Zomato Clone App Development: Ready-Made Food Delivery App 

Zomato clone app development

Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur looking to set foot in the food delivery industry? Then, create an app like Zomato that provides phenomenal functionalities and caters to fulfill the cravings of food lovers. Creating the Zomato clone app is the one-stop solution that turns your food delivery business profitable.  

Zomato is an Indian food delivery company. It is useful to customers by providing the option to order food online, get it delivered to their doorstep, and more. Also, it plays a vital role in benefiting restaurants to serve a large number of users with good quality food.

Therefore, investing in the Zomato clone app development is a great decision that help you get more revenue and sales. It enables you to build your own food delivery app that helps you reach your potential audience hassle-free.  

If you think creating the Zomato clone app is difficult, check out this blog and learn how to launch your food app like Zomato.  

What is the Zomato App?

The Zomato app is a popular online food delivery platform. It provides users with a convenient way to order food from a wide range of restaurants in their area and have it delivered to their doorstep. 

The app has over 1.4 million listed restaurants and 12,000 restaurant partners. Users can browse various cuisines, search for specific dishes, and place orders directly through the app. 

In addition to food delivery, the app allows users to make restaurant reservations, explore dining experiences, and discover new places to eat based on their location and preferences.

Statistics About Zomato

  • In 2023, Zomato has reported a revenue of over 86 billion Indian rupees.
  • Zomato is the number 1 food delivery app in India.
  • 700,000 to one million food delivery workers on platforms like Zomato in India.
  • It is the 2nd largest food delivery company in the world.

Zomato Business Model

Zomato uses several business models to serve different customers and meet their needs within the food industry. Below are some business models that Zomato uses.  

Aggregator Model

In this model, Zomato acts as an aggregator platform. Partner with several cafes, restaurants, and eateries to list their prices, menus, customer reviews, and location details. In addition, Zomato earns revenue by taking commissions from restaurants for orders and transactions.   

Zomato Gold Subscription Model

It is a subscription-based program that offers discounts, deals, and freebies at participating eateries. Restaurants profit from increased customer traffic while users pay subscription charges to enjoy these benefits. 

Delivery as a Service Model

Through its logistics network, Zomato provides delivery services to partner restaurants. From order fulfillment to doorstep delivery, this model manages the entire delivery process.

Furthermore, restaurants charge delivery fees from restaurants for using their delivery services and provide end-to-end solutions for food delivery.   

Advertising and Promotions Model 

Zomato also makes money by offering advertising and promotional services to restaurants. To assist restaurants in being more visible, drawing in customers, and increasing sales, it provides marketing tools, sponsored listings, targeted adverts, and promotional programs.

What is Zomato Clone Script?

Zomato clone script is a leading food delivery solution that helps food business owners launch their on-demand food delivery platforms like Foodpanda, UberEats, and Grubhub. It replicates the successful features and functionality of the popular food delivery app Zomato. 

The main purpose of creating the Zomato clone app is to:

  • Make the ordering process seamless
  • Help restaurants handle millions of concurrent users and orders
  • Quickly launch the app on an Android and iOS platform in the quickest time
  • Help you to scale your business 

Moreover, the Zomato app clone script is a ready-to-use solution that helps you stand out in the on-demand food industry. Using the food clone app, you can drive growth and revenue for your online food marketplace.

Benefits of Zomato Clone App for Customers and Restaurants 

A Zomato clone app, which replicates the features and functionality of the popular food delivery platform Zomato, can offer several benefits. Here are some of the advantages of a Zomato app clone:

Benefits of Zomato Clone App for Customers and Restaurants 

Wide Range of Restaurants

A Zomato app clone development allows users to explore a wide range of restaurants and cuisines in their area. It provides access to a diverse selection of eateries, ensuring users can find something to suit their preferences. 


One of the primary benefits of a food clone app is the convenience it offers. Users can browse through various restaurants, view menus, place orders, and make payments right from their smartphones. It eliminates the need to physically visit or call restaurants to place an order.

Seamless Ordering and Delivery

Zomato clone apps streamline the entire food ordering process. Users can easily select their desired dishes, customize their orders, specify delivery addresses, and track the status of their deliveries in real time. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for both customers and delivery personnel.

Rapid Conversion Rates 

Online ordering is a more efficient way for restaurants to receive more orders than the conventional method. Restaurants benefit financially from the Zomato clone app development. 

Edge Over Competitors

Creating a food delivery app like Zomato gives you an edge over your competitors. To stay competitive in the food delivery industry and get record-breaking revenue, it is crucial to create a Zomato clone app with some advanced features.   

Ratings and Reviews

The food clone apps typically incorporate a ratings and reviews system, allowing users to share their feedback and experiences with specific restaurants. This feature helps users make informed decisions by considering the opinions of other customers.

Streamline Operations

It helps restaurants to streamline their operations from order management process to delivery. With the Zomato clone software, restaurants can automate tasks, such as:

  • Order taking
  • Payment processing
  • Inventory management
  • Customer service and more

Discounts and Offers

Zomato clone apps often provide exclusive discounts, offers, and loyalty programs to attract and retain customers. These promotional incentives can help users save money on their food orders and encourage them to use the app more frequently.

Enhanced Visibility for Restaurants

By being featured on a Zomato clone app, restaurants can gain increased visibility and exposure to potential customers. This can lead to higher order volumes and an expanded customer base, boosting their overall business.

Delivery Partner Opportunities

Zomato clone apps create employment opportunities for delivery partners who can sign up and earn income by delivering food orders. This aspect of the app benefits those looking for flexible work arrangements or additional sources of income.

