Open Source Delivery App for Food Ordering Business

The demand for an open source delivery app for online food ordering has increased. People prefer these apps to order food online from their mobile phones with just a few taps. The food ordering apps are a cost-effective solution for food businesses to provide a better customer experience. 

The open source delivery apps are easily accessible and customizable. These apps are specifically designed for the food industry, which helps them to streamline their operations. They are helpful for local businesses and large corporations that may not have enough resources to create their service themselves.  

In addition, open source delivery platforms offer several benefits to restaurants, cloud kitchens, and many others. With an open-source delivery platform, restaurants fully control the entire solution. Also, they don’t have to sign contracts with an external provider.

Working with an online ordering system open source is a good choice for restaurants that want to do more with the same budget and benefit from incremental innovation. The free online food ordering and delivery software open source saves you money and time.

However, several open source food delivery software are available. To help you select the right tool that doesn’t need much investment, we have compiled a list of the best open source food delivery software to help you pick the best one. 

Let’s start. 

What is the Open Source Delivery App?

The open source food delivery app is a tool that helps restaurants and cafes to set up and manage their online ordering and delivery operations. These apps streamline restaurant operations more effectively and quickly. 

The main purpose of using the open source delivery app is to

  • Improve the process of food ordering
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Help the riders find the fastest route
  • Help restaurants scale their business 
  • Help restaurants communicate with their customers more easily 

Moreover, the online food ordering system’s open source code for the food delivery app is free and has no subscription costs. The open source delivery app differs from the traditional food ordering app. There are several advantages to using an open source rather than a traditional food delivery app.

Best Open Source Food Delivery Apps

Several open source food delivery apps are available for customers. We gathered the best one that stood out and provided a better user experience. 

Look below and learn about the best open source food delivery apps.


GloriaFood is an open source online ordering system that helps them receive orders from their Facebook page or website and manage table reservations. It also offers an option to accept or reject orders. This open source delivery platform can help you save on food portal commission fees and boost your profits.

In addition, the GloriaFood app provides a delivery-tracking feature and integrates with the restaurant delivery software Tookan and QuestTag. With the GloriaFood app, you are in full control of your business.

Features of GloriaFood

  • Detailed reporting on incoming orders
  • Provides an “order for later” option
  • Generate promo codes for deals and discounts
  • Take unlimited orders from website, Facebook page, or mobile app
  • Online takeaway ordering system for restaurant
  • Restaurant delivery software

Create the GloriaFood alternative app with the help of Enatega’s team of experts, and they will deliver the best app.


Enatega is an open source food delivery platform that allows you to customize it according to your requirements. It is best for all businesses and helps them make their food delivery platform. The platform offers restaurants various features to manage their operations and reach more customers.    

Enatega offers mobile and web versions, allowing restaurants to choose the best one according to their needs. Enateg’s online food ordering system can help you streamline your operations and grow your food business. This food ordering app for restaurants offers tailored solutions to meet specific business needs. 

The open source code for online food ordering software is available on GitHub for programmers eager to write code for food software.

Features of Enatega

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Flipdish has everything that every restaurant owner needs in a restaurant management system. It helps users to create websites, set up an online ordering system, put menus on the website, and more. The open source delivery app also offers a dashboard for monitoring the online sales performance and knowing the order location. It can also help websites rank higher in Google SERP by optimizing them for SEO. 

It is trusted by thousands of restaurants and chains across the globe, which include:

  • Subway
  • Cojean 
  • Bombay pantry
  • Rooster and rice
  • LA crawfish

Features of Flipdish

  • Integration with field service management tools
  • Built-in marketing features
  • Offer loyalty programs
  • Order location 
  • Delivery tracking 


Ontabee is a free online ordering and delivery system for restaurants and cafes. It helps them to manage in-house deliveries and streamline online ordering. The tool allows users to accept orders through phone calls and build branded Android apps. Ontabee offers customers the option to add cooking instructions. 

This online ordering system for restaurants open source lets customers track their orders and leave feedback about their overall experience. With Ontabee, restaurants can improve their online presence and expand their reach via promotional and marketing tools. 

Features of Ontabee

  • Get free software within 24 hours
  • User-friendly 
  • Customizable
  • Simplify operations 
  • Customers can search for their favorite dishes
  • Manage menus and prices
  • Secure and seamless transactions
  • Use convenient payment methods 


TastyIgniter is an easy-to-use open source delivery platform for takeaways and restaurants. Its primary purpose is to make life easy for restaurants. The platform offers a fully customizable restaurant website that helps showcase your brand to potential customers. TaskIgniter helps to manage multiple features of your business. It uses custom online ads to bring people to your restaurant or takeout.   

Further, this tool is used by multiple restaurant branches without additional charges. It offers free and complete access to all features.  

