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Grubhub clone

The food delivery apps have revolutionized the food business and how we dine. Several popular online food delivery apps are available, but Grubhub is one of the most popular apps in the food industry. It is one of the leading platforms for online ordering food. It provides several features that make the food delivery process easy and simple. 

Grubhub is the most used food delivery app in the United States. It serves more than 300,000 restaurant partners in 4,000 cities across America. Grubhub has 28.3 million active users who use the app at least once a month. They help restaurants grow their business and provide flexible opportunities for drivers to work and earn. 

Moreover, Grubhub helps with orders and deliveries and gives each restaurant great exposure to the public. Plus, Grubhub rewarded restaurants with higher rates of orders. In addition, Grubhub allows you to place an order four days before you want it delivered.  

If you want to start your online food delivery business or run a restaurant and want to develop an app like Grubhub? Then, in this blog, you will get all the steps to make a Grubhub clone app.  

What is the Grubhub Clone App? 

The Grubhub clone app replicates the main features and functionalities of the famous food delivery platform Grubhub. The clone app follows the same concept as the original Grubhub app. With the help of this app, users can easily browse, order from a wide range of restaurants, and get the food delivered to their doorstep.  

Moreover, the Grubhub clone app is a 100% customizable, scalable white-label on-demand food delivery app and website. It includes several features, such as:

  • Menu browsing
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Restaurant listings
  • Secure payment options
  • Order placement
  • Contactless delivery and much more

Building a Grubhub clone app is the most effective strategy for businesses and entrepreneurs entering the food delivery industry. It allows you to create a platform that can be tailored according to your requirements. However, cloning the main functionalities of Grubhub is the starting point. Differentiation and revolution in services and features help you stand out in the competitive food delivery market.  

Key Features of Grubhub Clone App

Below are the main features of the Grubhub clone app. 

Features of the Grubhub Clone App
Features Description
Live TrackingIt is the main feature of the Grubhub clone app that allows users to sit back and enjoy while tracking their ordered food items via GPS integration.    
Multilingual SupportOffers services to customers in several different languages. You can easily attract and reach more customers with this feature. 
Multiple Payment OptionsOffer your customers several payment methods, which include credit cards, debit cards, cash-on-delivery, net banking, UPI, and an electronic wallet.
Advanced Search BarLet your customers easily search for their favorite restaurants, menus, and more without any hassle. 
Reserve TableProvides customers with a way to reserve a table in a restaurant without standing in long lines. They simply enter the time, date, and number of people. 
Print InvoiceLet storefronts create invoices in the app, connect them virtually to the printer, and get a hard copy with the full order information.
Scan and OrderProvide a secure ordering experience by allowing customers to scan QR codes to access digital menus. Also, make payments easily within the restaurant. 
GeolocationThe Grubhub clone app has ultra-accurate geo-locating features so that you can get rid of all location-based inefficiencies.
Reviews and RatingsThe reviews and ratings allow the customers to leave feedback and express their thoughts on the overall service and a specific food item. 
TakeawayAllows customers to order food online and collect it from the restaurant. 
Browse CategoriesCustomers can browse different categories and can order their favorite food. 
Push NotificationsWith the help of notifications, customers can get updates, promotions, deals, and discounts. 
Theme OptionsOffer different modes options like light and dark theme options are available. 
Tax Settings Easily set different taxes on items by stores and administrators. The stores and administrators define delivery service tax separately for specific regions or areas.  
Contactless Delivery Allow the customers to receive their order at their given sanitized location near their home. So,  the contact between the customer and the delivery personnel is thus avoided.
User Management Easily manage user profiles with all details, such as order history, addresses, and more. 
Menu Management This feature helps restaurants to manage menus and enhance the dining experience. 

How Does the Grubhub Clone App Work?

The Grubhub clone app blends cutting-edge technologies and all the features that provide a seamless user experience. The process of how the Grubhub clone app works is divided into key steps outlined below.

How Does the Grubhub clone app work?

1.  User Registration

Users download the Grubhub clone app from the app store. After downloading the app on their phone, users create an account by providing basic information such as name, contact information, and delivery address. Users can access restaurants in their surrounding area when the account is created.

2. Browse Restaurants and Menu Selection

The app provides a wide variety of restaurants that users can choose from. Users can search various cuisines based on location. They can check menus, prices, ingredients, and other information. The best thing is that users can customize their orders according to their requirements. In addition, users can read reviews and get to know about the restaurants.  

3. Adding to Cart

The app’s user-friendly interface allows you to add items to your cart. After adding them to the cart, they can review their order with complete details, which include:

  • Total items
  • Total cost
  • delivery/pickup option 
  • Payment information

The Grubhub clone app ensures that all transactions are secure and offers various payment methods, such as credit/debit cards, cash on delivery, and mobile wallets. 

