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Getir clone

Nowadays, people prefer to get groceries to their homes without going out and bargaining with shopkeepers. In that case, they use online ordering and delivery platforms and get their groceries right to their doorstep. Customers prefer convenience for ordering groceries and getting them delivered. 

The market for an online grocery store is ripe and the industry is growing at a rate of 13 percent year on year. The online grocery market in the United States is expected to reach nearly $220 billion in 2024.

Therefore, these statistics show that it is the best time for grocery store owners to create an app like Getir for their business and provide a seamless ordering experience to customers. You can offer a wide range of products from groceries to toiletries, and customer can order and deliver to their location. 

By building online grocery delivery software like the Getir app, you can scale up your grocery businesses and become the market champion by providing the best services.  

To better understand the Getir application, let us explore its features, how it works, and more in detail. 

What is Getir?

Getir, a grocery delivery platform headquartered in Turkey, extends its services across various nations such as the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, and Italy. It is well-known for its rapid food delivery.

Getir provides quick delivery for groceries and restaurant meals. Customers can order restaurant food, pet supplies, baby products, and even send letters or packages through their courier service.

Customers can shop for snacks, fresh produce, drinks, and more from well-known brands. The Getir app delivers groceries in minutes from early morning until late at night.

Moreover, Getir’s main mission is to provide convenience without compromise and deliver high-quality, affordable, and fresh groceries sustainably within 15-20 minutes.

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How Does Getir Work?

Getir is an on-demand delivery company that allows customers to order food and other items.  They provide seamless ordering to their customers and make the ordering process hassle-free. 

The below steps show how Getir works. 

  • Users first download the app. Then, they have to go through the signup process where they provide necessary information like email, contact number, and more.
  • Users can search for the products they like to buy.
  • Choose the product and add it to the cart.
  • Online payment and confirm the order.
  • Admin receives the customer order request on the app.
  • The request is sent to the grocery store manager. 
  • The store manager has the option to accept or reject the request. 
  • When the store manager accepts the request, they pack the customer’s order.
  • The rider picks up the order and delivers it successfully to the customer. 

What is a Getir Clone App?

The Getir clone app is a white-label store application that is a replica of the original app. It provides more advanced features and functionalities than the original Getir app. With this app, customers can browse through a variety of products and have them delivered to their doorstep quickly. 

Furthermore, the Getir app clone is backed with robust technology to help grocery store owners scale their business hassle-free. Using the Getir clone software can make your grocery delivery business fast and efficient. 

Similarities and Differences Between the Getir App and Getir Clone App

The below table shows the similarities and differences between the original and the clone app.

Similarities Differences 
Both apps have some same features like a user-friendly interface, instant delivery, and online payment   The Getir clone app has some additional features like order tracking, customizability, and in-app calls. 
Both apps have limited availability in some regions. The Getir app is successfully standing in the market while the Getir clone app needs to be launched. 
Deliver orders within minutes.

Features of a Getir Clone App

The uniqueness of grocery delivery apps lies in the features they provide to customers. Grocery delivery apps like Getir offer some advanced features that make the delivery process easier. Here are some features of the Getire app clone. 

Features of a Getir Clone App

Add Multiple Products

By providing a seamless shopping experience to customers, adding multiple items to their cart is the best feature of the Getir clone app. This feature helps customers efficiently select a variety of products and complete their grocery orders in a minute.

Real-Time Order Tracking

Integrate the live order tracking feature that helps users track the progress of their order from the moment it is placed to reaching their doorstep. It gives them a clear idea of when their orders will be delivered. This feature helps to build transparency and keeps users informed about their delivery status.

In-app Calling and Messaging 

The on-demand Getir clone app solution provides an in-app calling and messaging feature that helps customers resolve their queries as soon as possible. With this feature, the customers can also provide some instructions to riders for their orders.    

Push Notifications

Push notifications are pop-up messages that appear on a user’s screen regarding special deals, promotions, or discounts. This feature enables grocery stores to deliver relevant and personalized content to their customers at the perfect time.

In-App Navigation

This feature of white-label grocery delivery software helps the rider find the deliverer’s address. Also, the customers can track the location of riders quite easily.

Reviews and Ratings 

The Getir clone app has a built-in rating and review section so that users can benefit from product ratings and make informed decisions while buying.

Advanced Search Option

The Getir clone application provides customers with a powerful search tool to search for particular goods according to their preferences. This feature can provide more flexibility and customization in the search process.


The reordering feature of the easy-to-use Getir clone app solution allows customers to place the same order several times. This reordering feature saves time by allowing users to quickly reorder the same items without the need to add them repeatedly.

Online Payment 

Provide secure and convenient payment options within the app, such as credit/debit cards, mobile wallets, or cash on delivery. The more payment methods you integrate into your app the more seamless process you provide to your customers for a hassle-free payment experience.

