sustain your food delivery app clone for long-term success. 

Save Time and Effort: The clone apps allow customers to order food from restaurants from their mobile phones. It reduces the need to visit restaurants and use traditional phone calls. Plus, it can save a lot of time and effort.    

Seamless Ordering and Delivery: A user-friendly interface simplifies the ordering process. Customers can easily customize orders, browse menus, track deliveries, and make secure payments.     

Data Security: The Foodpanda app clone comes with a security protocol. All the data are secured. Protect customer data by implementing end-to-end encryption protocols.  

Generate Revenue: With the Foodpanda app clone, restaurants can expand their customer reach and generate more revenue. Also, they can gain access to a larger customer base without investing a lot of money.  

Efficient Management: With the help of clone apps, restaurants can easily streamline their operations, such as order management, customer communication, and more. Plus, it can help them track sales, handle incoming orders, etc., efficiently.  

100% Customization: The clone apps are easily customized. You can recreate your food delivery solution that best fits your needs.  

How Does this FoodPanda Clone App Work?

The Foodpanda app clone works the same as the original Foodpanda app. Below is an overview of how the Foodpanda app clone works.

  1. Registration: The users must register on the app from their email address and provide some basic information. This includes their name, password, contact number, and more. 
  2. Browse Menu: Users can browse menus and restaurants in their area. They can view prices, ratings, profiles, etc. 
  3. Select the Item and Add to Cart: The user selects the menu item, customizes it, and adds it to their cart.  
  4. Review Cart: After adding items, users review their cart and make any necessary adjustments. Also, they can apply any discount or promo codes if available.  
  5. Checkout: Users can checkout when they order and select the payment method, such as cash on delivery, credit/debit cards, etc. 
  6. Order Confirmation: Users can receive the notification after order confirmation. 
  7. Send Order Details to Restaurant: The restaurant receives order details from the app. The restaurant prepares and delivers the order.
  8. Order Tracking: Users can track the live location status of their order. They receive updates from order preparation to delivery. 
  9. Delivery: The rider picks up the order from the restaurant and delivers it to the given address. 
  10. Ratings: Users can provide feedback about their overall experience, food quality, and delivery service. They use the Foodpanda rider rating feature and rate the delivery service. 

Technologies Used to Build Foodpanda Clone App

Creating the Foodpanda alternative app requires a stack of front-end and back-end development technologies. Here are some of the main technologies used to develop the clone app, like Foodpanda.

Frontend Technologies

  • HTML
  • React Native
  • Javascript
  • Angular, React, or Vue.js

Backend Technologies 

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Nodejs
  • Django
  • Restful APIs

Steps to Create the Foodpanda Clone App

To create the Foodpanda app clone, you need to follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Do Market Research

First, you have to do some research. Determine your app goals, key features, and target audience. Also, you should know the scope of your project and understand the customer preferences. In addition, analyze your competitor apps and determine where they are weak. 

2.  Decide the Business Model

After research, select the Foodpanda business model for your food delivery app. Choosing the right business model for the Foodpanda clone app will greatly impact your business revenue. Therefore, make an informed choice and keep all the things in mind that you gather in your research phase. 

3. Follow All Laws

Ensure you follow all local laws and regulations when operating the food ordering app clone. Legal compliance protects your platform’s safety, legality, and ethics. You must register your business and get the necessary permits and licenses to run the food delivery service. 

4. Partner with Restaurants

Now, partner with restaurants and food providers willing to join your platform. Offer them deals and discounts that can entice them to partner. When your platform grows, you can offer more incentives, promotions, and loyalty programs to engage them.   

5. Start Developing the App

When developing the clone app, you must categorize your work into three sections.

UI/UX Design: Design a Foodpanda UI/UX interface that is easy to use for users. Make the design simple and easy. Therefore, the users can use it without any difficulty. 

Frontend Development: When the design is completed, start working on it. Make sure to turn your UI design functional and interactive. 

Backend Development: In the backend development, the Foodpanda app developer set up the database, servers, and APIs. Create a secure infrastructure that supports your app. Integrate all your main features into your app. 

6. Testing 

When the app is completed, thoroughly test it and ensure it functions smoothly. Conduct extensive testing, remove all the bugs, and create an error-free app. Test the app on different platforms before submitting it to the app stores. 

7. Deployment

After the testing phase, deploy the app to the Google Play Store and App Store. Follow all the guidelines and complete the submission process.    

8. Ongoing Maintenance

Keep your app up-to-date with regular updates and address any issues. When updating your app, consider the user feedback, preferences, and market dynamics. Success and growth require regular monitoring of how updates affect user retention and engagement.

Cost of Developing the Foodpanda Clone App

The cost of building the Foodpanda alternative app is based on various factors. These factors include:

  • Complexity
  • App features and functionalities
  • Development platform 
  • Customization requirements
  • Development rates (if you hire someone)

According to these factors, you can easily estimate the exact cost of the Foodpanda app clone. However, on average, developing the Foodpanda app clone can range between $20,000- $100,000. This estimate includes design, programming, testing, project management, Foodpanda backend infrastructure, and deployment expenses. This rough estimate may vary depending on your needs and local market rates.

Furthermore, the updates, ongoing maintenance, app hosting, integrations, and additional features may exceed the cost. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Which country owns Foodpanda?

The Berlin-based Delivery Hero owns Foodpanda, and it’s headquartered in Singapore. 

  1. What is unique about Foodpanda?

The Foodpanda is unique due to its features, which include:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Deals and discounts
  • Ratings and feedback
  • Global presence 


The Foodpanda app clone is the game changer in the food delivery business. They provide a convenient way for food businesses to expand their reach and allow customers to order their food from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, you learn all the steps required to create your food delivery app. However, if you want and need the help of an experienced development company, consult Enatega. We have experts that create and deliver the top-notch app. You can get a Foodpanda food delivery clone script with all the features stacked. You can also download our app and customize it according to your needs.

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