Multi Vendor Vs Single Vendor: Choose the Best for Business 

Multi Vendor Vs Single Vendor

The food delivery business is gaining popularity and is one of the finest business options. After COVID-19, the food delivery industry gained significant importance. Food business owners are now investing in the food delivery apps

However, keep in mind that food delivery apps are of different types. However, the most common are single vendor food delivery apps and multi vendor food delivery apps. Each open source online ordering system has its purpose and benefit. 

Moreover, the single vendor and multi vendor app contains a customer, restaurant, and rider app. Several food delivery app development companies offer web dashboard panels and three applications as a bonus.

According to your requirements, Enatega has offered two models, single vendor, and multi vendor.  

Before adopting these platforms, you must know their differences, benefits, and costs. With this information, you can make a better decision for your food business.  

So, let’s start with the necessary information about single-vendor and multi-vendor apps.

What is a Single Vendor App?

A single vendor app is a food delivery app that caters to a single restaurant, coffee shop, bar, cloud kitchen, and other food business. With the help of this open source food delivery app, your potential customers can easily order their favorite meal from your restaurant with just a few taps from their mobile phones. 

The primary purpose of the single vendor app is to:

  • Build a strong brand visibility.
  • Create the app according to your requirements.
  • Provide an efficient platform for users to place their orders.

In addition, with the single vendor food ordering app, coordination, communication, and supply become easier. 

Examples: Apple, Nike, Starbucks, and more. 

What is a Multi Vendor App?

The multi vendor food delivery app is another well-known food app where customers can choose from a wide range of restaurants. It is undoubtedly the most result-oriented and effective strategy to increase the adaptability of your business. Online food ordering restaurant owners will simply divide the commission for each order placed via your meal delivery app.

Moreover, in 2021, 12% of e-commerce businesses were planning to turn into a multi-vendor marketplace.

The features of multi vendor and single vendor are the same except for the vendor panel’s features. 

The most common multi vendor food ordering apps are:

  • UberEats
  • DoorDash
  • Postmates
  • Grubhub
  • Zomato

Want to get a food ordering app like a Grubhub clone, UberEats clone, Foodpanda clone, etc? Then contact us now. 

Features of a Single Vendor and Multi Vendor App

Below are the main features of the single vendor and multi vendor food delivery app.

Features of a Single Vendor and Multi Vendor Food App
Customer AppRestaurant AppRider AppAdmin Dashboard
Account creationPush notifications Alerts and notifications Manage restaurants 
Browse menuPrint invoiceGoogle map integration Manage riders
Search restaurants Order historyReal-time chatManage inventory
Order trackingChange restaurant statusOrder history Manage earnings 
In-app chatOrder receiving updatesChange status Manage offers 
Different theme supportReplies to customer feedbackRoute optimization
Multi-language Accept/reject ordersManage earnings 
Check previous order historyAccept or reject delivery order
Delivery options
Multiple payment options 
Add restaurants 
Alerts and notifications 
Reviews and feedback 
Order instructions 

Single Vendor Vs Multi Vendor Strategy 

Look at the table below and know the main differences between single vendor and multi vendor.

Multi Vendor Vs Single Vendor
FactorsSingle VendorMulti Vendor 
CostThe single vendor food ordering app costs less. The cost will be higher for multi restaurant online ordering system open source.  
ImplementationThe implementation is relatively easier. Take more time to implement.
Product UpgradesFewer upgrades Receive upgrades more often
Complexity Lower complexity Higher complexity
Competition Low competition High competition 
ChoicesLimited options  Several options are available for customers 
TrafficThe owner is responsible for the website’s marketing and traffic Drive more traffic to the website 
Responsibilities The owner manages everything on their own The responsibilities are clearly defined  
Financial RiskMore risky Less risky

Pros and Cons of Single Vendor and Multi-Vendor 

There are pros and cons to each option, and ultimately it depends on the specific needs of the marketplace. 

Look at the below and understand the pros and cons of each marketplace. 