User-Friendly Interface 

A user-friendly interface is the backbone of any successful app. When building the Getir clone app, it is crucial to prioritize ease of use and intuitive navigation. With a user-friendly interface, customers can easily browse various categories, add products, and place orders effortlessly. 


The grocery delivery software provides multi-currency functionality. Therefore, the users can buy the items in their currency without any hassle of currency conversion.

Despite these, there are some other unique features that you should incorporate in your on demand delivery app

Features of Getir Clone App for Customers

  • Add favorite stores
  • Transaction history
  • Browse stores nearby
  • Register and social media login 

Getir Clone App Features for Store Owners

  • Staff management
  • Payment management 
  • Order management 
  • Advanced reports and statistics
  • Inventory management 

Features of Getir Clone App for Rider

  • Order acceptance or rejection
  • Check their earnings
  • Order cancellation at any time 
  • Multiple deliveries 

Features of Getir Clone App for Admin

  • Store and order management
  • Order reports
  • Content management
  • Add/delete/edit profiles
  • Create sub admins

Benefits of the Getir Clone App 

Grocery delivery apps play a dual role by providing advantages to customers and service providers. Let’s discuss these benefits in detail.

Benefits of the Getir Clone App for Customers 

Convenience: The Getir clone app provides convenience to customers by providing instant delivery that saves them time and effort.

Efficient Order Placement: The food clone app streamlines order management for customers. It allows customers to manage and track orders efficiently giving them peace of mind and keeping them updated on the progress of their orders.    

Time-Saving: The ready-to-use Getir clone app solution saves you time and effort. You don’t need to go outside of your home and wait in long queues to get your groceries. By simply tapping on your phone you get your groceries to your doorstep.  

Benefits of the Getir Clone App for Store Owners 

Increase Brand Awareness: The grocery delivery management software helps you create a strong brand presence and you can reach out to more customers.  

Generate More Revenue: A grocery delivery app like Getir helps you generate more revenue by using advanced marketing strategies. You can offer deals and discounts to customers to drive more sales.    

Improve Visibility: With a grocery delivery app software, your business gets more visibility and you can easily reach a larger audience.  

Improve Efficiency: A Getir clone app helps to reduce manual work and automate the delivery process. Therefore, your team can focus on other important tasks.   

Increase Sales: Using the Getir clone app helps you improve your sales and revenue growth by providing a better experience to customers.   

Wider Reach: Store owners can reach more customers by providing discounts and special offers. It helps them to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.  

Improve Customer Satisfaction: The Getir clone app enhances customer satisfaction through its efficient and convenient delivery service, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Steps to Launch Your Grocery Delivery Business with a Getir Clone App

Launching a Getir clone app for your grocery delivery business can be a complex process. However, with the right plan and approach, you can quickly launch your app successfully and provide a better experience to your customers.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you launch the grocery delivery business with a Getir clone app.

1. Market Research

Conduct thorough market research to identify the demand for grocery delivery services in your target area. Analyze your competition and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

2. Business Plan

Create a comprehensive business plan that outlines your vision, mission, and goals. Define your target market, pricing strategy, and revenue model.

3. Technologies Used to Build Getir Clone App

Select the technology stack for your Getir clone app. When selecting the technology, keep all the app features in mind and choose the one that best matches your requirements. 

4. Start the Development 

Start the app development and implement all the features. Ensure your app is user-friendly, responsive, and compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. 

5. Marketing and Launch

Develop a marketing strategy to create awareness about your grocery delivery service. Offer attractive promotions and discounts to incentivize customers to try your service.

How to Choose the Right Getir Clone App Solution Provider?

Choosing the right clone app solution provider is tough. Here are some tips to help you choose the right Getir clone app solution provider.


It is an important factor to consider for selecting the clone app solution provider. Every business has different requirements that reflect their brand identity so the solution provider understand your needs and tailor the app according to your requirements.  


Make sure the clone app solution provider you choose must have a good reputation and proven track record in the market. Read reviews and testimonials of others who have used their services. This will give you an idea of their services.

Customer Support

Excellent customer support is necessary and can be helpful when it comes to maintaining and launching the app. Always look for the solution provider that offers 24/7 customer support and maintenance services.  

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The Getir clone app is the best plan to enter the food delivery market. You can easily provide convenience and ease of use to your customers with a clone app.  It will help your business with a streamlined functioning, a long-term customer base, save time, and more. Therefore, create the grocery delivery app and automate the tasks. 

You can also get help from the best food app development companies like Enatega. We have developed several ready-made apps like Instacart Clone , UberEats Clone , and more that are currently trending in the market. 

So, without wasting time, get the white-label clone app and launch your grocery delivery business in no time.

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