Analytics and Insights

The clone apps often provide analytics and insights to restaurants, helping them track and analyze their performance. With this data, they can make informed business decisions.

Features of Zomato Clone App Development 

Below are the unique features of Zomato clone app development.

For Customers

Features Description
Advanced Search FiltersThis feature allows users to filter restaurants based on specific criteria such as cuisine type, price range, dietary restrictions, delivery time, and ratings. It helps users find their desired restaurants and dishes more efficiently.
Order Placement Users can place orders directly from the app or website. This feature helps users to place an order from the comfort of their home or office with just a few taps or clicks. 
In-app Table Reservations Integrate a table reservation feature within the app, enabling users to book tables at their favorite restaurants directly. This feature adds convenience and saves users the hassle of making separate reservations through other platforms or by calling the restaurant.
Order Tracking Users can track orders in real time from order confirmation to delivery or pickup. 
Ratings and ReviewsIt allows users to rate and review restaurants based on their experience. With this feature, food businesses can build trust and credibility within the platform.  
Promotions and Discounts The Zomato clone script offers discounts, promotions, and loyalty programs to attract users. 
Different Modes of Payment Online ordering is very beneficial for your restaurant’s mobile app. The app must support multiple payment methods, including cash on delivery, credit/debit cards, mobile banking, etc.
In-app ChatThis feature of Zomato clone app development helps users communicate with restaurants and riders. 

For Restaurants

Features Description
Menu Management Restaurants can add, edit, and delete the menu from the admin dashboard. This flexibility allows restaurants to maintain the app according to their needs.    
Availability StatusRestaurants can change the availability status online/offline. 
Track DeliveryWith this feature of the food clone app solution, restaurant owners can track their deliveries in real time and keep a record of every delivery. 
Customer Feedback Customer feedback is the simplest yet most effective way to improve your app. With customer feedback, restaurants can enhance the user experience and improve the online ordering platform functionality. 

For Riders

Features Description
Instant NotificationsRiders can get notifications on the app from restaurants related to orders.  Also, they send quick updates to restaurant owners and users with the help of push notifications.
Chat SupportImplement an in-app chat system that enables riders to communicate directly with customers, restaurant staff, or customer support to address any delivery-related queries or issues in real time.
Earning ReportThe rider delivery app allows riders to view their overall earnings.
Route Optimization With the help of this feature, riders may swiftly deliver the order by taking the most effective route.

For Admin Dashboard

Features Description
Restaurant Management From the admin dashboard, restaurants can manage all the activities from order placement to delivery from one platform. 
Language SettingsYou can also change the language of the app or website to different languages like Arabic, English, and more.  
Revenue ManagementIt is one of the main features of the admin dashboard. Restaurants can track and manage revenue easily without hassle.   
Customer Management  Restaurant owners can manage all customer’s information, orders, and more from the admin dashboard. 

Unique and Advanced Features of Zomato Clone App Development 

Despite these features, below are some unique features you can add to your Zomato clone app. 

  • Group Ordering
  • Schedule orders
  • Customizable menu
  • Virtual food tastings
  • Riders get rewards based on their performance

How to Make an App Like Zomato?

Developing an app like Zomato is straightforward if you follow the below-mentioned steps. Let’s explore.

How to Make an App Like Zomato?

1. Market Research

Conduct thorough market research and understand these things:

  • The target audience
  • Latest market trends
  • Identify the gaps and opportunities in the food delivery industry
  • Competitors app

2. Identify App Features

Determine the key features and functionalities you want to include in your Zomato clone app. Make sure you include the features not available in your competitor’s app.  

3. Start Zomato Clone App Development

Divide this step into different phases, which include:

  • First, choose the ordering technology stack and development framework suitable for your app (e.g., React Native, Flutter, or native development).
  • Design the user interface (UI) of your app. Create wireframes and prototypes to visualize the app flow and structure.
  • Develop the front-end and back-end components of the app. Implement all the app features. 
  • Integrate APIs for functionalities like location services, payment gateways, and push notifications.
  • Ensure your app adheres to industry standards and follows best practices for security and data protection.

4. Testing

Conduct rigorous testing of your Zomato clone app to identify and fix any bugs or issues. Test all the features and scenarios. Perform both manual testing and automated testing to ensure the app functions smoothly across different devices and platforms.

5. Deployment and Marketing

Publish your app on the respective app stores after meeting their guidelines and requirements. Create a marketing strategy to promote your Zomato clone app on social media platforms, online advertisements, etc to reach your target audience.

What Is The Price of the Zomato Clone App?

The price of the Zomato app clone can range between $50,000 to $150,000 or more depending on the features, the development team you choose, the number of platforms, and complexity. 

Furthermore, before starting the Zomato clone app deployment process you must have a clear understanding of your budget and requirements. It helps you to calculate the exact cost.   


  1. How many downloads does Zomato have?

Zomato was the most downloaded online meal delivery app globally in 2023 with over 52 million downloads.

  1. What language is the Zomato mobile app written in?

Java programming language is used to create the Zomato app. Other programming languages like Python and Nodejs are used for the backend development. 

  1. How many countries is Zomato active?

Zomato is available in  24 countries with 10,000 cities globally. 


Building an app like Zomato can be the right step toward strengthening your business. It is a game-changer for your food delivery business that helps you drive more sales. 

To start a successful food delivery business, you will need a high-performance designed app. Therefore, you can hire an experienced food delivery app development company like Enatega to build a great app.   

With years of experience, Enatega is equipped with the best tools and technologies to deliver you a fully customized food app. 

Book a free demo with us and get the best Zomato app clone according to your needs.

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