Single Vendor


  • Time-efficient option
  • Affordable
  • Lower integration difficulty


  • Dependence risk
  • Limited features 

Multi Vendor 


  • Reduce efforts
  • Vast variety of products
  • Reduce marketing efforts


  • High operational cost
  • High implementation risk
  • More costly 

Benefits of Single Vendor and Multi-Vendor Food Delivery App

Several advantages are provided by a single vendor and multi vendor food ordering system

Benefits of Single Vendor and Multi-Vendor Food Delivery App


Convenience is the main benefit provided by the online food delivery management software. With these platforms, customers can easily get what they want, and restaurants can build a strong image of their brand. 

Streamline Business Operations

The restaurants can streamline their business operations and manage all the tasks without hassle. With the help of these platforms, restaurants can better serve their customers and attract more customers. In addition, it reduces the work done manually and eliminates a lot of paperwork.  

Faster Response

The restaurants can quickly respond to customer queries and deliver all the orders on time. With a free open source online food ordering system, restaurants can pay attention to other tasks rather than doing the same task.  

Direct Communication

Direct communication with the restaurant improves customer-vendor relationships. Customers can easily communicate with the restaurant about their order and add special instructions according to their preferences, dietary needs, and tastes. It fosters customer loyalty and repeat business.

Wide Range of Choices

Customers have many choices in the multi-restaurant online ordering system. Various restaurants have different menus so customers can easily order their favorite food from one platform.   

From Chinese to Turkish cuisine, all are available on the multi restaurant delivery software. There is no need to download multiple restaurant apps; download one app and place your order.

Online Presence

Building an online presence is an important benefit that these platforms provide to food businesses. With a food delivery management app, restaurants can build a strong online presence, and customers can quickly discover the eatery and order food through the restaurant food delivery app. It will help to attract and retain more customers and generate more orders. The online presence is a valuable tool to market your restaurant in remote areas.  

Better Reach

The white label food delivery app can help connect with various customers, restaurants, food joints, and cafes on the smartphone. Reaching out to the target audience is relatively easy and simple. Through social media platforms, promote your brand.


Running a customized approach for a customer is now feasible with food-ordering apps. Users will likely use the food app more regularly if customization features are available.

To give your customers a more tailored experience, you can send notifications in their native language if your app has a multilingual feature. You can text or notify the customer about a discounted offer on their favorite dish if they haven’t used it in a while.

Factors To Consider When Deciding Between Multi Vendor Vs. Single Vendor

Here is a list of factors you should consider before selecting the best option for your company.

Factors Multi-Vendor Single Vendor
Procurement EffortDealing with a lot of different vendors Dealing with a single vendor 
CostCosts more and has less flexibility in scaling More affordable price and easy scale 
Implementation DifficultyRequires more effort to set up Less challenging to install 
Staff TrainingNeed more training You and your staff need less training 
Product Upgrades Get upgrades more often See major updates to single vendor solutions much more infrequently. 
Compatibility Easily manage compatibility issues.  Do not run into compatibility issues 
Time and Convenience Save time and hassle Sometimes difficult to manage due to the larger volume of administrative and managerial duties

Cost of Single Vendor and Multi-Vendor Food Delivery App

Knowing the cost of the open source online ordering system is vital before using it for your business. The cost of the single vendor and multi vendor food ordering app depends on these factors:

Moreover, compare the prices of different companies for the online food ordering systems, then pick the one that provides the budget-friendly rates.

From Enatega, you can get a single vendor and multi vendor food delivery app at affordable rates according to your requirements. 

So, why wait? Book a free demo with us and get your business’s best-customized solution.


Now, you know the differences between a single vendor vs multi vendor approach with their benefits, features, and cost. These platforms give restaurants an edge over their competitors.  

Investing in a restaurant food delivery app can be crucial for restaurants looking to stay ahead of the competition and adapt to changing market trends.

Also, if you want to create a restaurant order management app for your business, contact the best food delivery app development company, Enatega. Get the feature-rich food ordering app that can help you grow your business at a reasonable price.

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