Which Food Delivery App Is The Best for 2024-2025? Know Now

Which Food Delivery App Is The Best

Nowadays, food delivery apps are in demand for ordering food online. However, which food delivery app is the best is still a question in some people’s minds. Therefore, in this blog, you get the answer to your question with complete details that help you know which food delivery app is the best.

With the best food delivery services, customers can order whatever they want with just a few taps on their mobile phones and get the food to their doorstep. No need to dine in or even drive anywhere to pick up the meal.

Food delivery apps have become popular in recent years and they are not only beneficial for customers but they also provide benefits to restaurant owners. 

With the restaurant delivery management software, restaurants can grow their business and provide convenience to customers. The software not only takes just orders but helps with various tasks, such as delivery tracking, inventory management, payment handling, and more. 

Moreover, several varieties of food delivery options are available for customers and restaurateurs. However, knowing which is the best option sometimes becomes difficult, so we created a list of top food apps to make a choice easier.      

What is the Most Reliable Food Delivery App?

Check out the below top 10 food delivery apps that help you get the food from your favorite restaurant in a quick way.

1. Enatega

PricingTransparent pricing with no additional charges (Check the pricing page)
Available Countries Worldwide 
Reasons to Buy100% customizable
Full control over the system
No subscriptions needed
Built with the latest technologies
Full source code included 
Reasons to AvoidEmail marketing is not included 

Enatega is the world’s best open-source delivery system that helps business owners customize it according to their needs. Several business owners use our food delivery system and increase their business profit and visibility. With Enatega, you can easily start your food delivery business in 1-2 weeks.  

You can easily launch your multi vendor food ordering system or a restaurant website at an affordable price. This solution is suitable for grocery delivery, flower delivery, milk delivery, liquor delivery, etc. 

So, schedule a call with us and get the best online food ordering and delivery system for your business. 

2. DoorDash  

Delivery Time The average delivery time is 35 minutes or less 
Delivery Fee$1.99-$5.99
Available Countries US, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada
Reasons to BuyOn-time delivery 
Monthly DashPass subscription reduces service fees
High customer satisfaction
Free 30-day trial version
Quality food 
Reasons to Avoid High commission on delivery and pickup (use DoorDash alternative
All food items don’t have pictures 

DoorDash is one of the most popular online food delivery apps in the USA. It is present in 32 markets and serves 300 cities. In 2022, the app is ranked with an impressive $3 billion in revenue.  

Customers like DoorDash for ordering food online because a lot of cuisines are available in the app. They also use the DoorDash Pass to get the free food delivery service.

Furthermore, the DoorDash app includes the “Yum Score” that allows customers to rate the food quality and the restaurant service. Also, they add the instruction delivery box that enables you to specify where your meal will dropped. 

3. Uber Eats

Uber Eats
Delivery Time Upto 1 hour
Delivery FeeVaries
Available Countries 6,000 cities across 45 countries 
Reasons to BuyCheapest delivery fee
Support cashless payment 
Wide selection of restaurants 
Group orders
Simple re-orders 
Reasons to Avoid Lack of customer support
15% service fee
Restaurant owners cannot customize the app 

Uber Eats is the second-largest online ordering company in the USA. It was founded by the Uber company and offers the best features and functionalities to its customers. 900,000 restaurants use this platform. 

From the Uber Eats app, customers can order food, groceries, beauty products, pet products, and even pharmacy items. Even the app also has over 80 food categories you can choose from, including halal and gluten-free. 

You can also create the Uber Eats clone app and customize it according to your business requirements. 

4. Grubhub 

Delivery Time The average delivery time is 40 minutes – 1 hour 
Delivery FeeStarting at 10%
Available Countries 25 countries including the U.S. and Canada
Reasons to BuySupport multiple payment methods
Low service fees
Extensive reach 
Reasons to Avoid High Commission
Some restaurants include delivery fee

Grubhub is an online ordering and delivery platform accessible in about 3,200 cities across London and the United States. The app has 265,000 restaurants and 31.4 million users that use the app. 

Moreover, the Grubhub app is suitable for all types of restaurants, cloud kitchens, and food businesses. This helps restaurants to provide services to customers without needing a physical setup and earn money from home-based food businesses.

5. Caviar

Delivery Time 30 minutes – 1 hour
Delivery Fee$1.99-$8.99
Available Countries USA
Reasons to BuyUse marketing tools to attract customers
First delivery fee free
Accidental insurance for delivery employees
Shortest delivery time 
Reasons to Avoid High commission on delivery and pickup
Reach is not as wide as other services 

Caviar is an on demand food delivery service that offers a rich selection of local restaurants. Its main focus is on fine dining restaurants and not on fast food. The company works in a small number of cities as compared to DoorDash, Uber Eats, and Grubhub. 

From the Caviar app, the customers get in-app exclusive deals and allow them to leave instructions for contactless delivery.  