4. Place an Order and Payment 

The order is sent to the restaurant when the user confirms and pays for it. The restaurant receives the order details and starts working on it. They ensure that they meet all your requirements and the highest standards of taste and quality.  

5. Order Tracking 

Users can track their orders from the food preparation to their doorstep through an app in real time. With the help of this feature, customers can keep informed about the estimated delivery time. 

6. Delivery Drivers

The app partners with several delivery services to pick up the order from the restaurant. These delivery drivers have GPS-enabled devices that show them the best ways to get your food to you as quickly as possible.

7. User Ratings and Feedback

Customers can leave feedback and ratings based on their overall experience after receiving the food. These reviews can help others in making better decisions. 

Monetization Strategies for the Grubhub Clone App

The following are the monetization strategies for the Grubhub clone app.

Monitization Strategies for the Grubhub clone app
  • Commission Based Model

It is the most popular delivery app monetization model. With the help of this model, the businesses earn revenue by charging a certain percentage from restaurants for each order they get from the app. The commission is based on the order restaurant’s popularity, order volume, and order value. 

  • Subscription Model

It is another commonly used model that can provide various subscription plans with various features, like free or discounted delivery, priority access to new restaurants, exclusive discounts, and more. 

  • In-App Advertising

This model helps to display adverts within the app to monetize the platform. However, make sure that the ads do not interfere with the user experience, as intrusive ads can drive consumers away.

  • Delivery Service Fee

This model is best for generating revenue. The app charges the customers a delivery fee for each order placed. The delivery service fee depends on order size, location, and distance. Free delivery on orders over a particular amount can encourage customers to spend more.

  • Surge Pricing

This model allows the app to increase prices due to the current market conditions. In the surge pricing model, real-time data analysis and algorithms are used. High rates during busy times help the app balance supply and demand and maximize income. Implementation must be careful to avoid consumer alienation.

  • Sponsored Listings

Sponsored listings can help brands reach a specific audience and boost sales. Businesses can gain a leading position in the app category listings or search results. With the help of this model, businesses can gain visibility by offering discounts and offers to app users. 

  • Data Monetization

Restaurants and food chains benefit from customer preference and ordering data. The app can look into partnerships to get this information, which would give it another way to make money.

  • Referral Program

The referral program helps to inspire users to invite their family and friends to join the app. The person referred, and the new user get discounts or other prizes in exchange. 

  • Upselling and Cross-Selling

In upselling, convincing the customers to purchase more upgraded versions and expensive goods or services. 10%-30% of revenue on average is enhanced by upselling. In contrast, cross-selling involves recommending complementary or related products and services.

  • Loyalty Program

Regular customers get rewards with cashback, discounts, and points. The loyalty program promotes customer loyalty and motivates customers to order from the app more consistently. 

  • Contactless Delivery Charges

The app can charge additional if customers want contactless delivery. It is a safer delivery option. 

  • Push Notifications

The push notifications help restaurants to send notifications to users. It can be a way to make money, but it should only be used when necessary so that users don’t get too many promotional ads.

How to Build a Grubhub Clone App?

Building a Grubhub clone app requires careful planning and preparation. Therefore, if you’re delivering food, you know that a well-made app is the key to winning the customers’ hearts. Just like a good recipe needs the right materials and steps, a good food delivery app is also required to follow proper steps. 

Here are some easy steps that help you create an app like a professional. 

1. Do Some Research

First, you must research Grubhub and learn about its food delivery business. In this step, you should research about these things:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of Grubhub app
  • Customer needs
  • Analyze the Grubhub app
  • Know your target audience
  • Understand the Grubhub business model
  • Brainstorm unique selling points
  • Look for gaps that your clone app can fulfill

2. Select the Business Model

In this step, select the business model. Every food delivery app requires a unique business model. You must keep the Grubhub model in mind, which includes: 

  • Customers place an order on the app.
  • The restaurant received the order. 
  • The delivery person receives the order from the restaurant.
  • For every delivery order, Grubhub charges a 5%-15% commission. 

3. Select the App Features

Before working on the design and development, you must know what features to include in the food delivery app. Some top-notch features that should be included in the Grubhub clone app are: 

  • Real-time order tracking
  • Offer various payment methods
  • User registration 
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Restaurant listing
  • Analytics dashboard 

4. Choose the Right Technology Stack

Selecting the right technology is crucial and the foundation of a successful app. Opt for the technologies according to the app features; you can easily use and create an app without difficulty. Keep the factors like security, scalability, and user experience in mind. 