Features of TastyIgniter

  • Customized delivery zones
  • Promo codes for discounts
  • Install Tastyigniter without paying the monthly fee
  • Active community
  • Take online payments
  • Table booking system
  • POS and delivery integration


SimphonyPOS is a secure cloud-based restaurant POS system for food service management. It helps restaurants manage their processes and synchronize kitchen operations, front-of-house, back-office, and more. The restaurants can view training materials, business reports, and real-time performance data from the main dashboard. 

Features of SimphonyPOS

  • Customer loyalty programs
  • Online payments
  • Manage multiple restaurants across various locations
  • Track inventory levels
  • Table reservation
  • Online menu with custom prices 
  • Fully customized


Cloudify is an all-in-one platform that helps businesses build an online food delivery platform like Zomato with a few clicks. It was previously called “Foodoma”. This no-code SaaS eCommerce tool helps companies create and run online stores, connect with local customers, and increase sales in multiple cities.

13,000+ businesses worldwide use Cloudify. From small-to-mid-sized businesses to growing enterprises, all rely on them for their food ordering business.  

Features of Cloudify

  • Thermal bill printing 
  • Delivery tracking
  • Customer ordering  
  • Unlimited stores or restaurants with unlimited items
  • Notifications
  • Advance reports
  • Payment gateways
  • Active community

Open source apps offer several features for customers and restaurants and improve their experience. However, with top-notch features, you can create a great app. Here are some common features that should be in the open source delivery app. 

Best Features of the Open Source Food Delivery Apps

Open source delivery apps offer several features for customers and restaurants and improve their experience. However, with top-notch features, you can create a great app. Here are some common features that should be in the open source delivery app

For Customers

Order HistoryShow the history of past orders for easy ordering and know the favorite items.
Order TrackingCustomers can track their orders to know where the rider is reached. 
Multiple Payment Options Provide various payment methods such as digital wallets, credit/debit cards, and cash on delivery. 
Ratings and Reviews Customers can easily rate and provide feedback to restaurants and riders about their overall experience. 
Notifications Customers get notifications about their order status, new deals, and promotions. 
CustomizationThe customers can add special instructions. For example, which ingredients are added, where the order is placed, and more. 

For Restaurants

Menu ManagementRestaurants can add or remove items from the menu. Also, they edit prices, descriptions, etc. 
Order Management The restaurants can easily manage their orders and know which orders are completed, delivered, and pending. Plus, they also track the rider’s location.  
Payment Processing The restaurant easily manages all the payments with secure payment methods. 
Marketing and Promotion Create and promote marketing campaigns to reach more customers. 
Inventory Management Track and manage inventory hassle-free to ensure all the main items are in stock. 

For Delivery Riders

Order Acceptance/RejectionThe delivery riders can accept or reject orders. 
Order Confirmation The delivery riders can confirm when they deliver their order.
Order AssignThe delivery riders can get all the details about the order.

How to Choose the Best Open Source Delivery Platform?

Food business owners face several challenges when deciding what food delivery platform to use. Choosing the right online food ordering system open source platform is necessary for your business and can impact customer experience and operations. Therefore, for your help, we compiled the best tips to help you choose the best food delivery app open source platform. 

  • First, businesses identify their needs, customer preferences, and budget.
  • Check the licensing terms and privacy policy of the open source delivery platform.
  • Check their experience by reading reviews on different platforms.
  • Ensure the platform offers all the features you need to include in your app.
  • Check their past projects and portfolios.
  1. How do you make a food delivery app from scratch?

Below are the steps that will guide you in creating a food delivery app from scratch. 

  • Know the latest food delivery market trends
  • Select the food delivery model
  • Know your competitors
  • Decide the features
  • Choose the tech stack
  • Start the development
  • Testing
  1. What are the top 3 food delivery apps?

The top 3 food delivery apps are:

  • Enatega
  • Uber Eats
  • DoorDash
  1. What food delivery is used most?

Enatega is the most used food delivery app in USA. People use this app to place orders online from various restaurants and satisfy their hunger.

  1. Is food delivery profitable?

Yes, investing in food delivery apps is profitable according to the current market situation of the food delivery industry. It helps restaurants to get more profit and increase their reach.


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Open source delivery apps have transformed the food industry and provide a cost-effective solution to food businesses. These apps can help you grow easily and improve your productivity. A food delivery app open source code is free for all users. Also, these apps help customers to order their favorite meals more conveniently.

These apps are good for single-vendor and multi-vendor restaurants with limited traffic and who want to dip their feet into online food ordering. So, if you want to deliver food more effectively and streamline your process, create an app like UberEats or Grubhub. Consult the best online food delivery app development company, Enatega, get the best food delivery software open source for your business.

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