6. Foodpanda

Delivery Time 30 minutes – 1 hour
Delivery FeeDepend on location
Available Countries 12 countries 
Reasons to BuyTop restaurants
On-time delivery 
Secure payment options
Wide variety of delicious cuisines
User-friendly website and app 
Reasons to Avoid High operational cost
Lack of customer loyalty 

Foodpanda is the Berlin online food ordering app that operates in more than 30 countries. They have now started their operations in Eastern Europe and Western Europe. The Foodpanda app partners with thousands of local restaurants to provide fast delivery to customers.   

Moreover, the Foodpanda app delivers food and everyday essentials like frozen goods, fresh produce, personal care items, etc to your doorstep quickly.

If you want to provide the same services as Foodpanda, start developing the Foodpanda clone app and get success in your business. 

7. Postmates

Delivery Time 30 minutes – 1 hour
Delivery FeeFor partner merchants $1.99 and $3.99
For all other merchants $5.99 and $9.99
Available Countries +1,500 cities across the United States of America and Mexico 
Reasons to BuyUser-friendly interface
Exclusive offers 
Customers check order history
Reasons to Avoid Cannot customize the app
A little more expensive than other food delivery services 

Postmates is the best food delivery in New York which has over 2,940 stores available for customers to order from. The app provides a wide range of delivery options including food, groceries, alcohol, and more, and get it delivered to the customer’s doorstep within an hour via couriers, a.k.a. Postmates. 

This open source food delivery app is well-known for its timely deliveries of food and beverages, excellent reputation, and revenue.  

8. Swiggy

Delivery Time 45 minutes 
Delivery FeeThe price is very low and depends on the delivery area
Available Countries 500 Indian cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, and more
Reasons to BuyGet food and groceries in less time
Secure and quick transactions
Order tracking
Wide variety of food options
Interactive user-interface 
Reasons to Avoid Additional delivery charges

Swiggy is a popular mobile ordering app that is available in almost every city in India. The app has almost 1.5 million downloads on the Google Play Store. Swiggy plays a vital role in redefining the food delivery industry in India, offering convenience and culinary delights to countless customers.

The best feature about Swiggy is that they provide guidelines to the restaurants about hygiene maintenance needed before delivering the food to the customers. 

9. iFood

Delivery Time 30 minutes – 1 hour
Delivery FeeThe price is very low and depends on the delivery area
Available Countries Brazil and Colombia 
Reasons to BuyOffer food and meal vouchers
Easy-to-use interface
Multiple payment methods
Reasons to Avoid Limited availability 

iFood is an online food ordering app operating in Brazil and Colombia. It helps restaurant businesses take their business to the next level. It lets users order groceries, food, cat litter, veterinary medicine, and more from the app or website with no hassle. 

The iFood app is best for restaurant chain businesses, bakery, food trucks, and seafood stores. The company holds over 80% market share of the food delivery sector in Brazil.  

10. Delivery.com

Delivery Time Deliver in less time
Delivery FeeDelivery fee depends on the restaurant 
Available Countries US
Reasons to BuyGroup Ordering 
Use marketing tools
Reasons to Avoid Cannot provide the option to customize the app
High Commission

Delivery.com is the oldest food delivery app that serves 2400 US locations with 19,000+ partner merchants. Many US offices order from this app for food catering. Additionally, Delivery.com is a one-stop source that can help you order groceries, wine, beer, and more. 

Moreover, customers use the Delivery.com app to order from their nearby restaurants at any time and anywhere. Customers use the GPS tracking feature to find nearby restaurants that offer delivery and takeaway options.     

Why Do Restaurants Use Food Delivery Apps?

Below are some reasons that show why restaurants use food delivery apps. 

More Revenue: With online delivery food apps, restaurants can get more revenue by partnering with different restaurants and meeting customer needs.  

Convenience: The food delivery software provides convenience to restaurants. They allow them to manage all their operations from a single platform without hiring more staff. 

Data Analysis: The food delivery apps provide restaurants with valuable data and information that help them know the areas of improvement and provide better services to customers. 

Increase Customer Loyalty: It increases customer loyalty and encourages customers to order food via food apps and get discounts.   

Manage Food Delivery Operations: Restaurants can manage their food delivery operations and keep track of all the activities, like which orders are delivered, which things are required in the pantry, which orders are pending, and more.


  1. Which app is better than DoorDash?

Uber Eats, Grubhub, Zomato, and ChowNow apps are better than DoorDash.

  1. Which app is most used for food delivery?

Below is a list of apps that are commonly used for food delivery.

  • Zomato 
  • Swiggy
  • Caviar
  • Seamless
  • Toast
  1. What is cheaper Grubhub or DoorDash?

DoorDash is $10 cheaper than Grubhub which makes it the best option for food delivery.

  1. What food delivery app costs the most?

Uber Eats is the most expensive food delivery app compared to other food apps. 


The top 10 food delivery apps that are mentioned above provide the best services and help you enter the food delivery industry. However, when you looking for the best food delivery service for your restaurant, consider Enatega.

The main advantage of our best food delivery app development company is our expertise in creating the apps that best meet your needs. You can enhance user experience and offer a distinctive service to your customers by using our food delivery management software.

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