5. Start Development

After deciding on features and technologies, start the development phase. This step involves the following phases:

UI/UX Design: Design a user-appealing and intuitive interface that attracts the users and improves user experience:

Development: It is an important phase where programmers manage everything and create the final product.  

Testing: Never forget this step. Review and test the product and remove all the bugs or issues. Make your app bug-free and provide users with a seamless experience. 

6. Launching the App

When the app is created, prepare the marketing plan before launching. Use social media, app store optimization techniques, and more to increase visibility. Remember that a strong online presence helps you build customer trust. 

7. Monitor the App Performance

When launching the app, it is essential to monitor its performance. Identify the areas of improvement and analyze the user feedback, behavior, and app metrics. Stay updated with the latest technologies and continuously innovate your app to stay ahead of the competition.  

Technologies Used in the Grubhub Clone App

The following are the technologies used to create the Grubhub clone app.

  1. Front-end Technologies

The front-end development technologies used in creating the Grubhub clone app are:

Mobile App Development 

  • React native
  • Flutter
  • Xamarin
  • Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Andriod 

Web Development

  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue.js
  1. Back-end Technologies

The back-end technologies that are used in the development of the Grubhub clone app are:

Server-Side Development

  • Python
  • PHP
  • Node.js
  • Ruby
  • Django 
  • Laravel
  • Express.js

Database Management

  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB
  • MongoDB

API Integration 

  • GraphQL
  • Restful APIs
  1. Cloud Services

The cloud services provide scalable infrastructure for hosting applications and databases. The most commonly used are:

  • Microsoft Azure
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Platform 

Top Advantages of the Grubhub Clone App

The following are the main benefits that are provided by the Grubhub clone app.

  • Customizable

The Grubhub clone app is customizable. The food delivery businesses can customize it according to their needs. Here are ways in which a Grubhub clone app can be customized: 

  • Pricing
  • Menu management
  • Language
  • Payment options
  • Delivery time slots
  • Special promotions
  • Feedback mechanism
  • Theme of the app and more 
  • Budget-friendly

The Grubhub clone app gives developers the ability to integrate, customize, and improve the platform in a short amount of time to meet your requirements. Because of this, there will be no requirement to spend additional money on it because it can be obtained at an affordable price.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways Integration

It is the best benefit of the Grubhub clone app. Provide the option to integrate multiple payment gateways. It offers flexibility to users and reduces payment barriers.   

  • User-friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface makes it easier for users to browse menus, place orders, track orders, and more. Easily, users can use this app without any difficulty. 

  • Scalability

Your user base will grow, so your Grubhub clone app will be able to scale to meet the additional demand. It is essential to have this level of scalability to handle peak order times and expand into new areas.

Cost of Developing the Grubhub Clone App

It is the most frequently asked question: How much does it cost to develop a Grubhub clone app? The cost of creating a Grubhub clone app can based on several factors, such as:

  • Complexity
  • Number of features 
  • Technology stack
  • Payment gateway integration and more

Further, the average cost can range between $50,000-$150,000. It can go higher depending on your requirements. 

Similar Products Like Grubhub Clone

Below are some popular products similar to the Grubhub clone app.

  • DoorDash

DoorDash is a popular food delivery platform that serves a wide range of restaurants and customers. It is the largest food delivery market in the United States. It offers the largest selection of restaurants and stores. Plus, they offer $0 delivery fees for your first month. 

  • Uber Eats

Uber Eats is the most well-known on-demand food delivery platform launched in 2014. It operates in numerous countries and partners with several restaurants. Offer the doorstep delivery service of your favorite food from local and national restaurants. 

  • Postmates

Postmates is the best platform that offers delivery of restaurant-prepared meals and goods. It is available 24/7 and delivers everything that you need. Further, Postmates serves in more than 100 urban regions across the United States.    

  • Caviar

Caviar safely delivers breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the best restaurants at your doorstep. Their ordering food process is simple, and the order is placed within a few minutes. Customers can track the order live on the map.    

  • Seamless

Seamless is another food delivery platform that delivers food from a huge selection of restaurants, cafes, etc. Customers can pre-order meals from the app or website. Through Seamless, you can choose from various cuisines, including Italian, Chinese, and so on. 

Make your Food Delivery App with Enatega

Building a Grubhub clone app requires planning, a customer-centric approach, and robust development. So, if you want to create an app like Grubhub for your business, contact Enatega. Our expert team is ready to help you create an app that meets your requirements. From us, you will get a multi-vendor and single-vendor app for your business. 

So, contact us and boost your business with our expert help. 

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